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Finding The Right Health Insurance For Children And Students

Raghav and Shyam discussed in their office cabin when they heard Sunil telling another co-worker that he had blown up his entire savings since his son got diagnosed with Dengue. Here’s a way to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation. 

About Health Insurance for Children 

It isn’t only adults and kids who become sick. These days, dangerous infections like chikungunya, jungle fever and pig influenza taint kids. It is because their immune levels are already low. Due to the rise in contamination levels, children today are vulnerable to allergies. This condition requires clinical consideration. Besides, they injure themselves while riding their bicycles or playing too.

Importance of Healthcare Insurance for Children

  1. Children are more likely to fall sick: Kids have a weaker immune system than adults. It accounts for their more inadequate capability to fight off infections. It needs more medical attention.
  2. Children need more medical attention in their growing years: Children fall sick often. It increases the chances of emergency visits to the hospital. Also, many times they contract diseases while playing or while attending school. Kids often fall ill when they come in contact with kids who are already infected/sick. With their growing age, this tendency to fall sick often reduces. Still, while they are growing up, special care is a must. Thus, it is in our best interest that one opts for an adequate health insurance plan. It helps to cover your children and safeguard your finances.
  3. Dental Care is quite expensive: Children are prone to injure themselves while playing or riding their bicycles. It might cause a severe dental injury. Many health insurance policies provide a cover for dental care on an OPD basis. 
  4. Receiving Quality Healthcare: Every child deserves to receive quality standard healthcare that is pocket friendly.


6 Tips to choose the best Health Insurance for Children and Students

Parents work their entire life to provide the best quality of life for their children. Comprehensive healthcare insurance that covers all medical costs of children is necessary. It covers a child medically and financially. Investing in your child’s medical insurance is very important. It has the same importance as investing in their education and living. Here are some tips for finding the right insurance:

  1. Budgeting: It is always advised to find insurance that covers all your child’s medical expenses. Also, this scheme shouldn’t need you to tap into your savings. It should also form a budget that records all the costs and incomes. It can help you find insurance that fits all the required criteria.
  2. Check nearby Network Hospitals: These “safety-net hospitals” provide care for people with limited access to health care. It is irrespective of their financial situation, insurance status, or health condition. As an option in contrast to discovering a security net clinic for your kid, you can call your nearby emergency clinics. They can tell you if they give minimal expense to the general population. Many educating clinics and clinical priorities offer free or minimal expense quality consideration. These are a blessing for families with economic constraints.
  3. Calculate Premiums: Insurance premium refers to a specific amount paid periodically by the insured individual. It is to maintain their insurance coverage, as calculated by the insurance company. For choosing the premium amount, an insurance agency inspects the kind of inclusion being picked, the policyholders’ way of life and ailments, and the probability of a case being made, among different elements.
  4. Maximum Coverage: Opt for a medical claim that offers the full possible coverage is always advised. In case of any contingency, the insuree bears extra costs; the insurance pays it. It does not come out of the insuree’s pocket and personal savings.
  5. Check Age Criteria: Before any final payments to an insurance company, the age criteria must be checked. Children could be included in Family Floater packs for which the minimum age is 91 days. They could even be included in Individual ones. Hence, going for a plan that has the highest renewal age is always the better option.
  6. Check Exclusions: Exclusions refers to the terms and conditions which are not present in the plan. One must always check the list of exclusions and make themselves aware. It makes us aware of the insurance provider’s conditions to reject the claim.



If your children are among them who can’t bear the cost of good inclusion or your supported arrangement doesn’t cover everything, don’t surrender. Projects are accessible that give reasonable even free clinical consideration. They are intended to meet or enhance an individual’s clinical protection needs. Your children could be qualified for inclusion at present, and you won’t know it too. But these decisions are big ones. Only after giving due time consider the investments as it is a significant investment. A child ought to go out and get themselves hurt, the size of which we do not get to decide. But what we get to choose is our Insurance Policy! Better to be safe than sorry.


What is the minimum enrolment age for medical insurance?

The minimum enrollment age is at only 91 days, and there is no upper cap to the enrolment of children for policies. This is the general picture; it may vary from company to company.

Can the process be online?

Yes, the entire process can be carried out online and through a simple phone call. All the policy information is on the company websites.

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