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List Of Diseases Covered By Star Health Insurance
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List Of Diseases Covered By Star Health Insurance

Avinash (21-years-old) lives with his mother (49-years-old) in Surat. Avinash’s mother is a diabetic person and has been taking medications over the past few years. Being the only son, Avinash wants to purchase the best health insurance policy that will give her coverage against diabetes, coronavirus, and other diseases. From his research, Avinash came to know that Star Health insurance plans cover up a list of diseases, including diabetes and other critical diseases. But before making any commitment, Avinash wants to check out the list of diseases covered under Star Health insurance to make his purchase decision easier.


Here we are also going to discuss what diseases are covered under Star health insurance so that people like Avinash can purchase the most suitable health insurance plans as per their requirements.

Getting diagnosed with a major illness will not only increase your agony and pain but also add enough stress to your financial status. To combat the disease, you need rigorous treatment that will make a hole in your pocket. Star Health insurance plans will give you financial assistance so that you can overcome your disease in the best possible ways. You can also check the Star Health Insurance daycare list and other lists online to see what all does health insurance from this company will cover.

Plans offered by Star Health insurance

Star Health insurance is an eminent Indian health insurer that offers a plethora of plans that will cater to all the requirements of the customers. The company is tied up with more than 11,000 network hospitals where customers can avail of cashless facilities. Moreover, the company’s in-house cash settlement team settles more than 90% of cashless claims within 2 hours. Whether you want to purchase a cancer insurance policy or a diabetes insurance plan, you will find a suitable plan from Star Health insurance. Before reading about the diseases covered under Star Health Insurance, let’s first take a look at various health insurance plans from Star Health.

  • Star Comprehensive Insurance
  • Star Health Family Optima Insurance
  • Star Novel Coronavirus Insurance
  • Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Insurance
  • Star Super Surplus Insurance
  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance
  • Star Cancer Care Gold
  • Star Diabetes Safe Insurance
  • Star Outpatient Care Insurance
  • Star Family Delite Insurance
  • Star Mediclassic Insurance
  • Star Young Star Insurance
  • Star Special Care Insurance
  • Star Micro Rural & Farmers Care Insurance


Apart from the aforementioned plans, Star Health insurance also offers Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy, Corona Kavach Policy, and Corona Rakshak Policy.

Top 10 Diseases Covered By Star Health Insurance

Let’s check out what are the diseases covered by Star Health insurance plans.

Top 10 Diseases Covered By Star Health Insurance


1. COVID-19: COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that has taken over the world since 2020. This disease is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and is highly transmissible. Though most people may still experience mild-to-moderate symptoms still, it is dangerous for senior citizens and people who have other comorbidities. This disease may lead to several complications, including pneumonia, multiple organ failure, septic shock, or even death. Star Health insurance offers three customized plans that will cover all the expenses of coronavirus treatments.

2. Diabetes: this is a popular lifestyle disease that will increase the sugar level in your blood. Diabetes may cause other complications like heart attack, kidney failure, heart failure, etc. if remains untreated. Star Diabetes Safe insurance policy covers all hospitalization expenses for people who are suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

3. Cancer: Cancer is indubitably a life-threatening disease. But due to advanced medical treatments, now, many people have overpowered cancer. There are several types of cancer depending on your body parts. Cancer is basically the unrestrained growth of abnormal body cells that destroy healthy body tissues and cells. The Star Cancer Care Gold plan offers all healthcare expenses for the treatment of cancer, irrespective of its severity and stages.

4. Cardiac Disease: Cardiac or cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an alarming rate these days. Cardiac diseases happen due to abnormal functionalities of the heart and blood vessels. Everyone should eat healthy food items and practice some exercises to prevent cardiac diseases. People who are above 40 years should monitor their heart conditions twice a year. Heart attack, stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, etc. are common cardiac diseases. You can either purchase a Star Cardiac Care insurance policy or you may purchase a Star Criticare Plus insurance policy to enhance your protection against various cardiac diseases.

5. Cataracts: A cataract is an eye disorder that may cause impaired or loss of vision if remains untreated. Earlier, senior citizens (above 60 years) are more vulnerable to having cataracts.  But now, younger people (around 40 years) are also affected by cataracts. Some pivotal reasons for cataracts are smoking, obesity, diabetes, or substance abuse, etc. Most Star Health insurance plans offer coverage for cataracts after a certain period (the waiting period).

6. Chronic Kidney Disease: Under this disease, your kidney may lose its normal functionalities due to its failure. By opting for Star Criticare Plus Insurance, you can stay protected against this disease.

7. Brain Tumor: If there is an abnormal growth of cells in your brain, then this may lead to brain tumors. The Star Criticare Plus insurance policy is used to compensate for all the treatments of your brain tumor.

8. Autism Spectrum Disorder: This brain development condition affects an individual’s verbal, non-verbal, and social interactions. The Star Special Care policy is ideal for those children who are diagnosed with autism disorder.

9. Psychiatric Psychosomatic Disorder: These mental illnesses hamper a person’s daily activities. The Star Special Mediclassic Insurance policy is designed to cover all hospitalization expenses due to these disorders.

10. Irreversible Paraplegia: This permanent paralysis affects a person’s lower limbs due to spinal cord injury. The Star Criticare Plus insurance policy is used to take care of all medical expenses for people who are suffering from permanent paralysis.

The Bottom Line

Star Health insurance is a prodigious insurance company in India that embraces customers with a spectrum of health insurance plans. Choose the most suitable plan that gives you protection against those diseases that you are looking for. Make sure to also check the Star Health Insurance exclusion list along with the Star Health Insurance diseases covered list when purchasing a health policy.

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