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eye strain
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How To Prevent Eye Strain Caused Due To Excessive Screen Time

Zubair, a software developer by profession, has always been very fond of computers and didn’t seem to have even one optic nerve complaining about screen time. This was because he kept regular breaks between his work and took a digital break as soon as he got home. However, the increased working hours and work pressure in the virtual workplace have resulted in frequent eye strains and headaches. 

The entire world had come to a halt with the outbreak of a pandemic called Covid-19. But it is a belief that life goes on, and so all the activities people carried out in physical contact are being done virtually. The availability of laptops in today’s time is a life savior. From the physical classroom to virtual lectures, business pitches getting online, company’s work becoming online along with the hiring process, everything has changed and we need to adapt to it. For almost everything watching the screen that may be a mobile, laptop, or tablet is necessary and so it is safe to say that the screen time of everyone has increased. 

Back in time, our mothers used to scold us for using our phone a lot or having long screen time, but in today’s scenario, our employers ask us, “Did you not check the phone?” Things have changed drastically. It is a fact that having long screen time turns out to be harmful to our eyes. Before the covid-19 scenario, people yet used to spoil their eyes and then use spectacles to correct the error. In most cases, it is screen time like TV, Mobiles, and laptops harming our eyes. Taking necessary care of your eyesight is very important. 

What is Eye Strain?

Eye strain is caused due to excessive use of your eyes. It creates an uncomfortable situation around your eye but may not have harmful effects thereby, leading to damage. Eye strain is not a disease but is just a symptom. Eye strain is an annoying symptom, but it is not very serious, it can go away once you rest your eyes. Although, in some conditions, this syndrome takes place indicating that you have been suffering from an eye condition that requires treatment. Eye strain is not a long-term problem. 

Causes of Eye Strain:

  • If you are reading on a screened device for a long time.
  • Writing or focusing too hard.
  • Driving for long hours.
  • Using the computer for an ample amount of time. Doctors call it computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain
  • Looking at something bright or something very dim.
  • Reading a very fine print.
  • Requirement of glasses for correction of myopia, hyperopia.
  • Having a wrong numbered spectacle.
  • Lack of sleep can also cause eye strain. 

This may be one of the reasons for Zubair’s eye strains and headaches. Increased working hours have resulted in a disrupted sleep schedule for Zubair.

And more.

Symptoms of Eye Strain:

Now you may be wondering how do I realize if I am facing such a condition and so some of the symptoms to recognize the condition and address it is given below – 

  • If one feels their eyes to be sore or irritated.
  • If you cannot read something or have to stress your eyes a lot.
  • Dry or watering eyes.
  • Red eyes.
  • If you cannot see clearly or are have double visions.
  • If the light has been attacking your eye sensitivity.
  • Having pain in the back, neck, or more.
  • Having painful headaches after even a little screen time like Zubair.

And more. One has to look out for these symptoms and thereby take precautionary measures to protect themselves from the same.

Prevention from Eye Strain:

Giving a problem is simple but coming up with a solution is the catch here. As we are yet in a virtual environment you may feel that is nearly impossible to come up with a solution, but there is more than one solution. All you need to do is act on them and use them for your safety.

  • Keep your computer at a distance of 20-26 inches below your sitting level.
  • A rule of 20/20/20 can be followed. In this rule, the user can use the laptop for 20 minutes and then look at an object around 20 meters away for a minimum of 20 seconds. Such intervals shall be taken frequently.
  • While watching a screen we tend to blink less and so put a note on your screen that says “BLINK.” This will help.
  • As we blink less, our eye tends to become dry, and so one can keep artificial tears in their contact and use them as and when required.
  • The room light and the screen light shall be adjusted. It means there shall be a contrast so that your eyes do not have to work that hard.
  • One shall limit their screen time before going to sleep as it emits blue rays that cause a direct effect on our sleep schedule.
  • You can use anti-glare glasses to prevent double reflection on your eyelashes. These generally offer only blue light protection. If you’re experiencing frequent eye strains like Zubair, make sure you also get UV protection.
  • Use a humidifier as it helps not to let your eyes dry out soon.
  • With the help of a matte screen filter, one can reduce the eye strain being caused by a computer.
  • One can increase the text’s font in case they are reading from a laptop. 

These are some of the preventions one can undertake to protect themselves from facing the symptoms of eye strain. Even though it does not have a long-term effect, safeguarding yourself is very important. 

Some tips that you can follow for maintaining good eyesight:

Having good eyesight is necessary. Although one needs to take good care of the same, it is not a natural process. Some of the tips to maintain the same are – 

  • The UV rays emitted from the sun are very harmful, and not only are they causing harm to your skin by burns, but they also cause harmful effects on your eyesight. It means that one shall protect their eyes from the sunlight.
  • Wearing protective glasses in case you are indulging in certain experiments or at your workspace and also while playing games. 
  • If you are facing certain eye issues, it is optimal to reach out for certain eye drops that will help remove dust and dirt from the eyes thereby, not leaving the eye dry.
  • If you are suffering from severe health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, or thyroid, you must schedule eye exams at regular intervals. It is because such diseases can have serious side effects on one’s eyesight. The ophthalmologist shall have an idea about your medical history. 
  • There is a direct relation between smokers and the causes of eye disease. It is believed that smoking increases the chances of one suffering from eye diseases. It may also lead to vision loss in the future. 
  • Use an adjustable chair to maintain a good posture. Make sure you have a comfortable workstation like Zubair
  • Using a laptop is more flexible as it can easily be tilted thereby, not making a stiff posture. 

These are some tips one can keep in mind for maintaining good eyesight. These will help Zubair and many other readers like him to prevent eye strain and headaches because of excessive screen time.


What are some basic questions one can ask their doctor regarding eye strain?

Being aware of a certain subject is always a win and so finding out the depth of eye strain can be done by asking specific questions. Some of the questions are:

What is the reason for me facing these signs and symptoms?
Is there any other probable cause?
To confirm the diagnosis, is there any requirement of undergoing certain tests?
How do I get myself treated, any particular approach?
Is there any fault in the environment at my house in regards to lighting or positioning, something I may need to fix?
Should I contact a specialist regarding this issue?

And more. You can increase the number of questions based on the situation you are facing. Be sure to mention all the symptoms you are facing for getting a correct result.

What is computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition that one may suffer from in case they use a computer or a digital device for a long period. It causes eye strain. You need to position your posture along with the computer’s location and make sure the computer is below your head level to have a comfortable position. A study states that a human blinks 18 times in a minute but while using a laptop the number gets half. One may experience symptoms such as headache, blurred visions, dry eyes as well as neck and shoulder pain. Computer vision syndrome is similar to eye straining only that CVS is a filtered version of that is caused due to excess usage of computers. If the situation does not improve then you must consult an eye doctor and get yourself checked. It is important to pay attention to the condition and understand how deeply the computer affects one vision.

What are the different types of foods I can have to maintain good eyesight?

Improving your eyesight naturally is consistent practice. Having certain nutrients in different types of foods help. Some food items that one can consume for improving their eyesight is:

Green vegetables like spinach.
Citrus fruits and juices like orange.
Salmon, tuna, and other fish items.

Having foods with these nutrients not only helps one to maintain good eyesight but also reduces age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Apart from this, some other basic tips one can follow are to rest your eyes, get a good night's sleep, have regular eye exams to stay updated about your condition. Undertaking these practices will help maintain good eyesight.

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