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Dental Health Insurance Plans in India - Know Features and Benefits
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How to buy the Best Dental Insurance Plans online in India?

We often ignore dental care, but it should be practiced on a regular basis. Keeping a regular check helps in avoiding various dental problems like cavities, loss of teeth, crooked or diseased teeth, and others. Regular visits to the dentist are also advised to ensure proper dental care and prevent potential damage. Moreover, dental care is quite expensive, and to help people manage their savings from draining into dental care, many health insurance companies provide dental health insurance plans in India.


Dental Insurance Plans

Dental procedures can either be preventive or diagnostic. Dental insurance covers dental procedures, including filling cavities, dentures, root canal treatment, tooth extractions, and more. It does not include any cosmetic dentistry. However, the covered procedures vary with plans and different health insurance companies. An exclusive cover for dental care might not be available; however, you can opt for health insurance policies offering dental benefits as a part of their outpatient feature and basic features. Therefore, one should pay heed to the policy features while buying it to protect their savings from draining out in treatments like dental care.

Now let’s dig deeper into dental insurance in India by understanding its various aspects.

Why should you think of having Dental Health Insurance Coverage?

We usually don’t think of buying dental insurance until and unless the need arises. However, it might lead to unnecessary expenses towards dental treatment.

Dental Insurance

In addition, health insurance policies usually come with a waiting period. If not purchased early, the waiting period clause can come in between the dental insurance claim when required. Therefore, it is advised to opt for dental care coverage to avoid having to face a major expense. With dental insurance by your side, you can focus on availing yourself of quality dental treatment without worrying about the expenses.

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Benefits of Dental Health Insurance Plans in India

  • Dental insurance plans cover all oral treatments, including surgery.
  • Several dental insurances cover medical check-ups.
  • Some plans also provide a free consultation to the patient.
  • Dental insurance plans partially cover teeth capping, root canal, and teeth whitening treatments.
  • Some of the insurance companies provide discounts on prime treatments like implants and bracing along with assured benefits in some of their policies.


Inclusions and Exclusions Under Dental Health Insurance Policies



Root Canal Procedures

Tooth Extraction

Cosmetic treatments

Infections and Oral Cyst

Jaw alignment etc
Tooth Filling

Follow-up treatment

Dental Surgeries

Gum Diseases Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental X-rays

Regular Oral Health Check-ups and Preventive Treatments


3 Best Dental Health Insurance Plans in India

Not all health insurance players offer coverage for dental treatments in India; however, some cover expenses related to dental treatments as an add-on cover or an in-built feature. Some popular health insurance plans in India are

  1. Cholamandalam MS Healthline Policy
  2. Digit Healthcare Plus
  3. Star Comprehensive Health Insurance


1. Cholamandalam MS Healthline Policy

Healthline Policy by Cholamandalam MS covers dental treatments. The policy offers different sum insured options which are between Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 25 Lakh. Along with OPD dental cover, the policy also provides several other coverage benefits, including daycare procedures, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization expenses, in-patient hospitalization expenses, domiciliary hospitalization cover, ambulance expenses, AYUSH coverage, maternity treatment expenses, newborn baby expenses, amongst others.

2. Digit Healthcare Plus

Digit Healthcare Plus Policy by Digit Health Insurance provides coverage for dental treatment as an add-on cover. The policy comes with policy terms for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years and covers in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, road ambulance expenses, etc. One can buy this add-on cover by paying an extra premium while purchasing the policy.

3. Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy by Star Health Insurance offers coverage for outpatient dental treatments. It comes with different sum insured options of Rs. 5 Lakh, Rs. 7.5 Lakh, Rs. 10 Lakh, Rs. 15 Lakh, Rs. 20 lakh, and Rs. 25 Lakh. The policy also covers in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, bariatric surgery, vaccination expenses for newborns, etc.

How to choose Insurance Companies for Dental Insurance?

To choose the right insurance company for dental insurance, you need to

  • Know the coverage and limitations under the plan.
  • Compare the benefits offered and the cost involved to make a wise decision
  • Opt for an insurance provider which covers major dental treatments under a health insurance policy.

The best way to get dental insurance benefits is by selecting a plan with dental care benefits as a permanent inclusion or as an add-on benefit.


Documents Required for buying Dental Health Insurance in India

  • Recent Photographs
  • Address Proof – Passport/Driving license/Telephone bill etc.
  • Identity Proof – Passport/Aadhar Card/ Pan Card/ Voter ID etc.
  • Duly filled proposal form


Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Claim Process

Below is the claim process to avail of a cashless claim for dental health insurance.

  • In case of availing treatment at a network hospital, you need to inform the insurance provider and ask for approval for a cashless facility.
  • To initiate the claim process, you need to show your health card and policy documents at the hospital.
  • After the claim gets approved, treatment papers and other necessary documents are sent to the insurance company.
  • All the expenses, including dental care, are directly settled between the hospital and insurer as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy guidelines.
  • Dental care expenses can also be reimbursed in case you have availed of the treatment at a non-network hospital or outpatient dental treatment.


Overall, dental health insurance is worth buying, and you should have it without having a second thought. Therefore, while purchasing a health insurance policy, check whether your health plan has a dental cover and then make the buying decision.


1. Is dental treatment covered in Ayushman Bharat?

Initially, Ayushman Bharat scheme included dental treatment coverage, but it was withdrawn later. However, now again suggestions are been made to include dental treatment under this scheme.

2. Does Bajaj health insurance cover dental?

Bajaj Allianz health insurance offers OPD dental consultation and procedure coverage as part of its OPD cover. Bajaj Allianz Health Care Supreme offers dental coverage for root canal and tooth extraction under OPD cover.

3. Does FHPL cover dental?

No, at present FHPL doesn’t covers dental treatment expenditure.

4. Does HDFC Ergo cover root canal?

Dental treatments like root canal treatment and tooth extractions are covered under HDFC ERGO health insurance after 4th year of the scheme enrolment.

5. Does dental health insurance cover root canal treatments?

Yes, as part of dental procedures, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, and cavity fillings are covered under dental health insurance. Some health insurance companies cover these under OPD coverage.

6. Does dental health insurance cover for tooth extractions?

Yes, a few insurers do offer coverage for tooth extractions under dental health insurance.

7. Is dental treatment covered in Mediclaim in India?

Yes, these days dental treatments are covered in Mediclaim in India. Many insurers offer coverage for dental surgeries and dental care treatments.

8. What is Bajaj Allianz Dental Insurance?

Bajaj Allianz Dental insurance offers coverage for dental surgeries due to accidental damage to the policyholder’s natural teeth. Any dental treatment requiring hospitalization is covered by Bajaj Allianz Dental Insurance.

9. Why is dental treatment not covered by health insurance?

Many health insurance companies don’t offer coverage for dental treatments because dental treatments are considered a part of cosmetic treatment. However, dental treatments required due to accidents are covered by many health insurance companies.

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