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Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India
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Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited, a joint venture of the U.S-based global leader in health services, Cigna Corporation and Manipal Group, is one of the leading private sector health insurance companies in India. It was established in the year 2019 with headquarters in Mumbai. Today, it offers affordable health insurance policies that suit the needs of every individual by having a strong presence of branches across India with a 91 percent annual claim settlement ratio.

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Network Hospitals In India

Manipal Cigna health insurance has a variety of health insurance solutions for every person who has a specific set of requirements, which can be classified as below:

  1. Manipal Cigna Prohealth Protect Plan
  2. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus Plan
  3. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Preferred Plan
  4. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Premier Plan
  5. Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection – Critical Care Plan
  6. Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection – Accident Care Plan
  7. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Accumulate Plan

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Hospital List

Since the insurance company is available all over India the policyholders can search for the Manipal Cigna hospital list and opt to get cashless treatment quickly without having to wait for hours to find the best hospital. Instead, you can completely focus on recovering and not fret about massive hospital expenses or other insurance-related formalities. All you have to do is locate the closest hospital that is part of the Cigna TTK health insurance network and select the city you wish to visit on their official webpage at https://www.manipalcigna.com/home#locator or by contacting the third-party administrator (TPA).

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Hospital List

In addition to it, you can also contact the customer support department at 1800 102 4464, 1800 102 4462, or email them at customercare@manipalcigna.com for a list of hospitals that are covered under the ManipalCigna hospital list.

Documents Required to Submit a Cashless Insurance Claim

While looking at the Manipal Cigna network hospital list, there is also a necessity to prepare all the documentation required to be presented at the hospital to gain admission. The most common reason an insurance claim may be rejected is the inability to supply all of the necessary documents. While most settlements of claims are done electronically the proper reports and documents are still required because India has not yet fully adopted digital documents.

In cashless claims, the insured person does not have to submit a lot of documents at the time of hospitalization, since they are generally managed by the hospital’s insurance desk. However, they’ll need some documents from the policyholder before they can begin the process of settlement for cashless claims. They are:

  • KYC ID proofs (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)
  • TPA cashless card/ membership ID & Health insurance documents
  • Preauthorization of claim form signed by the insured person
  • Letter of recommendation or reference from a doctor to receive treatment, hospitalization, surgery, etc., in the hospital.
  • Reports of medical tests, diagnostic records, and any other documentation or reports to prove your medical health.


Tips for Quickly Settling Cashless Claims

No matter what insurance policy you select or which hospital you choose from the Manipal Cigna network hospitals list, be completely sure that it will provide cashless claims. As a policyholder, a health insurance plan that does not allow cashless claims may cause a financial burden at a time when you have to look after your health condition.

Tips for Quickly Settling Cashless Claims

It is the reason why is important for you to follow certain important steps as below:

  • Select a hospital that is part of the network: The cashless claim is only available if the hospital is included in the Cigna TTK health insurance hospital list. If the hospital you choose is not included in the list, then you will not be entitled to receive cashless treatment and you may be required to pay for the expenses through your pocket or choose to claim reimbursement after discharge.
  • Notifying your TPA: Health insurance companies have a third-party administrator (TPA) for managing the claim settlements. Your TPA should be informed immediately after you select a hospital from the hospital network. After being admitted to the hospital, you will need to provide your information that includes your TPA ID or card, as well as the other mandatory documentation, at the health insurance desk of the hospital.
  • Know about the Exclusions: Every health insurance policy has a list of services that are covered and not covered under the cashless process in their inclusion and exclusion list of the policy document. The same goes with policies offered by Cigna TTK health insurance company limited. This helps you know the terms and conditions of the health insurance policy based on which you can plan your claim amount. If you choose to file a claim for a condition that is under the exclusion list, then your claim may be denied.
  • Proper Documentation: A complete list of your personal information and any KYC documents should be presented at the hospital while filling out the cashless pre-authorization form. Include all the relevant proofs or documents along with your claim form as the absence of certain proofs could also lead to delays in the approval process of cashless claims.
  • Maintain Copies: Even though you are not eligible to receive money from the hospital at the time of hospitalization, it is always best to preserve all the original documents of the hospital reports, statements, letters, scans, etc., to refer to or to provide the information to your insurer or TPA in future. If they contact you for additional documents. If you have the necessary copies and can respond quickly to officials by supplying the required copies instead of contacting the hospital or the doctors, it greatly reduces the turnaround time of claim settlement.


The Conclusion

Once you have purchased a health insurance policy, it is essential to know about the claim settlement procedure and also the list of hospitals that are approved by the insurance company or TPA as well as the procedure to settle claims followed by them. This will guarantee the time, energy, and money are saved during a medical emergency and will prevent you from needing to pick a hospital to get admitted, at the last minute or getting admitted to a hospital that isn’t part of the network and ends up paying from your pocket.

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