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ICICI Lombard Critical Illness Insurance Plans
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ICICI Lombard Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Have you heard about ICICI Lombard critical insurance plans? There are high chances that the answer is yes, considering the reputation of the insurance company and its well-tailored critical illness insurance plans. The benefit of opting for the ICICI Lombard critical illness coverage is that you can get financial coverage for the costs of treatments should you ever be diagnosed with a critical illness down the line. History has a way of reminding us that anything can happen almost anytime, no matter how unfortunate it may be.

Hence, if a sudden and potentially life-threatening disease is diagnosed for a policyholder, then it becomes an uphill task to meet all the costs of healthcare treatment. This puts several families at risk of a severe financial burden, should any such event take place in the future. But why would you want something like that to stay as a risk? You can gain greater peace of mind by opting for ICICI critical illness coverage instead. 

ICICI Critical Illness Coverage Features

  • 99.98% is the claim settlement ratio which should give more confidence to the customers of ICICI Lombard health insurance critical illness plans.
  • You can also get coverage for treating illnesses linked to COVID-19.
  • There is an in-house provision for settling claims which ensures speedier services and redressal for customers as well.
  • As you will find in the ICICI Lombard critical illness brochure, there are 5,025+ partner hospitals under the aegis of the plan.
  • 42,34,760 policies have been successfully sold in the country till date and counting.
  • If you also look at available ICICI Lombard critical illness insurance reviews, you will find a positive endorsement for the renewability provision which is for a lifetime.


ICICI Lombard Critical Insurance Policies

This policy is tailored to provide suitable financial assistance to all those who are diagnosed with life-threatening critical illnesses. The best part is that you have to pay a comparatively reasonable ICICI Lombard critical care health insurance premium amount in the bargain. Many prospectively fatal diseases often creep into our systems on account of our daily lifestyle, genetic reasons and many other factors. Many people thus purchase coverage for future critical illnesses in order to safeguard themselves and their families from sudden medical emergencies, hospitalization and related costs. ICICI Lombard covers several illnesses in its policy along with providing add-on benefits under its Complete Health Insurance plan. 

This Complete Health Insurance policy add-on cover ensures total safety and protection for the family against a variety of critical ailments/illnesses. It enables lump sum payments till the sum insured for illnesses like the following: 

  • Cancer
  • Strokes 
  • Failure of the Kidneys
  • Myocardial Infections 


You can go through the entire list of critical illnesses covered under the aegis of the policy as well, when you pick up the brochure. 

Key Advantages of ICICI Lombard Critical Illness Policy

There are clear benefits available under this policy which will help families cover any sudden medical emergencies and other needs. A lump-sum payout ensures prompt payment of bills and coverage for all other costs without any mental strain or hassles as well. Customers can purchase critical illness as an individual policy from ICICI Lombard or get the same as an add-on or rider in the existing health insurance policy. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance enables choosing sufficient coverage for critical illnesses, based on factors like the customer’s medical track record, genetic factors and lifestyle. 

Some of the biggest advantages include renewability for a lifetime, easy portability to other plans for customers, personalized guidance and health recommendations, swift and seamless settlement of claims and cashless treatment at a vast network of partner hospitals for policyholders. The Complete Health Insurance plan offers a sum insured of Rs. 5 lakh though you can increase the same if you wish. The minimum age is three months (infants) while there is no maximum age limit as well. Do check the waiting period carefully before signing on the dotted line. 

ICICI Lombard Critical Illness Health Insurance FAQs

What is the claim settlement ratio at ICICI Lombard?

The claim settlement ratio is important, since it clearly indicates the percentage of claims that are successfully settled in a financial year as compared to the total number of claims received by the insurance company. In this context, ICICI Lombard has a healthy claim settlement ratio of 99.98%.

Do you get coverage for COVID-19 treatment?

Yes, the ICICI Lombard health insurance policy offers coverage for treating illnesses linked to COVID-19. This should come as a major relief to policyholders.

For how many years can I renew my critical illness coverage?

You do not have to worry about the average length of your critical illness policy. You can renew the same for your entire lifetime without any hassles whatsoever. This is one of the biggest advantages offered by ICICI Lombard to customers.

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