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Health Insurance Policy for Disables Peoples in India
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Health Insurance for Disabled People in India

Seetha Kumari was working in an IT firm when she met with an accident that led to hearing impairment in her ears. Since she had an active health insurance policy, the insurer helped her cover the hospital expenses towards the treatment of her condition. Her post-hospitalization expenses, along with the cost of hearing aids, were also taken care of by the insurer itself. Seetha, who hails from a middle-class background, couldn’t have managed to get over this turbulent situation if it wasn’t for the health coverage that was offered by her company, which also included disability health insurance.

Approximately 2.68 million, which is 121 crores of the total population in India, have disabilities. The government of India runs programs that assist these individuals to live an ordinary life like other people. Also, there are support groups available to provide these disabled people with the assistance they require; however, the main issue is whether they really know, understand, and are conscious of the assistance available in the form of health insurance for the disabled in India.

Suffering from any physical or mental disability can make life really challenging and can create a strain on your finances too. However, keeping in mind the growing number of differently-abled population in India, the Government of India has taken various steps to make sure that these differently-abled people too can avail Mediclaim and stay financially covered for such medical conditions. However, the health insurance disability medical insurance plans come with specific terms and conditions, such as basic medical treatment coverage only, no coverage for some expensive procedures, etc. So, here is all that you need to know before opting for health insurance for disabled persons.

Classifying Specially-Abled People

The majority of people with special abilities belong to any of the following categories mentioned below:

  1. Accidental Disability: Conditions caused due to accidents qualify under accidental disabilities. For instance, people who’ve suffered an accident that resulted in damaged or broken legs fall under this condition. In addition, those who have total or partial blindness are also covered under this category.
  2. Congenital Disability: It refers to a disease or condition which has been passed down by genes that affect an individual from the moment they are born. Examples of congenital diseases include Spinal Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Heart Problems, Fragile X Syndrome, etc.
  3. Mental Disability: All types of impairment connected to the brain fall under the category of medical disability. This includes those who suffer from mental impairment or behavioral stress as well as mental disorders.


Government Health Insurance Policies for Mentally & Physically Challenged Peoples

Two main health insurance schemes are provided through the Indian government for the mentally challenged and physically disabled. Let us look at their features, advantages, and how they benefit the community.

1. Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme: This insurance scheme offered by the government provides an insurance policy that covers Mediclaim to those who are physically disabled and mentally disabled across India, with the exception of Jammu & Kashmir. This policy issued by the government provides protection for autism, cerebral palsy, and mental impairment. 

A sum insured of rupees 1 lakh is offered to the disabled persons, under the policy, for the coverage period that lasts till the close of the financial year, i.e., till March 31st. Being a government-issued policy, a very low processing cost of Rs.250 is charged for those who have disabilities and fall within the BPL (Below Poverty Line) category, and Rs.500 for those who do not fall under the BPL category. Also, Rs. 1000 worth of travel expenses is included. 

2. Swavalamban Health Insurance Scheme: The health insurance plan offered by the government provides coverage for blindness, locomotor disabilities, low vision, and hearing loss. The plan comes with the following advantages:

A sum insured of Rs.2 lakhs is allotted to the beneficiary of the health policy, with the premium being subsidized for up to 90 percent by the Indian government. The period of coverage is for 12 months beginning from the date on the insurance policy, and the coverage also includes the spouse of the policyholder, along with two youngsters (below 18 years old), provided the person who has an impairment is over 18 years old.

In addition to the above, an OPD insurance to the tune of Rs.3000 is also provided to cover the expenses related to disability and treatments for the mentally disabled. Also, the individual disability insurance offers coverage for Siddha, Ayurveda, AYUSH (homeopathy) treatment, as well as Unani. 

Who are Eligible to Apply for Disabled Policies? 

Although there are certain basic conditions to fulfill while applying for these health insurance policies, there are three other essential elements that also determines the eligibility for these plans, which are listed below:

  1. Premium Paying Capacity: The person who chooses to buy these policies must ensure that they have the necessary ability to cover the premium costs of the insurance policy. So, choose a policy that fits your budget to avoid any issues in premium payment in the future.
  2. Current Health Status: This is the most crucial aspect that insurers look for. The health status of the individual, their medical history, and their disability level are assessed before issuing the policy. In the case of permanent disability, the likelihood of insurance being approved is very slim.
  3. Family Earnings: A person with a disability may have to be dependent on their family members. In such cases, the insurer shall take into account the total income of the entire family before providing a suitable insurance policy for those with disabilities.


The Conclusion

Therefore, if you or someone you know has special needs, then they must enroll in the health insurance plan at the earliest to reduce medical costs and also to submit claims for a tax deduction. It is worth noting that the Indian government has introduced two policies to assist people from low financial backgrounds who have mental or physical impairments. Apart from these, you may also scout for health insurance policies provided by private insurers that would suit the requirements of the person with a disability and enable them to live in peace and dignity.

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