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National Health Insurance Premium Calculator

National Health Insurance offers many affordable health insurance plans with extensive coverage to different customer segments. National Health Insurance Premium Calculator estimates the premium amount on the basis of customers insurance requirements. Calculating National Health Insurance Premium using this calculator saves you from tedious and difficult calculations. 

With the help of the National Health Insurance Premium Calculator, you can calculate the premium in a few clicks without any hassle. It makes the process simple and gives quick results of policy premium. It allows them to choose the best health insurance plan from National Health Insurance by getting accurate premium rates.

How to Use National Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

The National Health Insurance Premium Calculator allows you to determine the premium amount on the basis of your medical and financial needs. To get the estimated premium amount on a National Health Insurance Premium calculator, you need  to fill in certain details about yourself, your health etc. These are mentioned below:

  • Age
  • Policy term
  • Select the type of health insurance plan
  • Medical history
  • Coverage details
  • Policy sum insured
  • Occupation
  • Geographical location

Moreover, you can even tweak your insurance preferences according to your affordability and suitability.

Benefits Of National Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Here are the some of the benefits of National Health Insurance Premium Calculator-

  • It gives the calculation quick and makes the process simple and easy.
  • It offers tentative premium rates in advance to plan for your finances.
  • With the help of National Health Insurance Premium Calculator, it is possible to analyze the features and variations in the premium based on plan details.
  • It provides premiums for various health insurance plans which allows you to compare them.
  • It provides you the option to calculate your premiums after adding optional coverage details and add-ons.

Why Calculate National Health Insurance Premium?

Before purchasing a policy you should calculate the national health insurance premium online. Here are the reasons-

  • To assured what you are going to pay periodically for your policy
  • To tell the exact costs of buying health insurance policies
  • ​To know the broad coverage that you have select at affordable prices
  • To analyze several health insurance policies online to select the best one online
  • To modify some information in the input details and calculate the best premium prices

How to buy National health insurance?

To buy the National Health Insurance, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go and select the option of ‘Buy a new policy’, ‘top-up an existing policy’, or ‘Change insurer’
  2. Fill in all the details on the next page which include the following –
    • Select your gender
    • Insured members which are under the plan
    • Select the age of members
    • You need to get maternity coverage whether you are planning to have a baby 
    • Do your members suffer from pre-existing illnesses?
    • PIN code of your area
    • Income level for the sum insured
    • Your details to save quote
  1. Once the details are filled you need to check the available health insurance plans that fit your coverage needs
  2. Choose and analyze the best policy for you which provides all the essential coverage benefits at the lowest premium rates
  3. Then, choose the coverage benefits and the sum insured of the plan
  4. Once you select the plan, you can pay the premium online
  5. The policy would be provided at the earliest

Documents required for making a National Health Insurance claim:

The following documents need to be submitted to the National health insurance–

  1. Fill the Claim Form and sign it.
  2. Required discharge summary details availed from the hospital 
  3. Required all doctor’s certificates and prescriptions
  4. Provide Investigative reports and diagnostic tests 
  5. Hospital Final bills and receipts 
  6. All Pharmacy bills and receipts
  7. Require any other document depending on the National Health insurance company 

How to renew National health insurance plans?

You can renew National Insurance health insurance plans through online mode. National Health Insurance provides online renewals through its own website. The process is as follows –

  1. Visit the official website of National Health
  2. Go to the homepage and choose ‘Quick Renew’
  3. Fill in your policy number and a displayed Captcha Code
  4. Once the details are filled in, you will be able to see the details of your existing policy
  5. Do any modification in the sum insured or any other changes and the renewal premium would be recalculated
  6. Pay online the renewal premium amount and your policy would be renewed

Coverage offered by National Insurance mediclaim plans

Benefits offered by National Health Insurance include the following –

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Pré-hospitalisation expenses
  • Post hospitalization expenses
  • Daycare treatments
  • Domiciliary treatments
  • Organ donor treatments
  • Free health check-ups
  • Maternity coverage
  • Alternative treatments

Exclusions under National health insurance premiums

Here are the common exclusions found under every National insurance health plan:

  1. Suicide, self-inflicted injuries 
  2. Does not cover pre-existing illnesses during a specific waiting period
  3. Illnesses contracted within the first 30 to 60 days are not covered
  4. Treatments for alcohol usage illnesses or injuries, drug usage are not covered
  5. Cosmetic treatments are not covered
  6. Dental treatments and expenses incurred on an outpatient basis are excluded.
  7. Maternity-related expenses are not covered.
  8. Nuclear perils illnesses or injuries, war, rebellion, and other related perils are not covered.
  9. National Health Insurance does not cover the treatments for infertility, obesity, mental disorders, and congenital abnormalities.


National Health Insurance provides a wide range of health insurance plans which allow you to cover yourself and your entire family members. With the help of the National Health Insurance Premium Calculator, the tedious process of calculating premiums becomes quick and reliable. 

Getting accurate premium estimates aids your decision-making process while buying health insurance and helps you select the best health insurance plan. It allows you to compare different health insurance policies too. Hence, use the National Health Insurance Premium Calculator to calculate health insurance premiums online and choose the optimum plan for yourself in terms of affordability and suitability.

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