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Health Insurance With Free Annual Medical Check-Ups

Radhika works in a private company and lives with her mother (55-years old). She purchased a health insurance policy for her mother so that she can get covered under most health diseases/injuries. Apart from regular benefits, the policy offers them to avail the facility of annual medical health check-ups without paying anything. Radhika came to know that his mother is pre-diabetic during this annual health check-up. She immediately consulted a doctor and started the treatment procedure to control the diabetes of her mother. So, the annual health check-up turned out to be a blessing for Radhika as it helped her to know the underlying condition of her mother.

Annual health checkups

People usually visit a doctor when the situation is beyond control or when something is actually wrong. Most people used to ignore the primary signs and symptoms as they thought it was no big deal. These can be manageable and thus, they don’t need to visit the doctor immediately. In this way, a lot of health issues remain undiagnosed until they get worse. Here enter annual health check-ups that monitor a person’s entire body. These days, a plethora of health insurance plans offer free annual medical checkups. This means your full body, free health check-ups will be done by the experts and you don’t need to pay a single penny from your end.

Annual health checkups are full body checkups that usually keep track of your overall health. This routine check-up diagnoses all underlying diseases/ailments at an early stage and also inspires you to monitor and maintain your health by implementing the right treatment methods.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of these online health check-ups in various health insurance plans.

1. Give Scope for an Early Diagnosis

One of the pivotal benefits of getting an annual online health checkup is it helps you detect any underlying diseases or conditions at an early stage.

Many people like Radhika’s mother don’t know that they are pre-diabetic until they perform health check-ups. If you know early about blood sugar levels, then you can implement the right steps towards your health. This will also prevent you from getting diabetes.

2. Makes Ways to Monitor your Entire Health and Wellbeing    

Many people don’t have adequate knowledge regarding their overall health and wellbeing.

An annual health check-up helps them to monitor their overall health by checking all imperative parameters. This routine check-up helps people to manage and care for their health in a better way. This is truly the first step towards health awareness.

3. It Improves your Health

Once you are aware of your health condition, you are in a position to take care of your health. A health check-up will let you know about unhealthy BMI that you didn’t pay attention to before. This also helps you understand your cholesterol levels better so that you can change your diet and lifestyle accordingly. Such small steps are important if you want to lead a long healthy life.

4. Reduces Your Future Healthcare Costs

By performing annual health check-ups, you are not only diagnosing diseases but also taking prevention and caring methods. This may save a chunk of money on future healthcare costs.

List of Tests Available For A Free Medical Check-Up?

While opting for free annual medical check-ups, a policyholder can avail of multifarious medical tests prescribed by their doctors. Though these tests may vary from one insurance company to another, the below-mentioned is a generic full body check-up tests list that will give an in-depth analysis of your health condition.

  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG Test (mostly recommended after 35 though)
  • Liver Function Test
  • Urine Analysis
  • Tests for Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India)
  • Pap smear (recommended for women, once a year)
  • Kidney function Test
  • Lung function Test


How to Apply for A Free Medical Check-Up?

These days, everyone is conscious about their health and wellness. To promote a healthy future, many Indian health insurance companies are offering complimentary health checkups to their customers every year, or every three to five years (based on the terms and conditions of the purchased policies). Some insurance companies give this as a benefit of claim-free years.

You can conveniently buy health insurance with a free medical check-up and apply for a free medical check-up from your insurer. Earlier people had a fallacy that the process of gaining health coverage is tiresome. But first, you need to ensure whether your health insurance company has this as an add-on benefit or not. This feature is offered by some Indian health insurance companies.

Now, get in touch with your insurance provider. You can contact your insurer either by dialing its toll-free 1800+ number or writing an email to the company along with your policy number.

After getting intimation from you, your insurance provider will send you an authorization letter that you need to show at the hospital. Or you will get a call from the customer care executive who will arrange for a free medical check-up at your selected hospital or diagnostic center.

If you have chosen a cashless health insurance plan, then you can simply visit the hospital or diagnostic center and enjoy free health check-ups without investing anything from your side. If the hospital is not an empaneled hospital of your insurance company, you pay the test amount in cash and get reimbursed after submitting the medical bills.

The Conclusion

Annual and regular health check-ups are the best way to stay healthy and fit as long as possible. While purchasing a health insurance policy, ensure that it offers additional free health check-ups. This will save time as well as your money in the future.


What is covered in health check-ups?

A health check-up is a vital step to ensure your health is stable. Health check-up plans cover all kinds of health tests like blood sugar, urine test, cholesterol check-up, ECG, blood count, complete blood count, kidney function test, thyroid function test like TSH, T3, and T4, lipid profile test, vitamin check-up, ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis, and chest X-ray.

Which are the best health check-up packages?

The best health check-up package will comprise the following health tests:

1. Blood and Urine Tests
2. Lipid Profile Test
3. Vitamin Check
4. Thyroid Function Tests like TSH, T3, and T4
5. Chest ECG
6. Abdominal Check-up including Ultrasonography of Pelvis and Abdomen

How much does a full health check cost in India?

It is advisable that after the age of 30 years, one should get a full health check-up every year. The full body check-up comprises approximately 62 tests to get an overall screening of your body and all its organs. The average cost of a full-body health check-up in India is Rs. 1,200 per person. The cost may decrease if you opt for a package for more than 1 person in the family.

What is the name of the full-body test?

A full body test is also known as a Complete Health Check-up or a Diagnostic Scan. This test includes testing for all your vital organs like kidneys, heart, liver, and lungs. The purpose of a full-body test is to check for abnormalities in the body anywhere and to start timely treatment.

What is a free medical check-up?

To motivate a policyholder to renew a health insurance plans, many health insurers provide free medical check-ups at the time of policy renewal. Free medical check-up includes the following tests:

1. Lipid Profile Test
2. Fasting Blood Sugar Test
3. Complete Blood Count
4. ECG
5. Urine Test
6. Thyroid Profile
7. Kidney Function Test

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