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How to Ease Your Maternity Woes by Health Coverage

Nikita is a soon-to-be-mother. She has been getting anxious ever since the date of her delivery is getting close. Her health has been deteriorating due to excess tension.

She realized that getting worried won’t get her anywhere and it was also affecting her pregnancy. So, she started researching health insurance that would best suit her needs and how it would help her ease her maternity woes.

She collected some data, the details of which are as follows;

What is Maternity Insurance?

Motherhood is the most important transition that a woman goes through. The possibility of pregnancy-related complications can put the life of both mother and child at risk.

Motherhood-related expenses and responsibilities begin the day you get pregnant and that can put you in a series of turmoil. To avoid getting stuck in such a situation, it is important to procure financial support with a maternity insurance plan.

This is a type of insurance coverage that covers all kinds of expenses associated with childbirth up to a certain period. 

Why is Maternity Insurance important?

The average cost to deliver a baby is getting higher every year. People want their babies to be born in the best hospital facility there is.

Most couples get apprehensive about parenthood due to the financial responsibilities that come with it.

All the medical expenses up to the sum insured are covered in different health insurances. Cesarean section which is known to be the C-section, when the doctors use surgery to deliver babies is also covered in these kinds of health insurance policies.

All expenses incurred towards hospitalization and room rent charged during the delivery of the baby are also covered.

Sometimes, maternity benefits also cover the newborn baby’s life for a definitive period.

What is the Right Time to Buy Maternity Health Plan?

Maternity can be a life-altering journey for women. With rising medical expenses and inflation, child-birth has become overly expensive. Planning well in advance about what kind of insurance you would want and what would be its details can be a good idea.

Women who wish to take maternity health insurance should apply for it before they conceive. Many maternity health insurance policies have a waiting period of 3 to 4 years.

Maternity health insurance is, therefore, a critical aspect of a planned pregnancy.

What all is included in the Maternity Coverage?

Coverage varies according to the insurance provider but there are general expenses that are covered, which are as follows;

Hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses may include room charges, nursing expenses, anesthetist charges.

Delivery expenses, vaccination of the infant, ambulance charges, pre and post-natal charges, and emergencies. These are some of the expenses which you have to incur during the pregnancy period, which may or may not be covered in your insurance policy, depending on the kind of plan you choose to suit your needs.

How is the premium calculated?

The premium payable on a maternity insurance policy is higher than a regular health plan. The certainty of a claim being filed under the policy is absolute, which is why the insurers levy heavy premiums on this kind of policy.

Before you decide on buying such coverage, it is always recommended to do a detailed cost-benefit analysis between different plans which are offered by different insurance providers.

You must always go for a plan that caters to your needs. Since every pregnancy is unique in one way or the other, your policy should be such that it has your best interest at heart.

It is important to keep in mind that as you grow older, the premium for maternity insurance increases. Therefore, it is advisable to buy an insurance policy today and not delay it any further if you are thinking of getting pregnant.

Things to consider carefully before selecting Maternity Insurance

There are some things you should strictly keep in mind which would enable you to decide on the right maternity cover.

Choose the best maternity insurance plan that not only gives you financial protection against medical expenses but also takes care of hospitalization expenses.

Every family knows the importance of savings. That’s why, you should look for premium discounts to avail of, like a discount on a multi-year policy.

Make sure you go through the list of cashless network hospitals so that you stay informed as to which hospital you can get access to, in the time of need.

Read the policy document carefully to understand the policy inclusions, exclusions, and waiting period.

List of 04 Best Maternity Health Insurance Insurance Plans

  1. Aditya Birla Active Health Plan: This is an enhanced plan that would compensate for the newborn baby expenses, necessary medical treatments, vaccinations, among other things. A specified sum is allocated for maternity-related hospitalization and newborn baby expenses.
  2. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Floater Health Insurance Plan: This is a family floater plan that covers maternity hospitalization and newborn baby expenses. In this plan the age limit is also pre-decided and so is the age criterion.
  3. Care Health Joy Insurance Plan: This is said to be one of the most suitable health insurance plans for those looking to embrace the joy of parenthood. After 9 months of the policy purchase, you can claim the maternity expenses.
  4. Kotak Mahindra Premium Plan: This is a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers medical expenses incurred on child delivery. It also covers both pre and post-natal expenses along with the insured newborn baby expenses. The vaccination of charges of the baby is also covered up to a certain age.



Throughout the past few years, it has been seen that hospitals and other expenses have rocketed through the roof. While pregnancy can be a very beautiful period in a woman’s life, it can also spiral out of control very easily if not taken care of.

Thinking about pregnancy expenses can be tricky, let alone the expenses you would incur after the baby is born. It is always a good idea to get insurance cover policies that cover these expenses at a low premium. Make sure you choose a policy that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and covers most expenses, during and after pregnancy as well.

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