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Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patients and Cardiac Surgery

Do you know the reason why approx 17.9 million people die each year? Do you know the Number One cause of death in the world? It is CVDs or cardio vascular diseases. It must really come as no surprise as we live in a stressed out world. We live in a world where we are given so many choices. Be it the food we eat or the shows we watch on Netflix. All these choices may have made us lazy. A lot of us have replaced going to the gym with watching OTT shows online. Alternatively, we may have chosen to have a cheesy burger over a green salad. All that is playing havoc with your heart!

The fact that burgers taste better certainly does not help matters. All these choices we make in our daily lives have a direct impact on our health. After some time, they can also affect the money we have saved with much difficulty. Going to a hospital can sometimes mean a hefty bill. Consider the room rent, the cost of doctor visits, the cost of hundreds of tests, surgeries, etc. Each day you stay in a hospital, your bill keeps escalating. After some time, people have no choice but to borrow and put themselves in deeper financial mess.

Burgers suddenly don’t seem so attractive now. Don’t worry; there might still be a way to protect your family from such a scary situation. Apart from focusing on your health and saving money, you can also look into health insurance plans. These plans will help you cover the high costs of your treatment. They will also help you and your family deal better with unexpected problems. Health insurance plans will ensure that the only worry your loved ones have is about your health, not the lack of money. Here are a few interesting policies for heart patients. 

1. ICICI Pru Heart/ Cancer Protect

With this policy, you get many options. You can customize it in any way that is suited to you. We all know that it is not only CVD that is a common lifestyle disease. Cancer is the 2nd leading reason for death in the world. The casualties may be less than CVDs; but in no way less deadly. There are millions of cells in our bodies. Cancer strikes when some abnormal cells divide uncontrollably. 

It is also believed that as we grow older, our risk of cancer increases. This is why people are also looking to get cancer insurance plans with their heart insurance. But with this policy, you can cover both these illnesses with just one plan. This can make it very convenient for you. Instead of researching and looking for 2 policies, you only have to read thoroughly about this one. This policy can offer many unique benefits to you; apart from discounts. If you also buy a cover for your spouse, then you can get a 5% discount on your first year premium. If you are an existing customer, you can get a loyalty discount of 5% for your first year premium too. 

In addition, like other similar plans, this policy gives a payout when you are diagnosed with an illness like this. Your premiums can also be waived under some conditions. Like if you suffer from a permanent disability due to some accident. You will also get 25% of the sum assured if you are found to have one of the listed conditions. Another good feature can be the income benefit. With this benefit, you can get additional income from this policy if you are diagnosed with one of the critical conditions. You can also opt for increasing cover benefit, wherein your cover increases by 10% in case you do not make claims in a policy year. You can refer to the detailed web-page for comprehensive information on benefits.

2. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy

This is an insurance policy that is specially designed for those who already have pre-existing cardiac diseases. So if you are already suffering from a CVD, this might be of use to you. There are many policies that cannot help you in case of pre-existing illnesses, so this is a good feature. The best feature of this policy may be how it gives you the option to use this policy for various reasons. 

Not just CVD related costs, this policy will help you cover other expenses too! So if you buy this policy and suffer from say, an accident or maybe hospitalization due to other reasons, you may still be covered. Also, this policy gives you outpatient benefits. This means; you will have an outpatient cover with this policy.

When we talk of cardiac surgery, it can be quite costly. This plan can also help you bear that cost. When you buy the silver plan, you will be covered for interventional and surgical procedures. For even more benefits, you can get the gold plan which gives you all these benefits and much more. With this policy, you can get two sum insured options, of Rs.3 lakh and Rs.4 lakh. This policy has a free look period of 15 days. If you do not find it suitable in 15 days, you can cancel the policy. 

Another benefit of this policy is the personal accident death cover. Nowadays, accidents are very common. Even if you take all the necessary precautions, you could still end up with an accident. With this policy you get the personal accident death cover, and at no extra cost! You can read more about this policy on its website.

3. Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Policy

Here’s another health insurance plan if you are looking for a cover for your heart. Some of the main features include; A free look period of 15 days (even 30 days if you buy the policy through direct marketing mode), a grace period, a waiting period of 180 days for critical illnesses, maturity benefit, premium waiver benefit, death benefit, etc. It is a comprehensive critical illness cover that may protect you against 59 critical illnesses and even surgical procedures! 

This can be useful if you are later diagnosed with cancer or a heat-related illness. One good feature of this plan is the flexibility that it gives you. It gives you 4 options. These 4 are- Critical illness cover, Heart cover, Heart cover with a return of premium, critical illness cover with a return of premium. You can read more about the plans given above in the respective websites or find more such plans by Aviva, Care Insurance, HDFC Ergo, etc.

Always remember to read the policy documents carefully; especially the fine print. After all, the devil lies in the details. You should also not trust third party agents. Reviewing all the policy terms and conditions on your own would be a better idea but you can also take the help of your advisor. You must look at your health and where you stand with the plan you already have. 

Remember, no single policy can be the best among the peer group. It has to be customized to your unique needs. The policy you choose should depend on your needs and expectations from it. You might have to put in some work while choosing a policy, but believe me, the right policy will pay off in the end. Here is wishing you the very best in your journey to choosing the right policy.

What are some things to look out for when buying a policy?

While buying a policy, you should be very careful. You should read about the policy thoroughly. For example, if the policy offers cashless treatment in hospital networks, you should check how far the nearest network hospital is from your home. In times of emergency, proximity is often the difference between life and death.
You should also look out for customer reviews. These can be very helpful while making the final choice. Who better to tell you about the plan than the person who already has it? You should also search for the reputation of the insurer. A company with a good reputation probably boasts about it for a reason. Normally, customer forums can be a good starting point.

Why should I get health insurance in the first place?

You should get health insurance because it can protect you and your family from sudden shocks like high hospital bills. Medical inflation is on the rise, and thus it is essential to protect against it. A health insurance plan will not only help you when you are in the hospital but may also help you before and after it. Even if you feel that you are healthy, you should still get an insurance cover. As you age, your premiums will increase, so it might be better to get insurance as early as possible. Your health insurance plan can also provide COVID-19 cover.

Why should I get Cancer insurance?

Cancer is the 2nd biggest reason for death in the world. Now it is hitting developed nations and also emerging nations in a big way. About 1 in every 6 deaths may be due to cancer. You may blame it on the lifestyle we have, or the technology that is a major part of our lives. But the fact is that cancer is very deadly and treatment costs are prohibitively high.
Your health plan might not even cover the cost of multiple chemotherapy sessions that are required during cancer treatment. To battle cancer, you need something specially designed for this. Many such plans give you the entire amount if you meet all the conditions so that you can have a hassle-free treatment. Today, cancer insurance is a must considering our lifestyle.

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