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Is STD Testing And Treatment Covered Under Your Health Insurance?

Raja is a professional painter who works in various locations of Mumbai and leads an irresponsible lifestyle. Due to this, he got infected by some person, which resulted in the deterioration of his health. So, he underwent a diagnostic test in a nearby clinic to know more about the symptoms. Doctors confirmed that he was infected with an STD and needed immediate medical care. However, he doesn’t know how to manage the treatment costs, especially in the lack of a health insurance plan.


A sexually transmitted disease, shortly known as STD, can affect your life when you don’t handle it properly. The severe symptoms can also lead to death if you are not getting good treatment. Moreover, the costs of STD tests and medical procedures are often expensive and quite unaffordable for many people. Therefore, you should consider buying a health insurance plan that will help manage them with ease. On the other hand, you must choose the best health insurance after understanding whether it provides STD insurance coverage or not?

Does Health Insurance Offer Coverage for STD Testing and Treatment?

It is a common misconception that health insurance doesn’t provide coverage for STD testing and treatment. This is not true, and many insurers allow you to claim an amount for STD diseases such as HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. At the same time, you should know the features of STD insurance coverage in detail. Not only that, you should evaluate the coverage type with more attention that will help gain advantages. A health insurance plan offers diagnostic testing and preventive screening, enabling you to experience the desired outcomes. 

Understand the Differences Between Diagnostic Testing and Preventive Screening

The difference between diagnostic testing and preventive screening enables you to decide whether you’ll have complete coverage or not. Apart from that, it allows you to proceed further according to your needs. Preventive screening is ideal for you if you don’t have any symptoms of an STD. You can undergo a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly check-up with preventive screening options that will help get rid of symptoms. 

On the other hand, diagnostic testing is primarily meant for you if you have some physical symptoms. For example, if you have a genital discharge, you need diagnostic testing to figure out the problem. Unfortunately, most insurers won’t provide full coverage for this procedure, and you have to pay a certain amount from your pocket. The best way to know the coverage is to read the fine print of a policy before buying it from an insurer. 

How is the STD Test Performed?

You should know how an STD test is performed before buying a plan. The STD test involves many procedures for detecting the symptoms. Some of them include urine tests, blood tests, biopsy, genital sore examination, testing discharge from affected regions, swab test, etc. A physician will prescribe any one of the tests for you to confirm the STD disease.

What is the Best Health Insurance Plans for STD Testing and Treatment?

Is the STD Test covered by insurance? Yes, many health insurance companies cover expenses for STD testing too. You should know the best health insurance plans available for STD testing and treatment in India. This will help a lot to select the right one that gives ways to ensure high protection from expensive medical costs. Furthermore, it allows you to get the right coverage for STD testing and treatment.

1. Star Net Plus Health Insurance 

Star Net Plus health insurance is mainly meant for HIV patients. It is the only policy in India that offers coverage for STD diseases with a sum insured amount up to Rs.50000. Some of the benefits of STD coverage offered by the plan include emergency ambulance charges, pre-hospitalization expenses which don’t exceed 30-days before hospitalization, nursing expenses, etc.

2. Max Bupa Health Premia Insurance Plan

This plan offers coverage for you with a waiting period of 48 months and is available in three variants. You should check the sum insured amount while buying this plan from the markets that will help meet the exact needs.

3. Star India Medi Classic Insurance Plan

When the CD count of STD is less than 350, then you can benefit a lot from this plan that gives ways to cover your expenses. Some of the features offered by the plan include costs of non-allopathic treatments, in-patient costs, pre-hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization costs, etc. 

How to Buy a Health Insurance Plan?

While buying a health insurance policy, you should keep certain things in mind. Is the STD test covered by insurance? You should also evaluate the same properly that will help accomplish your goals. This, in turn, gives ways to get coverage for testing and treatment. Make sure that you read reviews online before purchasing a plan. It even helps you to gain more ideas quickly that gives ways to move further depending on the needs. 

Where to Buy Health Insurance Plans?

If you want to buy health insurance schemes for STDs at the best prices, online is the best place for this purpose. You can compare the prices and features of plans that will help buy the right one among them accordingly. Another thing is that you can claim the amounts from an insurer without any difficulties. A health insurance plan is the best choice for you when you want to get protection from major illnesses, including cancer. However, you should follow the instructions carefully before buying a policy online.

The Conclusion

STD can lead to complications in your life unless you don’t undergo high-quality treatment in a hospital. Therefore, you should consider choosing health insurance cover for STD testing to implement the preventive measures. You must know whether a plan will satisfy your requirements and bills while buying. Ask experts and others to share their ideas when purchasing a plan from an insurance company. You can also calculate your premium amount with a calculator by entering some important details. Having the right type of coverage lets you save your precious savings from high medical costs caused by inflation and other factors that will reduce mental worries.

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