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insurance tips for winter season
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Insurance Tips for the Winter Season

Winters can be tough for grown-ups too, but more so for children and senior citizens. They are at greater risk of falling sick and contracting various forms of viral ailments. That is not all, though. The season can also prove to be hard for your mental health. Many people feel depressed due to less time in the sun. It may be hard to go out and get your Vitamin D when it’s a tough thing to even get out of bed. After all, who can say no to a cozy blanket paired with a warm cup of coffee? 

This is even more applicable when it is freezing cold outside. But, be warned, winters are not only famous for their cold mornings and the laziness caused by these. There are many other things that can go wrong too. For instance, did you know that some types of heart attacks can be more common during winters? It can also prove to be a bad time for those suffering from Asthma. Here are some insurance tips to help you fight the cold weather with your insurance. Following these tips for health insurance will make sure that you and your family have a robust financial protection by having the best medical cover.

This is the time to cover the elders in your family 

During the year, you can choose to only insure yourself. You may do this because you’re the sole bread-winner of your family. Since you are the only earning member, others depend on you for all their needs. And hence, protecting yourself is most important. But this is not the right approach. The result of this approach is that you pay a heavy price too. Winter months can be very harsh and can be a lot harder for aged people. So, covering your senior citizen parents under an insurance plan with adequate coverage is one of the most essential insurance tips this winter.

With a greater risk of Arthritis, Asthma, and Heart Attacks it becomes important to cover your parents or loved ones against such conditions. Do consider insuring them as well. Sure, high hospital bills can be a problem. But recovery can prove to be a greater challenge at this age. You must be prepared to afford the best treatment, no matter the cost attached to it. In this case, insurance is a great idea for you and your loved ones. For their health and your pocket! Get the top mediclaim to cover elders in the family and safeguard them from health emergencies and financial burden.

Consider insuring your toddlers and infants

Most people feel that this is not important. So while you may cover the elders in your family, covering little children might seem to be a bit much. Many families also have an emotional aversion to insuring young kids, but that is a mindset you need to get out of.

While it is hard to find policies covering your new-born baby, more policies are available for babies that are over 90 days old. During winters, your child is more vulnerable to conditions like hypothermia and frostbites. These can be dangerous for his or her health and future life. Unlike adults, however, we cannot expect babies to behave responsibly and wear a sweater, or say, their baby caps by themselves. We can take care of them, but of course, we should also prepare for the worst. In such cases, it is always best to have health insurance.

This means that if any of your children fall ill, you may have to shell out hundreds and thousands in cash. So follow our tips for health insurance about buying health insurance for your baby and get the best medical cover!

New Year Greetings & New Policies

This is time for some New Year resolutions, and also for a review of your past decisions and choices. You must take this time and think deeply if your policy is the perfect one for you. Sure, it might have suited you a year ago. But does it still suit you? Consider how your family and their needs have changed over the past year. If you are planning to add a bundle of joy to your family in the coming year, you can plan now with say, maternity or child insurance. In conclusion, you must make sure that you’re covered under the best health insurance policy for yourself that aligns with your needs.

If you feel you had a lazy year and fear you’ve damaged your heart with junk food and a bad lifestyle, you should start exercising. If that is the case, also think about getting heart insurance. Look for other insurance plans that can prove to be a good safety net for future years. Think about buying cancer insurance, personal accident insurance, etc.

Be prepared for winter weather!

Winter weather not only causes problems like cold and flu. It can also cause snowstorms, high winds, heavy rain/snow, etc. If you face these problems, you definitely wouldn’t want to spend precious moments searching for your insurance papers. So, it would be wise to prepare ahead. Understand what your policy terms are. Know where they’re placed and keep the papers within your reach. 

Another good tip is to invest in learning. Learn and remember the names of hospitals, if mentioned in your policy. Many policies only offer cashless treatment in select network hospitals. So to get many benefits, do research, and read well beforehand. A bit of homework can go a long way in zeroing in on the right policies.

Get that no-claim bonus or NCB as it is better known!

