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Is Your Health Insurance Cover Enough - Know Everything Here
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Is Your Health Insurance Cover Enough

A health insurance policy is necessary for you because it offers protection from rising medical costs caused by inflation. However, ensure that you choose the right type of plan that caters to your children and family. You should compare health insurance plans online, which will help you choose the right health cover. Another thing is that it enables you to get financial security from high medical expenses. Buying the right health insurance policy will help you manage your finances during emergencies. As a policy buyer, you should keep certain things in mind when investing your money. 


Do you already have a health insurance policy? Then, make sure that you get enough coverage for your needs that gives ways to overcome the financial burden. Moreover, you should evaluate whether a policy provides coverage for pandemic disorders such as COVID-19. This, in turn, allows you to focus more on your objectives that give ways to experience peace of mind. Not only that, it enables you to undergo high-quality treatments in listed hospitals. A health insurance plan is ideal for you to prevent your children and family from high medical expenses.

Does your Health Insurance offer Coverage for COVID-19?

COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day in various parts of the world, resulting in various complications. It becomes difficult for you to manage COVID-19 medical expenses because they cost high. Therefore, you check whether your existing policy provides coverage for COVID-19 treatment expenses. This, in turn, enables you to claim amounts easily to witness peace of mind. COVID-19 will exist for many years to come, and it will take more time to recover from the symptoms. Hence, you should consider picking a health insurance policy that comes with COVID-19 coverage.

What is COVID-19 Health Insurance?

You should understand what Covid-19 health insurance from different sources that will help make the right decision is. It supports you up to Rs.5 lakhs to cover your hospitalization costs. At the same time, make sure that you have undergone treatment for at least 24 hours. Some policies offer coverage only after 72 hours, and you should know more about the plans in detail before buying them. In case of death, your nominee or family can avail of the benefit through the base plan.

Advantages of COVID-19 Insurance Coverage

You should know the advantages of Covid-19 insurance coverage that will help manage the treatment costs with ease. 

  1. AYUSH treatment 

AYUSH treatment feature allows you to choose medicine treatment after you tested positive in an authorized diagnostic center. You will get coverage up to the sum insured without any sub-limits. It enables you to choose any one of the treatments such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, and Unani medical procedures.

  1. Pre and post hospitalization 

Having Covid-19 coverage in your health insurance policy allows you to claim amounts for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization. However, you should know the waiting period of both coverages that gives ways to reimburse the amounts as soon as possible. 

  1. Ambulance benefit 

The severe condition of Covid-19 needs extreme care to avoid the spreading of the disease to your family. Hence, you would require an ambulance for transportation purposes while suffering from the symptoms. The Covid-19 insurance coverage enables you to get the ambulance benefit when shifting yourself or other insured family members from your home to the hospital. In addition, it provides ways to receive a sum of Rs.2000 as an ambulance benefit. 

  1. Co-Morbidity benefit 

If you have any pre-existing diseases apart from Covid-19, then the Corona insurance policy enables you to get coverage for the same. In addition, you will get coverage for medical costs associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and consultation charges. Not only that, it lets you manage medical expenses with ease.

  1. Family floater benefit

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, and you should make sure that your family members don’t contract the same. In addition, you should check whether your existing coverage provides a family floater benefit for you. 

  1. Coverage for home treatment 

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to get admission to a listed hospital due to a shortage of rooms and other factors. Having Covid insurance coverage enables you to undergo treatment in your home under the supervision of a doctor.


What are the key features of COVID-19 Insurance Plans?

  • The premiums of COVID-19 insurance plans are affordable and budget-friendly, allowing you to ensure more protection
  • It is a one-time payment that offers coverage amounts ranging from Rs.50000 to Rs.5 lakhs 
  • You can get hospital daily cash cover under COVID-19 coverage by investing extra on the existing policy
  • The insurance plan enables you to claim amounts with ease, thereby showing ways to manage unwanted problems
  • With COVID-19 coverage, you can protect your family from virus infections and other issues

How to buy Individual Corona insurance?

The Corona Kavach individual plan is available from public and private insurers in India, and you can buy them online in simple steps. On the other hand, you should compare them with more attention to know the premium rates. If you have an existing health insurance plan, then you should ask your insurer to include the coverage immediately. You should know the validity of the coverage before including it in your plan. Consult with professional insurance advisors and agents to know more about the features and other benefits in detail.

Upgrade your insurance from time to time 

You should know how to increase health insurance coverage in your existing plan because it helps you in various ways. It is wise for you to go with the top-up option when you want to get more coverage. This is because including a new feature will result in high expenses, and you should understand what health insurance cover properly. A top-up plan is the right option for you if you want to save more money. At present, COVID-19 coverage is available for all policies, and you can request your insurer to add the same to your existing plan, which helps a lot to overcome treatment expenses with ease.

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