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Is Cesarean Delivery Covered Under Health Insurance Plans
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Is Cesarean Delivery Covered Under Health Insurance Plans

Maternity is a life-altering journey for a woman in more ways than one. With rising medical inflation and overall expenditure, childbirth-related expenses have become expensive. Lack of proper planning may result in burning a hole in your pocket, which may override the happiness of being blessed with a child. According to experts, you should plan well in advance, given that maternity health insurance policies typically have a long waiting period, which may prove to be tricky for most consumers. Let’s look at an interesting fact.

Sowmya and Sukanya were good neighbors and friends. During pregnancy, Sowmya consulted a doctor in the multi-specialty hospital and had good health & care. But, as Sukanya was afraid of the high expenses, she didn’t know to opt for that; instead, she had chosen a nearby hospital. During the time of delivery, Sowmya hadn’t suffered a least, though she had undergone cesarean delivery, as she had taken up maternity insurance prior. Hence the policy took care of the claim up to 50,000 immediately. So, her joy was permanent. But in the case of Sukanya, although she didn’t suffer any cesarean delivery side effects and took all the precautions after cesarean delivery. She suffered a lot to pay the cesarean operation charges.

Cesarean Delivery

Being in this Modern world, Cesarean delivery is more common, and many folks choose as they don’t want to bear the pain of delivery. So, health Insurance for delivery is more vital, and it covers both normal delivery and cesarean delivery. We must thank the Maternity Insurance as it’s the greatest relief for parents. The Maternity Insurance covers from Rs. 35000 up to 5 Lakhs, and also the waiting period for that policy is a minimum of 9 months.

Frankly speaking, cesarean delivery charges in private hospitals are more expensive. But most mothers prefer C-delivery as they don’t want to wait for the due date and the labor pain. In the case of cesarean, the side effects are more like back pain, body pain, etc. More than the physical pain, the mental pain will be more when we think about its expenses or the charges in the private hospitals. With the help of the Maternity Insurance, we can easily overcome this pain.

Plan by Max Bupa offers a “Gold plan.” This policy ranges from Rs.40000 up to 1 Lakh and also the waiting period is of 2 years. Heartbeat family Insurance policy offers the Silver plan up to Rs 50000. The Care Joy Insurance ranges from 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs with a waiting period of just nine months after which you can claim from the same.

  • The Cesarean Delivery charges in private hospitals can cost up to Rs. 90000 depending on the hospital amenities and the city
  • It can cost up to Rs. 200000 in luxury suites depending on the hospital amenities and the city


Precautions after cesarean delivery are more vital. After a doctor says that it is safe to try a sexual activity, people may still need to take some precautions to reduce the risk of complications.

Cesarean Delivery Side Effects

Anyone who has recently undergone a C-section should watch out for signs of infection and other complications. These signs include:

A fever over 100.4° F, leaking urine, heavy vaginal bleeding such as bleeding that soaks a maxi pad in just an hour, severe pain, big clots, foul-smelling discharge, continual bleeding from the incision, swelling around the incision site, swelling or pain in the lower legs, pain when peeing, vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea. Besides, one may experience an intense headache that comes on suddenly and does not go away, anxiety, depression, panic, flu-like symptoms, etc.

Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Maternity Insurance

  • A Compulsory Waiting Period – Every health plan with maternity coverage would cover it after a waiting period. The waiting period generally ranges from a minimum of 9 months to a maximum of 2 years to 6 years. Certain specialized maternity plans may have a lower waiting period, but you can’t escape this concept of a waiting period to avail maternity coverage. Nine months to 2 years is the minimum waiting period.” Care joy,” SBI Arogya Premier Policy,” Bharti AXASmart Super Health Insurance” gives us a minimum of 9 months waiting period.
  • Limitation on the Coverage Amount The coverage for a cesarean delivery depends on the maximum allowable amount. This limit depends on the sum assured amount opted for the plan variant. It generally ranges from Rs.40 000 to Rs.1 lakh. So, before you buy the plan, check the allowable limit so that before you go for the delivery, to be aware of the amount of the bill your health plan would cover. The coverage amount is more vital. We should see that our policy must be the maximum amount covered.
  • Other Maternity Coverages Other than your Cesarean delivery, some health plans also provide coverage for various complications during childbirth, prenatal and postnatal expenses, and ambulance costs. Moreover, some maternity plans also cover the newborn baby till policy renewal and offer vaccination expenses for the baby.

To be precise, the premium paid for the health policies which cover Cesarean delivery is higher than the premium for non-maternity insurance. So, don’t get distressed about getting maternity insurance at a higher premium. However, make sure the product you are choosing covers everything discussed above.

The Conclusion

To conclude, Maternity benefit health insurance plans help individuals in overcoming the high cost of treatment during the birth of a child, as due to the rise in inflation, the cost of treatments has increased rapidly. Also, you must carefully read the policy terms to avoid any inconvenience at the time of the claim settlement process.

A delivery done with the C-section procedure rakes up the hospital bills. So, it’s essential to avail of a plan with maternity insurance features. There are a few health insurance plans (mentioned above) that provide coverage for Cesarean delivery. So, buy them today and double the happiness of motherhood.

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