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Lesser-Known Benefits – After Getting Vaccinated Against Corona

For the past many months now, the world has been fighting to the best of its ability to fight this Covid-19 pandemic. The fight has reached its peak everywhere. The efforts made by the Indian government have been in full swing too. It has announced free vaccination for all above 18 years of age. Award-winning nutritionist and writer Dr Vishakha recently put up an Instagram post, urging all those who are eligible to take the vaccine because, “There is enough evidence to show that even if you do get the vivid infection post-vaccination, the infection will be mild. Chances that you will reach the hospital or die are close to zilch! And that’s what we need currently.”

Are you Still Thinking!

There are many who have been anxiously waiting for their turn to get the vaccine, however, there are some who are still contemplating the idea of getting vaccinated. If you are someone who is procrastinating on the idea of getting the job, it is high time that you stop delaying it any further, and book your appointment right away. 

 As the government begins the COVID-19 vaccination drive, one may have a number of questions. Only when you are well aware of the vaccines, how they work and how they help, would you be able to make an informed decision? Let’s find out about the advantages and after-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here are the top benefits of getting vaccinated: 

  1. The Vaccines are Safe
    Vaccines go through rigorous clinical trials in laboratories before getting approved by the government. Approvals or authorisations are provided only if the vaccine makes it substantially less likely to get infected by Coronavirus. Many people are concerned about the safety of the vaccines produced under so much pressure. But the medical experts assure that even at this breakneck speed of producing the vaccine the safety measures are not being compromised.

    The routine procedure and standards remain in place for any vaccine to get approved. Recently, Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog, contended at a press conference that Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute’s Covishield are the safest of the COVID-19 vaccines. Russian Sputnik V has also been approved by the government, for use in India. Toad 
  1. Prevent the Illness
    So far, apart from isolating yourself completely, vaccination has proven to be the only option to keep yourself from the infection. However, isolation cannot be a long-term solution to this pandemic, and thus the vaccine is probably your best bet. Health experts believe that vaccination against Covid-19 may help in preventing getting seriously ill or developing complications even if we are infected by the virus.
  2. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe
    It not only saves you but also keeps your loved ones who are around you safe. People with an increased risk of illness may be saved from the infection by your responsible gesture. Fully vaccinated persons can prevent the risk of transmitting the coronavirus to unvaccinated people.
  3. Break the Chain
    Being witness to the first and the second wave, we now know that COVID spreads like wildfire. Breaking the chain becomes crucial in order to contain its extent. If more and more people get vaccinated, it may break the chain of the viruses that cause Covid. Thus containing the infection and saving lives is the only viable solution. It reduces the risk of escalating the growth of Covid-19. Getting vaccinated is the safest way to build protection.
  4. The surest way to Build Immunity
    Most Indians believe in eating the right foods and following grandma’s recipes to build their immunity. Though there aren’t many studies to prove their effectiveness or ineffectiveness, these home remedies may take a much longer time to strengthen your immunity. Vaccines help you to build natural protection and immunity. Covid-19 vaccination creates antibody response without getting infected. It helps your body to be ready to fight the virus even if you are exposed to it. It is, therefore, the only way to contain this pandemic.
  5. Community Immunity – No one is safe till everyone is safe
    As we are well aware by now that the germs/ viruses can travel quickly through any community and make a lot of people unwell. If a large proportion of the population gets sick then it leads to an outbreak. But this can be prevented through vaccination. If enough people in the community are vaccinated then the virus won’t be able to travel so easily and hence the entire community is less likely to get infected. Community immunity can protect one and all. Even if a small number of people in the community do not get vaccinated, it can cause serious problems for all. 
  1. Chance to Avail Financial Benefits

There are financial benefits attached to getting vaccinated against Covid-19. A few state-owned banks have announced schemes where vaccinated individuals can avail of higher interest rate on fixed deposits. This is a limited period offer and has been introduced to encourage more and more people to get vaccinated.

  • Higher Interest Rate on Fixed Deposits
    Banks like UCO have increased their interest rate by 0.30% on fixed deposits of 999 days, for customers who have got at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. This offer will last till September 30.
  • Immune India Deposit Scheme
    Even the Central Bank of India announced the Immune India Deposit Scheme, where the vaccinated citizens would get better interest rates that would be above the applicable rate. The scheme launched has a maturity of 1,111 days.
  • Special Benefits
    In the public sector banks, the senior citizens will get an additional rate of interest on their FDs, under the Immune India Deposit Scheme. Hence the senior citizens will get a 0.50% higher rate of interest above the applicable card rate.
  1. Not losing out on the Government Benefits
    State governments are taking the vaccination drive very seriously and some have taken a tough approach towards those who are refusing to get vaccinated.  In Orissa, the healthcare workers and frontline workers who are found backtracking from getting the vaccine may be barred from the privileges granted by the state government in case of Covid-19 infection.

What should you keep doing even after getting fully vaccinated?

A special note for those of you who are about to get the vaccine, either of the doses or have been vaccinated already,  you have a much better chance of preventing this deadly disease. However, it is still a scary situation out there, and exposing yourself unnecessarily is not really a prudent option. 

It generally takes up to weeks after getting vaccinated for the body to build immunity against the virus. Hence, the best combination would be, getting vaccinated and strictly following the Covid-19 safety guidelines. The guidelines still include wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining social distance. To stay away from this dreaded virus it is important that you:

  • Keep following the guidelines at your workplace, be it your office or business
  • If you plan to travel then you must still take steps to keep yourself and others safe
  • You will still require to get tested before and after travel
  • You must still watch out for the symptoms of the infection, especially if you have travelled or have been around somebody who is sick
  • You must consult your health care provider if you have an underlying medical condition. It is necessary that you keep taking all the precautions
  • Cough into the bent elbow or tissue, and then dispose of the tissue in a closed bin
  • Avoid the 3 Cs – Closed spaces, Close contacts and Crowded places

Stop Fretting Over the Side Effects

It is a well-known fact that vaccines come with slight side effects, as the immune system of the body reacts to them. These effects may vary from person to person. The covid-19 vaccines can also cause a few mild side effects after the first or second dose. The common after-effects of Covid-19 vaccine seen so far are-

  1. Soreness or mild swelling at the injection site.
  2. Headache
  3. Fatigue
  4. Mild fever
  5. Muscle pain

These side effects are temporary and generally, go away on their own within a few days. In the rare case of a serious allergic reaction, you must speak to your doctor. “Ideally, vaccination can be taken before the weekend or before a holiday so that there is not too much work to deal with and the person can relax,” said Dr SN Aravinda, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Aster RV Hospital, Bangalore.


Covid has caused irreparable loss to human life all across the globe. It has presented unprecedented challenges in the field of health, education, food, economy, businesses etc. and the effects have been devastating. Noted Pulmonologist Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences has emphasised, “If we want to get over this pandemic, socially and economically, vaccines are important. Every aspect of life has suffered because of the pandemic. A vaccine is important if we want to get back to normal.”

It is only together that we can overcome the social, economic and health impact of this pandemic.

Only solidarity and support can take us forward. Getting vaccinated is the least we can do to save lives. Let us play our part responsibly.

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