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How to Get a New Born Baby Added in an Existing Policy

Becoming a parent is one of the most elated moments of life. But the newborn along with the happiness carries loads of responsibilities. This phase carries a lot of stress and anxiety with it, as both the parents realize that now its their duty to protect, love and make every possible step to make their child’s life easier. One of the most crucial ones of such responsibilities is health of your new family member. While you get him or her vaccinated for the first time you realize the new responsibility of their health. A newborn insurance can be extremely helpful in such situation. Not only can it decrease the stress caused on your finances in future it also makes you feel that your child’s health is secured. One cannot ignore the financial costs that a new born can bring on to your family. All this makes having an insurance for your newborn one the most vital duties of a parent towards him or her.

Finding a suitable insurance policy for newborns can be a tiring and difficult task for parents in India. There are a number of family floater policies and maternity insurance coverages that can come to the rescue of parents in such cases. Some of the maternity insurance policies also cover the newborns but the only issue with them is that they don’t cover the child for a longer period of time. Though this might be beneficial in the short run but in the long run this might not be the best option; at least it will not be sufficient.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy for Your Newborn?

  1. How comprehensive is the Coverage?

Usually, the insurance companies provide coverage for about 90 days or 3 months. As a parent one must always look for those policies that provide coverage to the newborn from the initial stages itself. This will be extremely helpful in case the infant develops some illness or is born with some congenital complications. The coverage varies from one insurer to other. Some provide coverage only for diseases that can be vaccinated, while some also provide coverage for the congenital diseases.

  1. Does the Premium burn a hole in Your Pocket?  

For determining the premium on the policy that is payable the insurance companies ask for all the medical records of the baby. This is basically done to check whether the child has some genetic health issue or illness. Once the company has evaluated and verified all the documents the insurance company will intimate you the premium amount required for the insurance. There are some insurance policies in market that cover the newborn as an extension of family health insurance cover, without any additional cost. However, some policies require a certain additional amount that is payable for adding the add-on benefit.

  1. What are the Upgradation Options Available to You? 

This refers to the upgradation offers available after 90 days of the birth of the baby and it is an important parameter to consider before buying a policy. Under the guidelines of most company policies, when the child is 90 days old, he or she is eligible for a floater policy or can be included in the family floater plan or is covered by any other health insurance policies. 

Why Should You Get an Insurance Policy for the Newborn? 

An insurance comes with a lot of benefits. But what exactly are these? This section of the article covers the three top benefits you and your precious newborn baby will enjoy when you get a good health insurance package for him or her. 

  1. Get the better of the Rising Hospital Bills

Insurance policies for newborns help in saving a lot of money for parents. A newborn is normally having an extremely sensitive immune system and is thus very likely to catch diseases. Having an insurance can at least keep parents financially secure. Since the whole process of pregnancy and delivery are very expensive, having an insurance can be extremely beneficial in monetary terms for the parents.

  1. Low on Premiums, High on Benefits

The premiums of most policies are usually quite affordable and low. ‘Little baby, little premium’, as most people call it. When one considers the benefits that the policy carries by default, the premium amounts seem pretty reasonable. After all, who can put a price on providing safety and health to your newly born baby? Everything comes with a price in today’s world, but nobody said that the price must be high enough to burn a hole in your pocket. With good guidance and research and making a diligent comparison with online calculators, you will always have access to good insurance policies at affordable, pocket-friendly rates. 

  1. A stress-free Parenthood

It gives the parents a secured feeling. Since the first few months can be extremely stressful for both the parents, having an insurance policy to cover the child ensures that the parents are at least free from stress caused by health costs. A stress-free environment would not only enable you to focus on the baby and enjoy the little moments, but would also enable you to have a longer, happier life and your child to enjoy your company and also to learn from your experiences. 

How to get your newborn added to an existing family health policy

As daunting as the task may sound, it is actually not all that difficult! Believe it or not, the insurance companies have made it pretty easy to add a few members to the existing policy! After all, this is a sort of win-win scenario. The insurance companies would get to add another member to the policy, your newborn would get its health covered and you would be financially secure against all possible negative circumstances, especially the financial stress! Therefore, let’s have a look on how you can let your insurance provider know that you have a baby on the way who must be added to the pool of safety that you and your family enjoys currently as part of the family floater policy! 

  1. The First Step

This is the time to pick up your phone or write a few mails! Google your company’s customer care and give them a call; it is normally available in the policy document and you must always keep such key numbers handy. Ask to be connected to someone of authority and explain them your situation. This is the easiest way to get help regarding your bundle of joy. During the time of the annual renewal of the insurance policy, the insurance company must be notified about addition of a child to the existing policy, along with the suitable documents. If the insurance company is willing to cover the newborn from day one and underwrite the risk, then the company must be informed about the newborn within a week of birth. The first step, therefore, is informing the company that you’re a parent now. 

  1. The Second Step

All the documents related to birth like the birth certificate, maternity discharge certificate and medical reports clearly enunciating if the infant faced any medical issues during his birth must be submitted to the insurance company within the period of time that is prescribed to you by the insurance provider. Remember, do not drag this on and get done with this task as soon as possible. Then the insurance company will calculate your premium after going through all the documents and communicate the same to you.

  1. The Final Step

Pay the premium and enjoy the benefits! Remember if you think the premium is too high, do a little market research and get at least 3 quotes from different insurance providers. If you do not know who to contact, a simple google search or recommendations from your friends and relatives would help you a lot. Depending on the company you choose, there can be or won’t be a waiting period for the benefits of your newborn. Today, there are enough insurance aggregator websites that can help you get a policy comparison without too much of a hassle.


In Conclusion, we are aware how daunting this may all sound at first go. If it does appear complex at first, take a deep breath and relax. You are going to be an excellent parent and the first step towards this would be to get an insurance policy that’s suitable for your newborn! Taking this first huge and important step would set the rest of the things in order automatically. All the very best!


Does my Insurance cover the Delivery cost of the baby?

If you got a maternity insurance well ahead in time, you have nothing to worry about. Almost all Maternity insurances cover the delivery cost of both natural birth and cesarean births. But to get away from the fear of generalization, you must read your own terms and policies which you would’ve signed at the time of getting the maternity insurance. Remember, all delivery insurance covers have a waiting period of 2-3 years so you must really plan well in advance.

Are the birth defects of my baby covered by the insurance provider?

Some insurance providers do provide a cover against birth defects, but it is also true that some do not. Even the ones that do, have a very strict framework of the defects that they do cover. For instance, congenital defects are covered very easily by most insurance companies nowadays. Other complicated and rare birth defects might not be covered by most insurance companies though. Therefore, if your baby is at an increased risk of a hereditary defect or disorder, you must get an insurance that would probably cover the cost of medications.

If I get my baby insured, will I still have to bear the costs of vaccination?

Not at all! Most insurance providers are not on the same page about covering the vaccination expenses for their little customers! While this may sound like a little cost, the truth is that since different vaccines are spread across different times, the cost may add up to be a lot. The worst part is that you may not even realize it! Hence, this is a huge benefit of getting your baby covered under a good health insurance policy!

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