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How to Read an Oximeter and What is the Normal Range?

An oximeter is a small piece of equipment that can detect the oxygen levels in your blood in a quick and painless manner. The machine has proved to be very beneficial in the detection and treatment of coronavirus in various patients.

The oximeter readings covid report are a pointer and tell you whether or not you should get to a hospital. Take a look at this article to know more about how it works and why you should have an oximeter with you at all times.

What Is An Oximeter? 

The air you breathe in reaches the lungs. There, the oxygen is processed and then it is absorbed by the red blood cells. Next, the oxygen flows through the bloodstream and aids in the functioning of the various organs of the body.


How to Read an Pulse Oximeter

If you get affected by the coronavirus, the oximeter readings covid readings begin to fall. This happens because your lungs, which are inflamed and weak due to covid, cannot process the oxygen and send it properly to your lungs. 

How to get accurate oximeter readings covid report?

To get the reading on an oximeter, you have to clip it on your forefinger. There is also an option to clip it over your earlobe. Then, you have to wait for a few seconds till the machine calculates the results. Once done, the oxygen level will be displayed on the screen attached to the device and you will instantly know what your blood oxygen saturation level is.

What is considered to be a normal range? 

Range Meaning
95% – 100% Normal Blood Oxygen Levels
91% – 95% Concerning Blood Oxygen Levels
86% – 90% Low Blood Oxygen Levels
80% – 85% When Low Oxygen Saturation Affects Your Brain
Less than 79 % Cyanosis

The readings on an oximeter during covid may be lower. The oximeter readings covid report tells you how low your blood oxygen saturation is. A healthy person whose lungs are processing sufficient oxygen should get a reading between 97% to 100%. 

However, when affected with covid, the levels may fall sharply. If your oxygen level falls below 95%, you should rush to the hospital.

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Many people who have covid maintain healthy blood oxygen levels. This is why you should not base your covid diagnosis on the oximeter readings covid report solely. Get a covid test done to determine whether or not you have the illness. Then, follow your doctor’s advice to ensure you recover safely and quickly.

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Important tips when using an oximeter

Here are some handy tips to help you use your pulse oximeter in a better way:

1. Keep it clean and dust-free: It is very important to keep the device clean and free of dust. If there is dirt or any other particle, the readings will get affected and you won’t get to see the proper results. So be very cautious and keep the machine clean.

2. Use on another person: When checking the oxygen levels of a covid patient, also check the levels of a healthy person who doesn’t have the virus. This will help you to understand whether or not the readings are proper and the device is functioning well. Also, remember to sit upright when using the device.

3. Clean your nails: Do not put the oximeter on a finger that has nail polish. The chemicals and colours in the nail polish may interfere with the readings and give you an incorrect reading. So wash your hands, clear your nails and then use the oximeter on your forefinger.

4. Do not block the light: There is a small source of light that comes through the oximeter. Do not cover that source as it is needed for the proper functioning of the deceive. Also, do not place the oximeter directly under a very bright source of light as that too may hamper the results.

Follow these steps and you will be able to get an accurate oximeter readings covid report in an effective manner.

Pulse Oximeter



We are in a pandemic and the times are uncertain. This is why you should always stay prepared and take all the necessary precautions. Keep an oximeter at home as that will help you to decide the course of action if you or your other family members get affected by the virus. It is a small and easy to use device that really proves to be beneficial to invest in an oximeter right away.

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