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Health Insurance Providers are Changing the Face of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is without a doubt quite complex. This is why changes within the industry can be very slow. However, the health insurance industry has been able to bring out some drastic changes recently in a very efficient manner.

These days when it comes to getting good quality healthcare services, then one of the first things that we all look towards is finding the best health insurance company in India. The top health insurance companies in India provide several benefits to their customers including cashless treatments.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at how the best health insurance companies have been able to successfully change the face of healthcare in India. But first, let’s begin by looking at the market created by the best health insurance companies.

The Health Insurance Market

As society is evolving, it is only natural to see that the healthcare system will evolve too. The top health insurance companies in India have been the first few companies who have been able to realize the importance of that change.

Because of this reason, the top health insurance companies provide several options to their customers when it comes to purchasing health insurance policies. You can identify some of those companies by looking at the claim settlement ratio of health insurance companies.

If we take a closer look at the healthcare industry in India, then we can see a very palpable shift towards the healthcare industry in the west. The costs of medical treatments are rising exponentially and it’s getting harder than ever for the common man to pay those bills without losing his or her entire savings. This is why a large chunk of people are relying on health insurance policies to help them pay those medical bills.

If you look for the answer to the question of ‘which is the best health insurance company in India,’ then you will find a list of health insurance companies in India that provide financial security to their policyholders during their time of need.

It should also be noted that the picture we have painted till now of health insurance policies is quite rosy. These health insurance plans can vary greatly and can have several factors like co-insurance, deductibles, co-payments, and maximum cap limit on different expenses. This is why one must always do a thorough search before purchasing a health insurance policy online.

How does Change Impact the Healthcare Resources and Facilities?

Changes in the healthcare industry usually occur at the legislative level. But once these changes are enacted, then they have a direct effect on the facility operations and the use of these resources.

For example, IRDA has made it compulsory for health insurance providers to submit their claim settlement ratio and provide lifetime renewability in all their policies. This ensures that proper allocation of resources is done and one is able to find the best health insurance company in India as per claim settlement.

What Changes Need to be Made in the Healthcare Industry?

Till now we have talked about some of the changes in the healthcare industry that have been made due to the health insurance policies. But apart from that, the other thing that we need to note is that the health insurance providers are also playing an active role in bringing some positive changes in the healthcare industry that are more suited to the evolving needs of their patients.

For example, the medical needs of patients are not the same as what they were one or two decades ago. To meet these needs, a systematic change needs to take place but that is not always possible without some sort of external pressure. The healthcare industry has been successful in creating that external pressure along with the demands of the patients.

A good example of this is also the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a few short months, the entire world was brought to a standstill due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Medical resources across the globe were quickly allocated to finding a treatment for this disease and how its spread could be stopped.

Beyond this, there are also other medical conditions that are currently on the rise in India and the rest of the world. Some of these medical conditions and diseases are:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea
  • Obesity, which is a growing concern amongst adults and children alike
  • Autism: The number of people who are suffering from autism is rising continuously
  • E. Coli, which has been on the rise by 472% in the last 10 years alone and can be a result of food contamination
  • Liver cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Whooping cough


The health insurance industry has been successful in identifying these trends and statistics. This has helped several health insurance providers in bringing these issues out in front of everyone so that one can get the right solution at the right time without going through unnecessary suffering.

Apart from all this, the health insurance industry also brings the attention of its patients to the prevention of diseases. Health insurance providers often provide heavy discounts on premium costs to individuals who follow a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits like treatments of pre-existing medical conditions and covering the cost of maternity charges have allowed health insurance providers to ensure that their customers are able to live the highest quality life. Hence, it would be completely correct to claim that health insurance providers have been able to change the face of healthcare and are continuously changing the face of healthcare to something a little more positive.

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