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Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a lot of problems. And now, whether we like it or not, the fact remains that all of us are vulnerable to a large number of diseases and illnesses. And the only way to protect oneself against this vulnerability is by purchasing a health insurance policy.

A good health insurance policy would provide protection to the policyholder and his or her entire family during medical emergencies. This means that health insurance plans are no longer an option. These plans are necessary and that means you should also know how to use a Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator.

What is a Health Insurance Premium?

Health insurance policies offer a large number of benefits to policyholders and customers. However, this does not mean that understanding the terms and benefits of these policies is easy to grasp. This is why we are going to help you out today by walking you through the concept of the health insurance premium and how to calculate that premium.

Insurance providers give medical cover to policyholders and in exchange for that service, the policyholder has to adhere to a periodic payment plan. These payments are known as premiums. The premium values can differ from one policy to another and one can calculate these premium values by using a Max Bupa premium calculator.

Understanding the Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator

The Max Bupa Health Insurance premium calculator is a type of online service that would help individuals to know what their premium amount will come out to be. This amount is calculated on the basis of a couple of pre-defined criteria.

A health insurance premium calculator works by analyzing the following criteria.

  • Age
  • Profession
  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Medical family history
  • Location
  • Additional riders selected

Factors that Contribute to the Final Health Insurance Premium Rates

As mentioned above, there are several factors that can increase or decrease the final premium cost. Let’s try to understand these factors so that you can have a better grasp of how the Max Bupa premium calculator works.

  • Age

The general rule of thumb when it comes to health insurance policies is that the higher the age, the higher the premium will be. This means that the Max Bupa premium calculator will calculate a higher amount for someone who is over 50 years of age in comparison to the premium amount for an individual who is in his or her 20s.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Most health insurance plans aim to provide an individual with protection in case of a medical emergency. However, providing insurance is still a business and it functions on a game of numbers. This is why people with pre-existing medical conditions pay higher premiums for the same policy.

  • Substance Use and Abuse

Consumption of certain substances like alcohol and tobacco can substantially increase the risk of contracting multiple illnesses or getting into an accident. This is why many insurance policies also charge a higher premium rate from individuals who are known to frequently partake in alcohol consumption or smoking.

  • Profession

There are some professions that come with a higher risk of injury or illness. People employed in these professions also have to pay a higher premium rate for the same policy in comparison to someone who is working in a different area of the industry.

  • Locations

The cost of medical treatments can differ a lot from one city to another. This is why the premiums of health insurance policies in cities like Delhi or Mumbai end up on the higher side of the scale.

The Top Benefits of Using a Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator

There are several advantages of using a health insurance premium calculator, including:

  • It allows customers to experiment with different coverage options and arrive at the best coverage at affordable premium rates
  • It allows individuals to gain a better understanding of the premium rates before one actually has to make a purchase
  • It allows for a more informed decision
  • Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator even allows individuals to compare the premium rates of different policies

Max Bupa Health Insurance Policies

There are several health insurance policies offered by Max Bupa Insurance Company Limited. It is important to compare and understand these policies before making a final decision.

PlanMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeSum Insured
Max Bupa Corona Kavach Policy1 day65 yearsINR 50,000 – INR 5 lakh
Max Bupa Health Premia3 months65 yearsINR 2 lakh
Max Bupa Health Companion91 daysNo limitINR 2 lakh
Max Bupa Money Saver PolicyUp to INR 30 lakh
Max Bupa ReAssure Policy18 years65 yearsINR 3 lakh – INR 1 crore
Max Bupa Arogya Sanjeevani Policy3 months65 yearsINR 1 lakh – INR 5 lakh
Max Bupa Health Pulse91 days65 yearsINR 3 lakh
Max Bupa Health Recharge18 years65 yearsINR 2 lakh
Max Bupa Criticare18 years65 yearsINR 3 lakh
Max Bupa Heartbeat18 yearsNo limitINR 1 lakh
Max Bupa GoActive91 days65 yearsINR 4 lakh
Max Bupa Super Saver PolicyNo limitNo limitUp to INR 1 crore

Reviews and Ratings

The health insurance policies provided by Max Bupa Insurance Company Limited have always been rated very highly. Let’s look at some of those ratings and reviews.

  • Best Decision Ever by Harish Mittal (5 stars/ 5 stars)

I recently purchased the Max Bupa Super Saver policy and I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. I made the right decision by getting this policy and I would recommend everyone the same.

  • Amazing Cashless Treatments by Yajur Gupta (4 stars/ 5 stars)

I have been a policyholder of the Max Bupa Health Premia policy and I have always liked being a policyholder of this policy. But only recently have I realized how amazing the benefit of the cashless treatments of the policy actually is. I would always renew this policy without fail.


I want to buy a Max Bupa health insurance policy. How much premium do I have to pay?

The annual and monthly premium rates for Max Bupa health insurance policies can vary. This is why individuals should use the Max Bupa premium calculator to get the exact value.

How should I calculate the Max Bupa health insurance premium?

The Max Bupa health insurance premium rates can be calculated by using the Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator.

How can I compare Max Bupa’s health insurance plans?

Individuals can compare Max Bupa health insurance plans by going through the policy documents or policy information tables.

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