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Top things to consider while buying health insurance for children
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Key things to consider while buying health insurance for children

Are there health insurance plans for children in India? Can children also be taken health plans?

This is a very common query from anyone who hears about such plans for the first time. This is very obvious too. Everyone is pretty much aware of the health insurance plans, and other types of plans are for individuals over 18 years of age. But how about the insurance plans for those below 18 years of age.

Ravi, a middle-aged family man like any other parent, is worried about his children’s health. This difference in thoughts has mainly hit many parents after seeing the victims of COVID-19, which has threatened the lives of young aged and old aged people and children, including newborn babies. This threat has created a fear among many parents to safeguard their children and be prepared with proper health insurance at any stage of time.

In this aspect, to create peace of mind and a secure feel in many parents, the health insurance companies have also started introducing the best health insurance policies in India for children. If you are hearing about the child health insurance policy for the first time, this article will certainly provide you with all the essential information you need to know.

What is a child insurance plan?

  • This is plan is offered by insurance companies in India for the individual child.
  • This plan covers individual child health.
  • Such health insurance in India also come with tax benefits, lower premium, and added perks.
  • You can avail discounts and add-on covers too for child plans. 
  • Besides giving good education and quality for your children, with this plan, now you also give them secured health. 
  • Such plans support covering the cost of regular medical check-ups for children, hospitalization expenses, and other medical expenses.
  • This is the best option for children with serious health issues and often hospitalized for continuous treatments 
  • Best child insurance plan helps to cover a broad range of illnesses.
  • Most of the plans feature annual check-ups too as part of the plan. 


How important is buying health insurance for children? 

Here follow a few points that emphasize the importance of buying the best insurance policy for a child:

  1. The health insurance plans for children provide cover anytime you are in need.
  2. Children are prone to health issues, including their family history, immunity-related problems, and many others.
  3. Health insurance is essential to provide health care for children at all times when required without any delays 
  4. Children are dependent on the earning member of the family. To meet any unforeseen medical emergencies that a child might undergo, such health plans are crucial to be taken.
  5. Parents who are not prepared financially for any unforeseen medical expenses for their children should certainly buy health insurance online for their children.
  6. Health insurance for children can help the parents save a lot of money from medical expenses and live with peace of mind, even in the case any medical emergency arises.


What is much more important to highlight is that today most of the leading insurance companies provide varieties of child health plans at the best affordable prices. 

Types of Child Health insurance plans: 

Here follow remarkable 4 different types of child health insurance plans offered by almost all health insurance companies:

  1. Individual child health insurance: In this type, health coverage is provided for the child. This plan includes benefits like cashless hospitalization, comprehensive coverage, and other benefits. It also covers medical check-ups, specialist costs, ambulance charges, and many other benefits. The premium for this plan is absolutely low and affordable. It also features no claim bonus, in which the term period can be reduced or the sum assured can be increased without any charges if no claims are made during the particular term period of the plan. 
  2. Health insurance with maternity benefits: This is the best plan for those planning to become parents. This plan covers the expenses that parents would undergo during the pregnancy stage. It will also cover delivery-related costs in the hospital while hospitalized. In addition, it covers pre-birth medical expenses both for the baby and mother. 
  3. Health insurance for a newborn baby: It is another best health insurance plan for a newborn child. This will include emergency medical expenses and other hospitalization expenses. 
  4. Health insurance for teenage children: Such plans will cover children up to the age of 18 years. However, there are also some floater plans, which will even cover parent-dependent children of age between 18 and 25 years. 


Most of the family health insurance covers the health of children right from newborn. However, today, most of the children are affected majorly due to immunity problems. These immunity issues are causing life-threatening health problems too, which are unpredictable. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be prepared with appropriate health insurance for children from birth. 

There are many top insurance companies in India providing varieties of insurance child plans. However, before buying them, it is crucial to ensure if they suit your expectations well. You can try to compare the child insurance plans offered by different insurance companies online. Such comparison can help you to identify the one that you are looking for quickly. 

Overall, never get carried away with attractive offers you find on online websites. At the same time, also try to ensure if the plan you are choosing will also provide you other benefits like Tax benefits, increase in sum assured, critical illness, or any other rider options. Although you have a family plan covering your children, it is also essential to consider buying an individual child health insurance plan to get extra protection and increase the health security of your children under any circumstances. 

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