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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India: Know Different Types and Reasons
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What is the Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India?

Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure that many people undergo in the country. However, there remain pressing worries about the hip replacement surgery cost. The cost is comparatively cheaper in comparison to several other countries and depends mainly on the surgery type and the medical condition of the patient in question. 

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in major Indian Cities

Here is a brief estimate of the hip replacement surgery cost in India as mentioned below:

City Average Initial Price (Rs.) Average Maximum Costs (Rs.)
Delhi 2,00,000 4,75,000
Mumbai 2,02,000 4,75,000
Chennai 2,00,000 4,75,000
Kolkata 3,00,000 5,50,000
Hyderabad 3,00,000 5,50,000
Pune 2,50,000 4,75,000
Lucknow 1,50,000 4,00,000
Surat 1,00,000 2,50,000

Types of Hip Replacements Surgery

The cost of hip replacement is dependent on the hip replacement type. There are two chief types of replacements, namely partial replacement and total replacement which influence the surgery cost. The former costs roughly Rs. 75,000-1,75,000 while the latter costs anywhere around Rs. 1,50,000-3,00,000. 

There are differences between costs of partial and total hip replacement surgeries since in the latter case both the socket and ball joints will be switched with artificial implants. In the case of partial hip replacement, only the hip’s ball joint is substituted. You should ideally possess the right insurance plan which has hip coverage along with the option to file orthopedic claims for reimbursing the costs.

Extra Costs of Hip Replacement Surgeries

There are many additional expenses that are linked to hip replacement surgeries. These include the following: 

  • Joint aspiration costs- Rs. 200-2,000. 
  • Health check-up costs- Rs. 500-2,000. 
  • MRI scan costs- Rs. 2,000-17,000. 
  • Arthrogram- Rs. 9,000-15,000. 
  • Bone densitometry test- Rs. 1,500-7,000. 
  • CAT scan costs- Rs. 2,000-5,000. 


Average costs of hip replacement surgeries hence vary between Rs. 1,50,000-3,00,000 based on various aspects such as the surgical approach, implant type and so on. 

Costs after surgery stand as the following (approximate figures): 

  • Physiotherapy Costs- Rs. 250-2,500 for each session. 
  • Medicines- Doctors prescribe medicines after surgery. 

Post-surgery, doctors will be prescribing varied medications which may have diverse charges. 

Things that Impact Hip Replacement Costs in India

  • Hip Replacement Type– The cost of hip replacement in the country is dependent upon the hip replacement type. 
  • Material Type used for the Implant– Various hip implant types are available nowadays at comparatively varying costs. Doctors usually recommend implant types based on the conditions of patients. 
  • Surgical Approach and Perspective– The cost of hip replacement is also dependent upon the approach taken towards the surgery. Robotic surgery is usually costlier in comparison to traditional and minimally invasive surgeries. 
  • The City that is Chosen– The cost of hip replacement surgery is dependent upon the city where the operation is taking place. Cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai will naturally have higher surgery costs than many other cities. 
  • The Surgeon’s Expertise and Skills– The cost of the operation may also vary on the basis of the skills and expertise of the surgeon. Choosing the best possible surgeon is really important since the surgery is mostly a complex one.  
  • The Hospital that is Chosen– The surgery cost will naturally increase at a private hospital and a well-established or reputed one. This is another factor influencing the same. 


How Does Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Stack Up in Other Countries?

India is comparatively more affordable than many other developed nations in terms of the costs of this surgery. 

 Country Cost of Surgery (USD)
India $4000- $7000
Thailand $8000- $18000
Turkey $15000- $25000
Germany $13000- $16000
USA $30000- $40000

Hip replacement surgeries in developed countries are usually on the costlier side and are not affordable for the average individual. Hip joint replacement surgery on the other hand is comparatively more affordable in India than many other developed nations. The hip replacement cost stands at roughly $4,000 in the Indian market as compared to around $30,000 in the USA, which is hugely expensive in this regard. 

Reasons for the Lower Cost of Hip Replacement Surgeries in India

There are some pertinent reasons behind the lower costs of these surgeries in India as compared to several other developed global nations. They include the following: 

  • Living Standards: In comparison to several other developed nations, India is catching up on living standards. Hence, accommodation, food, travel and medical treatments are still comparatively affordable or cost-effective in various parts of the country. 
  • Currency: Currency-wise, the USD is way higher along with the Euro and Pound. Hence, it makes a difference to the surgery costs here in India. 
  • Doctor Charges: Hip replacement surgeries cost less in India since doctors here charge lower than other developed nations. The doctor count is also on the higher side and they have top-class expertise and experience. 
  • Higher Competition: India has fast become the global healthcare hub especially in terms of affordable treatments and leading hospitals. Hence, with more competition, there automatically comes an urge to do better and also leads to better pricing for customers. This is another reason for the low costs of such surgeries here in the country. 


Is Hip Replacement Surgery Covered Under a Health Insurance Plan? 

Yes, most health insurance plans offer coverage for hip replacement surgeries. You can get coverage under various heads for this procedure. This will help you cover the surgery costs without having to drain your own savings. 


As you can see, this article has given you an idea of the average hip replacement surgery costs in the country. It will help you plan if you are looking to get the surgery done in the near future. If you have a good insurance plan, then you may not have to pay anything out of your own pocket as well. Health insurance is what helps you get more coverage for the cost of treatment in case of hip replacement surgeries. It will offer coverage for the surgical procedure, hospitalization, room rent and other associated expenditure.


What is the average cost of hip replacement surgeries in India?

The average hip replacement surgery costs in India are comparatively lower than in many other countries. You can expect anything around Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh, depending on the city in question.

What is the average hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai?

The cost of hip replacement surgery is naturally higher in a metro city like Mumbai. Here, you can expect costs to hover around Rs. 2-5 lakh in most cases. You should check with the hospital before finalizing your treatment plan.

What is the cost of physiotherapy after a hip replacement surgery?

The average physiotherapy cost ranges between Rs. 250 and Rs. 2,000 for every session of physiotherapy. This is mainly required to heal faster after the treatment and may be recommended by doctors as well.

What are some additional overheads for costs after a hip replacement surgery?

Some of the additional cost overheads include MRI scans, health check-ups, joint aspiration, CAT scan, Arthrogram and bone densitometry tests. You should check for the quantum of expenditure carefully before including everything into the final calculation.

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