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Liberty Health Insurance Renewal Process in India - IIFL Insurance
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Liberty Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

Liberty General Insurance Limited is a joint venture of Liberty Citystate holdings PTE Ltd, a subsidiary company belonging to Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and Enam Securities. Since its inception in 2013, the company has expanded exponentially through its offerings that include health insurance, auto insurance, two-wheeler insurance, and commercial insurance. The company now operates in more than 58 cities spread across 23 states of India with an employee count of more than 1100.

Liberty health insurance provides a host of policies for individuals to suit their varying needs like: 

  1. Liberty Health Connect Policy
  2. Liberty Health Connect Supra Policy
  3. Liberty Individual Personal Accident Policy
  4. Liberty Janta Personal Accident Insurance Policy
  5. Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy
  6. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy
  7. Liberty Hospicash Connect Policy

Reason for Health Insurance Renewal: 

Failing to complete your Liberty health insurance renewal at the right date is something that should be avoided at all costs as it may result in the termination of your coverage. If you’re in the grace period, it’s not a reason for you to be worried because it permits renewing your insurance but the deadline will expire fast. In addition, the biggest advantage of Liberty general insurance health renewal is the chance of retaining the benefits extended by the insurance firm, which include no-claim benefits, free medical check-ups, daycare procedures, etc., These facilities shall become void, in case your insurance plan isn’t renewed by the grace period.

Liberty Health Insurance Online Renewal Process: 

To ensure that your family members and yourself are protected against future medical expenses, completing the renewal of the health insurance is mandatory. To renew your Liberty health Insurance policy, you must give the number of the current insurance policy, along with a few other personal details according to the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of Liberty General Insurance at www.libertyinsurance.in/health-insurance/
  • Click on the “Renew LGI policy” option on the provided page that shall direct you to the health insurance renewal page. 
  • On providing the policy number along with any additional information that is related to it in the space that is provided, details of your policy will get populated.
  • Choose an appropriate payment option among the choices provided and complete the payment. 

Once the premium payment is completed, you will receive a verification letter from Liberty health insurance confirming the extension of the insurance plan and the new expiry details. This confirms that the insurance policy has been validly renewed. For reference, you may download a soft copy of the policy receipt.

Liberty Health Insurance Offline Renewal Process: : 

The Liberty general insurance company will send an official renewal notification via email or through postal mail. In most cases, this reminder will be accompanied by a renewal form with all the necessary information like the amount of the premium for the policy, as well as the insurance coverage, no-claim bonus (if there’s one), terms of the policy, etc., The insured must review the forms to ensure there aren’t any errors before taking it up for renewal.

Policyholders without internet facilities can carry the above form and visit the nearest Liberty general insurance branch office for premium renewals. Another option to pay the renewal premium offered by Liberty general insurance is via their customer care number, on which, the agents shall provide the necessary information on renewing the policy through offline mode. In addition to it, they also provide answers for questions regarding renewal of your policy, claim, coverage extension, etc., They can be reached on 1800-266-5844 or via an email to care@libertyinsurance.in

Looking to Shift to Another Insurance Plan? 

As per IRDA guidelines, individuals who had taken health insurance can change to a different insurer without forfeiting any benefits accrued through the previous insurance policy. 

If you’d like to switch towards a new healthcare insurance plan or to another insurance provider but still want to continue enjoying the benefits of the previous plan, the health insurance portability is very advantageous. If this option to transfer your policy is chosen before renewal, you can be certain that your new policy will continue to have the benefits such as no-claim bonus, waiting for the period, OPD coverage, bonus points, etc., accrued under the previous insurer, even though you choose to move away from that particular insurer.

How to Make Renewal on Time?

A majority of insurance providers will send reminder emails and text messages directly to contacts on the file to ensure that you’re not late on renewals. However, there are times when you may not receive it or get it by reminder by hand is the only way to prevent such issues.

  • It is essential to make sure the policy you have is in good order before the deadline and be aware of any miscalculations that may arise in premium calculation.
  • You may also create reminders manually so that you don’t miss the deadline that expires. When renewing insurance online by yourself ensure that you are aware of the conditions and terms that apply to the plan. Also, make sure that you’re aware of any changes which were made to the plan or coverage by referring to their official site, before renewal.


The Conclusion:

With the ever-changing times, periodic checks of your health insurance plan are crucial. It is vital to find out whether the insurance plan that you choose will be able to pay for the medical expenses that you may face in the future. To be able to accomplish this, you need to take the necessary preparations before the renewal time of the insurance policy to determine if you want to stick with the same insurance company or move to a different policy and enjoy more benefits.

If you do not renew your Liberty health insurance plan before time, you will not be eligible for any benefits or insurance that comes with your insurance plan. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make sure that you pay the renewal in advance of time by following the above-given tips to avoid falling into any complicated situation.

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