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Know the Right Age to Buy Health Insurance
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Know the Right Age to Buy Health Insurance

A health insurance plan is necessary for you and your family to manage expenses during emergencies. It allows you to get high protection from treatment costs when you suffer from terminal illnesses. However, you should know what is the right age to buy a plan from the markets? This, in turn, allows you to invest your money depending on your needs that will further help accomplish goals significantly.  If you are thinking that it is good to have an insurance policy at a young age, then you are right! This is because it depends on the right age to purchase a plan that allows you to gain more advantages.

Know the Right Age to Buy Health Insurance

Medical technologies are advancing day by day and you can get the best treatments at the hospitals for many ailments. But, what about the treatment expenses? Can you afford them easily when you fall sick in the later stage of life? It becomes difficult for you to manage medical expenses after 40 years unless you have sound financial backing. That’s why you should consider buying health insurance at a young age that will help you overcome financial troubles.

Why should you Buy Health Insurance at a Young Age?

Lifestyle is changing today and health diseases are increasing due to pollution, lack of exercise, long working hours, junk foods, etc. You may catch up on health issues at any time in your life that will affect your quality of life. Therefore, you should consider buying health insurance in your 20’s before you turn 30 that will help avoid mental worries and other problems. Although some insurance companies offer plans that you can buy even if you are up to 65 years, you need to buy the same in the earlier stage. This, in turn, gives ways to manage high treatment costs caused by medical inflation.

What are the Advantages of Buying Health Insurance at a Young Age?

Buying health insurance at a young age allows you to get several benefits that you might not be aware of properly. If you are new to health insurance, then you should learn about them from different sources that will help make an informed decision.

Health Insurance

1. Low Premium Rates 

Most insurance companies offer health insurance plans at low premium rates allowing you to save money. This is because the possibilities of contracting non-communicable diseases are very less. Buying health insurance for a 25 year old or younger person enables you to reduce your expenses to a large extent.

2. Waiting period

All health insurance policies will have a waiting period and you cannot file a claim during such period if you become sick. When you buy a plan at a young age, you can avoid a waiting period that will help ensure peace of mind.

3. Lower rejection 

Should I take health insurance before 40 years? If this is the query in your mind then remember that the insurance companies won’t reject your policy when your age is between 20-25 years old. At the same time, the probability of rejections is high if you buy a plan after 40 years due to medical conditions and other factors.

4. Cumulative Bonus 

An insurer will offer you a no-claim bonus (NCB) feature when you don’t make any claims within the policy year. It allows you to get an increased basic sum insured amount.

5. Pre-Existing Diseases 

When you buy a health insurance policy after 40 years, insurers will ask for the details of pre-existing diseases. Some of them even reject your plan when you don’t meet the eligibility requirements. Moreover, buying a plan after 40 may put a financial burden on you.

6. Extended Coverage

You will get extended coverage when buying a health insurance policy at a young age. An insurer allows you to choose add-ons that will benefit you in various ways. You may even get cover for OPD and many other procedures which are not covered in a comprehensive health insurance plan.

7. Wider Options 

When you are young, insurance companies will offer a wide range of options for you.  They let you pick the right type of plan which can exactly fit your needs and budgets. You have the freedom to select a well-suited policy after making complete research.

8. Tax Benefits

Those still thinking, should we buy health insurance may relax because such plans bring along tax benefits too. You will get tax benefits on your paid premiums under the income act 80-D section after purchasing a health insurance plan from an insurer.

9. No Pre-Policy Medical Check-Up 

If you buy health insurance before you turn 30, then there is no need to undergo a medical check-up and that will reduce your expenses. Contrary to that, a medical exam is necessary for you when you want to purchase a plan after 40 or 45 years old.

10. Longer Duration 

Many health insurance policies come with an upper age limit that will reduce the benefits after 40 years. Is it good to have insurance at a young age? The answer is yes because it allows you not to worry about your age limit. You can reap the benefits for a longer duration that will help lower your financial burden significantly.

11. Financial Planning

The purpose of a health insurance policy is not only to provide policy coverage but also to give ways to make better financial planning.

Financial Planning


Additionally, you can focus more on investing your money in other long-term investments that will help deal with health emergencies. Should we buy a health insurance policy? You can buy the policy for your needs but at the right age to enhance financial stability in life.

The Conclusion

Buying a health insurance policy allows you to lead a trouble-free life. Should I take health insurance at a young age? The answer is yes because it enables you to get high coverage when you turn old. Insurance companies offer health insurance for 25 year old and you can buy the same from a leading insurer in your location. Having the right type of plan allows you to get financial freedom after 40 years. You can compare the plans online that will help gain more ideas. Besides that, you can select the best health insurance plan among them which gives ways to accomplish goals in your life to avoid unwanted problems and worries.

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