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Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Renewal Process
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Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

Mr. Rahul Sinha, a business person, and his family left for his brother`s wedding in Singapore but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed, they were stuck in Singapore for 6 months. Since this was an unplanned event, all the appointments of Mr. Rahul went haywire and had to be canceled. After he returned to India, he noticed that his health insurance had expired 3 months ago leaving him with no option of grace period as well. He had noted all the renewal dates which he didn’t carry. With no other choice left, he had to purchase a new health insurance family floater policy for himself and the family. Due to this, he had to let go of the no-claim bonus, wellness rewards, waiting for the period, etc., that were earned through the previous policy. If only Mr. Rahul would have been prompt in renewing his health policy by the due date, he wouldn’t be caught in such a situation.

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Renewal Process

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the U.S.-based global health services leader, Cigna Corporation, and Indian conglomerate, Manipal Group. Established in the year 2019 and the head office in Mumbai, the company assures to offer affordable health insurance to people suiting their individual needs. They have an annual claim settlement ratio of 91 percent and they have a very strong presence across India.

As part of the portfolio of Manipal Cigna, they have a variety of health insurance plans as listed below:

  1. Manipal Cigna Prohealth Protect Plan
  2. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus Plan
  3. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Preferred Plan
  4. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Premier Plan
  5. Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection – Critical Care Plan
  6. Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection – Accident Care Plan
  7. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Accumulate Plan

Why Renew your Health Insurance Plan?

You need to know about the ManipalCigna renewal procedure in advance, to protect yourself against any medical emergencies. While everybody should have health insurance as it is an important lifetime investment, it is also required to ensure that the policy is renewed and kept relevant always.

Why Renew your Health Insurance Plan

You are putting yourself at risk of losing coverage as well as other benefits such as a no-claim bonus, waiting period, free medical check-ups, etc., by missing renewal of the ManipalCigna policy.

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Renewal

You can complete the Cigna TTK renewal online, which makes it easy for a seamless renewal. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Visit the official site of Manipal Cigna health insurance, manipalcigna.com
  • Step 2. Click on the ‘renewal’ section on the top of their homepage.
  • Step 3. On the next page, enter the insurance policy number, as well as any other personal details that they ask for.
  • Step 4. Check if the policy details are shown on the website match with those in the documents and proceed with the ManipalCigna renewal payment.
  • Step 5. On completing the payment, ensure you receive the receipt via email or take a print of the same for future reference.


Renewal Manipal Cigna Offline

Apart from doing the ManipalCigna online payment, you may also renew the policy by directly calling the customer service department on 1800-102-4464 to speak with an executive and learn how to renew your insurance plan. You may also visit the nearest branch to make an offline renewal payment.

Benefits of Health Insurance Renewal

It is important to take note of Cigna renewal promptly to have long-term coverage or else, you will lose your ability to pay for medical expenses from your pocket. This will leave you financially exposed and may have to lose many benefits.

Benefits of Health Insurance Renewal

These are some of the essential benefits you can expect if your policy is renewed quickly.

  • If you renew your health insurance policy before its expiration date, the premiums will remain the same. By missing the original deadline, you might be required to pay penalties which shall only increase your premiums.
  • No-claim bonus is a reward from the insurance company that is added to your overall coverage if you do not file for any claim during the policy year. With multiple no-claim years, your sum insured value shall increase every year.
  • Prompt renewal of health insurance policy ensures that your waiting period for pre-existing illnesses or diseases is completed on time. You will have to cancel your existing health insurance policy if you don’t renew it on time and will then need to buy a new insurance plan to cover your health, reducing the waiting period to zero, which is equivalent to starting from scratch.


Factors to Consider While Renewing Health Insurance

These tips will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to renew your insurance policy.

  • Higher Coverage: Policyholders can choose to increase the amount insured at the time of renewal. After undergoing medical tests, your coverage might increase, if you choose to increase the insured amount. It has to be remembered that the policyholder cannot claim more than what is covered under the policy.
  • Grace Period: Policyholders must keep track of the Cigna TTK health insurance renewal due date or whatever policy they have purchased. The insurance company will grant a grace period of fifteen to thirty days to the policyholder in case they are unable to renew their health insurance by the due date. At this time, they can still pay the premium. Once the grace period expires and if the premium is not paid by the due date, the policy will be terminated and the policyholder will lose any accrued benefits.
  • Tax Benefits: Premiums paid to health insurance policies can fetch you tax benefits. A policyholder may choose to deduct the premium payments from their income tax deduction under section 80D of the 1961 Income Tax Act which helps you save more money in terms of income tax.


The Conclusion

Make sure you read all policies and check for any changes made by the insurance company during the renewal. The timely renewal of your health insurance will not only give you and your loved one peace of mind but will also eliminate the uncertainty.


How do I check my Manipal Cigna policy?

You can check your ManipalCigna policy status by visiting the official website. Enter your policy number and other details asked like date of birth. Within a fraction of seconds, you will be shown the details of your policy, like due date of renewal, claim status, and so on

Is Cigna and Manipal Cigna the same?

You can check the ManipalCigna policy status through the following steps:

1. Visit the official website
2. Select the claim section
3. Enter the policy number and date of birth
4. Click on ‘Submit’
5. You can now see the policy status

How do I check ManipalCigna health insurance renewal online?

The procedure for ManipalCigna health insurance renewal online is very simple:

1. Visit the official website of ManipalCigna
2. Click on the ‘renewal’ option given on their homepage
3. Enter the policy number, and other details
4. Verify the policy details and move on with the renewal payment
5. Once you complete the payment, you will receive a receipt via email. Take a printout of that for your future reference.

How long does it take Cigna to reimburse?

ManipalCigna health insurance takes pride to settle reimbursement claims within 5 to 30 working days. Make sure to submit the filled claim forms to get the reimbursement on time. Generally, a claim submitted is either accepted or rejected by the company after 5 working days.

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