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health insurance for diabetics
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Health insurance is essential for diabetics

Siddharth is a diabetic. For as long as he can remember, he has been suffering from diabetes. Because of this, he has always made sure to stay informed about this medical condition and anything related to it.

Siddharth knows that diabetes is quickly becoming one of the most common medical conditions in India. In this condition, the body of the patient is either incapable of producing insulin or the body is not able to utilize the insulin that is produced within it.

According to official statistics, over 70 million people suffer from diabetes in India. This has led to India becoming the diabetes capital of the world. Further, the report claims that around 98 million people in India will suffer from diabetes by 2030.

This is a large number that highlights a sad state of affairs. However, if all of these people are just as smart as Siddharth then the condition can be managed. Siddharth understands that being a diabetic he is at a higher risk of acquiring other medical conditions too. This is why he is on the hunt for comprehensive health insurance coverage for himself.

Purchasing an Affordable Health Cover

Siddharth agrees that diabetes is mainly a self-managed disease. But at the same time, he does not want to leave the responsibility of his health up to chance. He wants to have access to the best medical facilities and supplies without saying goodbye to all of his savings in his time of need.

The only way that is going to be possible is if he purchases affordable health insurance. Thankfully, this task is quite easy in the digital age. All Siddharth has to do to buy health insurance for himself is go on the internet and purchase the best insurance plan!

You can do that too if you are looking for a similar plan for yourself or one of your family members. Though, before purchasing don’t forget to make sure that the plan comes with adequate coverage.

Benefits of Diabetes Health Insurance Plan

Are you not as convinced as Siddharth that you should invest in a diabetes-specific health insurance plan if you are suffering from diabetes? If you are not, then go through the list of benefits that we have mentioned below.

  • No waiting period is required. This is different from general health insurance plans as they place individuals on compulsory waiting periods. In the latter case, diabetes is considered a pre-existing illness. This waiting period can be from 12 months to 4 years
  • Comprehensive coverage is provided specifically to include all costs that are normally incurred by people suffering from diabetes
  • Diabetic individuals can easily manage the rising costs of medication and treatments for their condition

The Difference Between Health and Diabetes Insurance Plans

To make a more informed decision regarding which plan to buy, Siddharth believes that he needs to go over the difference between health and diabetes insurance again.

FactorsHealth Insurance PlanDiabetes Insurance Plan
Plan VarietyNo disease personalization benefit offeredPlans are introduced to cater to people diagnosed with prediabetes, Type 1 diabetes, or Type 2 diabetes. Some companies even offer combined plan coverages for people suffering from diabetes and hypertension
CoverageCoverage might be provided for diabetes but after waiting or it might not be providedCoverage is provided for diabetes
Waiting PeriodApplicable (can be up to 4 years)No waiting period
Premium RatesLower prices in comparison to diabetes-specific insuranceHigher in comparison to general health insurance policies (This is because diabetes fall under the category of high-risk diseases)

Why Should I Buy a Diabetes Health Insurance Plan?

Siddharth is a diabetic and he is buying a diabetes-specific health insurance plan. But does that mean you have to do that too?

Well, if you are suffering from diabetes, then you should buy a diabetes insurance plan too. Let’s look at why you need to do that by referring to the list given below.

  • You will need medication on a regular basis like insulin injections. The cost for these will be covered
  • You might often have to get monthly health check-ups, blood check-ups, lab tests, and doctor consultations. This can be very heavy on your pocket without a health insurance
  • To maintain good health and avoid the higher risk of being diagnosed with other critical diseases like:
    • Heart attack
    • Blindness
    • Other eye complications
    • Sclerosis
    • Other skin complications
    • Diabetic coma
    • Kidney failure
    • Other kidney complications
    • Diabetic ketoacidosis
    • Nerve damage
    • Other neuropathic complications
    • Hypertension
  • Being prepared for any financial emergency that could occur in the future. The risk of these emergencies also increase with the age of the individual

What All is Included in a Diabetes Health Insurance Policy?

The most common key inclusions of a diabetes health insurance policy are mentioned below.

  • Lack of Waiting Period: Patients are covered from the date of purchase of the policy
  • In-Patient Hospitalization Cover: Coverage is provided to patients for all treatments and medications that have taken place at the hospital
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalization Cover: All expenses related to the treatment of diabetes are covered for 30 days before and 60 days after the hospitalization of the policyholder
  • Emergency Ambulance Cover: Charges for transporting the patient to the hospital in the ambulance are provided
  • Organ Donor Benefit: If the patient needs an organ transplant, then the policy will provide the cost for harvesting and planting surgery
  • HbA1C Check-Up Benefit: Policyholders will also receive reimbursement for all required medical check-ups

What is Excluded from a Diabetes Health Insurance Policy?

Siddharth wants to learn about what all can be excluded from a diabetes health insurance policy. Let’s look at that information in this section.

  • All other pre-existing conditions apart from diabetes like cataract, hernia, surgery of hydrocele, and joint replacement surgeries are covered after a waiting period of 2 years
  • Coverage for HIV, AIDS and other related diseases is not provided
  • Charges for weight control treatments, external congenital diseases, and cosmetic surgery will not be reimbursed
  • Medical expenses caused due to abuse of intoxicant or hallucinogenic substances like alcohol and intoxicating drugs are not covered
  • Costs related to pregnancy, dental treatment, appliances, and external aids are not provided
  • Any hospitalization charges because of war or act of war are not reimbursed
  • Cost for items of personal comfort and convenience will not be provided
  • Medical charges for experimental, investigative, and unproven treatment devices and pharmacological regimens are not covered

Buy a Diabetes Health Insurance Policy!

Siddharth is now more convinced than ever that buying a diabetes health insurance policy is vital for him. Do you feel the same? If you do, then what are you waiting for? Buy a diabetes health insurance plan today and protect yourself from any medical uncertainty!

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