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ICICI Lombard Network Hospitals List for Cashless Treatment in India
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ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Network Hospitals in India

Satyam (30-years-old) is associated with a private company as a marketing executive. Satyam is looking to purchase a health insurance policy that will give him the utmost protection against multiple diseases, including COVID-19. Since Satyam doesn’t earn a hefty amount per month, hence, he prefers purchasing a health policy that will offer him cashless facilities (at the maximum number of hospitals) for his diseases. After completing his primary research, Satyam found that ICICI Lombard health insurance has several network hospitals where he can enjoy cashless facilities without compromising the quality of treatment. ICICI Lombard hospital’s list is quite large and imposing.

ICICI Lombard health insurance doesn’t need any introduction in the field of the Indian insurance market. The company embraces its customers with an array of health insurance policies. Based on your healthcare requirements, you are free to choose the best health insurance plans from ICICI Lombard.

ICICI Lombard health insurance has more than 5025+ network hospitals that offer the best quality treatment for diseases/ailments to all policyholders. The PAN INDIA presence of ICICI Lombard network hospital makes the treatment process customer-friendly and simpler.

But before making any final commitment, always go through the ICICI Lombard health insurance hospital list so that you can get an adequate idea regarding the cashless facilities for your treatment. It would be a wise move to choose a network hospital from the ICICI Lombard cashless hospital list. If you select an ICICI Lombard cashless hospital, you don’t need to find any other renowned hospital for your healthcare requirements. By choosing the ICICI Lombard health insurance network hospitals list, you don’t need to arrange a single penny for your treatment. The health insurance company will settle the bill directly with the hospital on behalf of you. Since you have opted for cashless treatment while choosing the ICICI Lombard network hospital list, you don’t need to bother about various formalities. Now, you have the list of ICICI Lombard health insurance network hospitals, thus, you can focus more on the treatment method.

While purchasing an ICICI Lombard health insurance policy plan, you can easily select a cashless hospital for your treatment. By visiting the official website of ICICI Lombard health insurance, you can select the ICICI Lombard health care hospital list after entering your location. Once you submit all your details, you can see the list of hospitals under ICICI Lombard for cashless treatment. The respective addresses of the hospitals and directions will also be mentioned in the list.

List of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

Now, let’s take a look at various ICICI Lombard network hospitals for cashless treatment. Always choose the best hospitals in your city. 

City No. of Hospitals
Ahmedabad 3041






















New Delhi











ICICI Lombard health insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio (CSR) implies the number of claims settled by an insurer against the total number of accumulated claims in a financial year. When the claim settlement ratio is higher, the company is authentic and you can progress with it. Always consider a company that has a healthy claim settlement ratio. Check the Claim Settlement Ratio of ICICI Lombard health insurance company. 

Financial year Claim settlement ratio
FY 2020-2021 99.98%
FY 2019-2020 78.67%

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance holds an unstoppable reputation in the field of health insurance. If you can’t afford your treatment in a private hospital or don’t want to put up risks on your savings, then you must go to a network hospital from the ICICI Lombard hospital list.

ICICI Lombard Network Hospital FAQs

How to make a cashless claim in a network hospital?

Step 1: Check out a network hospital: To enjoy cashless facilities, you must choose a network hospital of the insurance company (ICICI Lombard). By visiting the official website of ICICI Lombard health insurance, you can easily get the list of network hospitals.
Step 2: Patient Identification: At the time of hospitalization, you need to show the patient's ID card for identification purposes. You may need valid ID proofs like a voter’s ID, passport, PAN card etc. for the verification process.
Step 3: Cashless hospitalization request form: Once your identification process is completed, the network hospital will submit the pre-authorization form or the cashless hospitalization request form to the insurance company (ICICI Lombard health insurance). For an emergency hospitalization, you must submit the form within 48 hours of hospitalization. For a pre-planned hospitalization, you need to submit it 3 days before your admission.
Step 4: Hospitalization Request Review: ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Company will verify the form and will inform its decision to the network hospital. The company will intimate you with an SMS or email within 2 hours once receiving your request.
Step 5: Claim Settlement: Once the company is satisfied, it will settle your bills with the hospital as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

What is a network hospital discount in health insurance policy?

Network hospitals offer discounts on check-up fees and procedures, IVF treatment, Cancer treatment, surgeries, ophthalmological procedures, mastectomies and neck dissections, discounts on consultation and annual health check-ups. Network hospitals also provide discounts on hospital room charges and operation charges.

Why is it important to stay within the providers’ network?

Always use healthcare services that are in-network of your health insurance policy. It will drastically lessen your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Why should you select ICICI Lombard Health Insurance?

Here is an array of reasons for selecting ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Company.
Dedicated Customer Support: ICICI Lombard health insurance offers a dedicated customer support team that will carefully handle all your grievances and will offer the best customer support.
Multifarious health insurance plans: ICICI Lombard health insurance has many policies that will certainly cater to the needs of different customers
Wide network of hospitals: The company is partnered with more than 5025 network hospitals across India. All these hospitals offer cashless facilities.
High Claim Settlement Ratio: Till now, ICICI Lombard health insurance has settled many claims and the claim settlement ratio of the company is 99.98 %. This shows how authentic and reliable the company is.

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