Insurers obviously don’t want you to put up a claim. After all, it can be very costly for them to settle claims. This is why some insurers will give you a no-claim bonus. Obviously, it is great to get monetary benefits. But being healthy should be our priority even without an incentive. This is why I’ve listed tips that will help you live healthier. The bonus is that you can definitely now claim that no-claim bonus!

  • A proper and healthy diet

This is one of the most essential tips for health insurance to ensure a claim-free year. No matter what your age, your diet matters a lot. Often people don’t focus on their diets and end up getting infected with diseases that could be easily avoided. Changing your dietary habits can definitely help you improve your health. Adding certain Vitamins and Minerals will even help your body fight illnesses in a better way. 

It is suggested that during winter, you should eat foods rich in iron. You should also eat eggs and fish, which can be very good for your health. However, you should only eat all these foods in a limited quantity. You must have heard people say, “Excess of anything is bad.” Other healthy foods recommended for winter are Oatmeal, Root vegetables, Broccoli, etc. 

  • Get regular exercise

During winters, it can be tough to get off bed. It may be easy to put on your tracksuit. But then, going for a jog in the chilling temperatures is easier said than done! However, even if it may be tough, you still have to exercise! 

Remember, exercise can protect you from many common heart diseases. Exercising is also a must for you if you eat a lot of junk food. Things like the Coronavirus may not be in your hands, but your health is. Following our tips for health insurance such as regular exercise will help you get various benefits like discounts and cumulative bonuses.

  • Take care of your mental health

Winters can be unforgiving times. Not being able to go out for a long time can get to you. The cold, the chills, and the lack of sun can all affect you. In this case, it would be a good idea to take care of your bond and your mind. If you haven’t been feeling good for a while, or feel that you need help, don’t hesitate. 

Mental trauma and anxiety have become standard features of modern life. Many policies cover the costs you may incur during the duration of your treatment. If you feel the need, you should search for these and opt for them. Always remember, stress can impact your immune system. You may end up falling sick more often if you don’t manage stress well. Thus, taking care of your mental health is one of the most important insurance tips to follow.

  • Apply that moisturizer!

Winters can be hard on you. But they can also prove to be terrible for your skin. Your lips may crack and your skin may become dry. Rashes, itches, and irritation may force you to see a doctor. Try avoiding the cost of a dermatologist where you can! Drink plenty of water and take care of your skin. Eat those foods that will be good for your skin like carrots, salmon, spinach, etc. 

FAQs: Insurance Tips for the Winter Season

Should I get health insurance or is it a scam?

Health insurance is far from being a scam. In fact, it is mandatory that every person today has health insurance inadequate measure. Health Insurance plans can really help you in these trying times. We all know how high hospital bills can go. A few days in the hospital can empty your savings and may force you to borrow.
Health insurance plans will help you cover the costs of treatment at an affordable premium each month. This way, you will not be overburdened all of a sudden. Moreover, unlike Mediclaim policies, health insurance covers many more things other than just hospital bills. You should definitely read more about it and weigh the pros and cons before buying one.

Are Cancer and CVDs insurance useful?

These types of policies can prove to be extremely useful as both are very common in India these days and both can also be fatal without advance notice. Cardiovascular diseases or CVD and Cancer are two of the most common causes of death in the world, and Indians are genetically prone to both these ailments.
Both these problems can almost afflict anyone, so don’t believe you are immune to these problems. Their treatment costs are very steep. It is almost impossible to be able to afford the cost of chemotherapy or angioplasty with your own resources. Even medicines can be very expensive. This is why you should definitely look into getting heart and cancer insurance.

Why should I get insurance at all if I am a healthy adult and have never fallen sick?

Here is a word of caution. The world we live in is full of uncertainties. No one knows what could really happen tomorrow. Even if you have never fallen sick, (and I hope you never do in the future too!) you should still think about insurance. Insurance is just financial security against future uncertainty and there is no wealth like your health.
What you need to remember is that many illnesses strike without warning signals and at extremely short notice. Moreover, accidents and mishaps are also very common. Many people have found insurance to be very useful to them, you should definitely read more about it. This is more so if you have a number of persons who are dependent on you.

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