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IRDAI allows Insurers to offer Home Treatment as an add-on cover to Health Insurance Read more on iiflinsurance: https://iiflinsurance.com/knowledge-centre/health-insurance/irdai-allows-insurers-to-offer-home-treatment
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IRDAI allows Insurers to offer Home Treatment as an add-on cover to Health Insurance


People are becoming more prone to illnesses and hospitalizations (irrespective of their age). After hospitalization, most people prefer to get healed at their homes because of the comfy ambiance and the support from the family members. Therefore, many older people choose home care facilities rather than go to a skilled nursing facility. Apart from offering great care, a home care facility provides many advantages, including assistance for cooking, cleaning, and even bathing.

When hospitals are fully occupied during the COVID-19 peak time, the patients don’t have any option except to choose homecare treatment facilities for their ailments. Inspired by the rising popularity of homecare healthcare treatment, the Indian insurance regulator (IRDAI) has instructed non-life insurance companies to offer “homecare/domiciliary treatment” or treatment at home as an add-on cover to their existing health insurance plans.

The IRDAI has sent a circular to all non-life insurance companies as well as standalone health insurers. According to the IRDAI guidelines, all insurance companies have to file their products if home treatment is offered as an add-on cover.

According to IRDAI rules, homecare treatment is the treatment at home that a patient needs to choose to overcome his/her illnesses. If the patient is unable to reach the hospital or hospitals are over-flooded, then the insured policyholder can choose homecare treatment under the supervision of a medical practitioner. There is an active line of treatment with the health status of the insured policyholder monitored daily by a medical practitioner during the duration of home treatment. The daily treatment and care procedure of the patient will be recorded and signed by a medical practitioner. As per IRDAI’s new rules, the norms for the settlement of claims are also mentioned in the policy document.

IRDAI said insurance companies could cover their existing policyholders by charging an extra premium amount for their health insurance plans for the remaining period. However, many health insurance companies often claim that the IRDAI should price the add-on cover properly after analyzing all the data and possible situations. According to them, with this IRDAI new rule for health insurance, the insured policyholder may save a chunk of money on daily hospital room charges. But at the same time, the doctor and nurse fees may go on a higher side if they opt for a homecare treatment facility.

Many experts also believed that this add-on health insurance cover was beneficial when the COVID-19 pandemic peaked and hospitals ran out of beds. But now, the situation is improving gradually. However, it is also true that no one knows how the pandemic will pan out in the future and how deadly it will be. So, IRDAI’s new rules 2020 health insurance to add homecare treatment as an add-on plan is beneficial in many ways.

Many senior officials have suggested that the coverage should be priced properly, evaluating all the costs related to renting hospital beds, other medical equipment, and so on. This coverage should not look overpriced to policyholders.

Some benefits of choosing a home Care Health Treatment Facility

Safety, Comfort, and Convenience

A plethora of research has claimed that adults with fewer complications can recover faster at home than in a hospital. Home healthcare treatments help patients to manage their medications properly. This prevents harmful drug interaction that can help you avoid going to the hospital. If older patients choose homecare treatment methods, then they can stick to their regular routines and maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Homecare lessens falls and hospital re-admissions.

If you had an operation or got admitted for a medical illness, you need to worry about the safety concerns, especially the risk of falls. The falls with resulting injuries are indeed very common in hospitals. Though hospital staff put great efforts into preventing those falls, it still happens. Several studies have proved that an elder or ill person may suffer a less serious event at home because of an acute care setting. Thus, home healthcare minimizes the rate of hospital readmission.

You don’t need to visit hospitals frequently.

It’s an arduous job to take older patients to hospitals for their treatment. But with homecare treatment facilities, these people don’t need to visit hospitals frequently as they can conveniently manage their health conditions at home. In addition, home health care offers daily monitoring, supervision, and education. Patients also have 24/7 access to a professional expert (via phone) if they are facing some health issues and aren’t sure what to do.

Personalized Care

Home healthcare offers one-on-one attention and a customized care plan to patients as per their specific needs and requirements. Now, you can get more effective treatment for your ailments. Moreover, this builds a strong trust among the patient, the family members, and the home care team.

Team of Professionals

A home healthcare team comprises nurses, therapists, and caregivers who an expert doctor supervises. Each team member is deft, professional, and has adequately trained. As a result, patients can consult and interact with these professionals and explain their health conditions without visiting hospitals.

These are some of the benefits of home healthcare treatments that motivated patients to opt for this facility. That’s why the IRDAI allows insurance companies to incorporate the home care treatment as an add-on cover to their existing health insurance plans.

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