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Navi Health Insurance Premium Calculator
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Navi Health Insurance Premium Calculator

A health insurance premium calculator is a free online tool that allows you to estimate the amount of health insurance premium you’ll have to pay for a specific plan. Aside from that, the tool allows you to compare the features and benefits of several health insurance policies.

Navi Health insurance

The Navi General Insurance Company is a completely owned subsidiary of Navi Technologies owned by Sachin Bansal. Navi Health Insurance launched in November 2017 and uses the Navi Health Insurance App to sell its insurance products. With its insurance products, the firm has helped more than 1.1 million people. It now offers health, automobile, property, commercial, and gadget insurance. 

Mr Sachin Bansal, the CEO of Navi Technologies, bought DHFL General Insurance from Wadhawan Global Capital WGC and renamed it Navi General Insurance. Navi General Insurance is one of India’s major insurance companies, providing convenient access to insurance products to help individuals protect their assets and health.

How to calculate the Navi health insurance premium?

Navi General Health Insurance premiums can be easily calculated using an online premium calculator. You just need to enter a few details: 

  • Your age
  • Policy term
  • Medical history
  • Coverage details
  • Sum insured required
  • Type of policy you wish to purchase


Why Choose Navi General Insurance?

Navi is a well-known brand in India, with a presence in a variety of market categories. It not only specialises in health and life insurance, but it also controls the market for other major financial institutions. The organisation has a fantastic customer service team, a dedicated claim settlement team, and a large hospital network. Although the organisation is new to health insurance, it is undoubtedly trustworthy and worth a go.

For the fiscal year 2019-20, Navi General Insurance has an impressive Claim Settlement Ratio of 86.98 per cent. This demonstrates that the insurance company manages the claims of the insured people, ensuring that they are stress-free at all times. Navi General Insurance keeps policyholders at ease by providing a smooth and hassle-free claim settlement process. Cashless claims are approved in 20 minutes, while reimbursement claims are approved in four hours. The NaviHealth App allows you to purchase health insurance in 90 seconds. It ensures that the process is paperless and that policies are generated instantly. Furthermore, no medical examination is required to purchase Navi General Insurance’s health insurance coverage.

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What are the advantages of the Navi health insurance premium calculator?

Customers can choose the right amount of coverage and policy by understanding premiums. Premium calculators from Navi are available to make premium calculations simplified. Some of the primary benefits of Navi health insurance are as follows:

  • Assists you in determining the optimal amount of coverage for your budget.
  • You get an exact idea of how much the policy will cost you
  • The calculator also provides coverage options, letting you customise your plan and get the benefits you want.
  • It helps in calculating the expected cost of buying health insurance.
  • Helps in deciding the best coverage level according to your budget.


Review and Ratings

The policy has an impressive rating of 5/5 based on 3 reviews from Policy Bazaar. Insurance Dekho has given the policy a rating of 4.3/5 from 6 reviews. The organisation has a goal of using cutting-edge technology to build and provide insurance products that match the needs of today’s customers. Its purpose, on the other hand, is to simplify insurance so that everyone can benefit from the financial protection provided by insurance coverage.

Tanmay – As a customer of Navi health insurance I enjoyed the paperless buying experience and great customer support. The health policy is also very good and affordable. I recommend all my friends and family to buy health insurance from Navi.

Divyanshu – From buying to settling claims- Navi insurance company offers the best service to the customers. I purchased a health insurance policy from Navi last year and I’m very happy with my decision. Thank you, Navi.

Nischay – Trust me, health insurance plans by Navi are the best plans available in the market right now. After researching a lot- I purchased a health policy from Navi and I’ve not found any other company offering so many benefits at such a great price.


What are some of the most common benefits offered by Navi General Insurance's health insurance plans?

Navi General Insurance's health insurance plans include the following features:
Hospitalization in a hospital
Vaccination for the treatment of bite wounds
Expenses incurred prior to hospitalisation
Expenses incurred following hospitalisation
Ambulance service is required immediately.
Organ donation costs
Procedures for daycare

What is the process for purchasing and applying for a Navi General Health Insurance plan?

You can apply for or purchase a health insurance policy from Navi General Insurance Company by downloading the Navi Health App from their official website, naviinsurance.com.

Is it possible to adjust the amount of my health insurance plan's sum insured?

The sum insured amount can only be altered (increased/decreased) at renewal or at any time, subject to the Company's underwriting. When the sum insured is increased, the waiting period only applies to the increased share of the sum insured.

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