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Everything you need to know about Health Insurance for a Newborn Child
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All you need to know about Health Insurance for a Newborn Child

Becoming a parent brings a lot of happiness and excitement to a couple’s life. Though parenting is the most exhilarating phase for a couple, at the same time, it brings a lot of responsibilities to new parents. Every parent needs to take care of several things from making an amicable environment for the baby to protecting their health in the best possible ways. By opting for the best health insurance for a newborn baby, every parent can ensure financial support in case of a medical emergency. Insurance for a newborn baby is important because it ensures timely healthcare for your infant and takes care of all healthcare contingencies. You can purchase maternity insurance coverage or multiple family floater plans to secure the life of your baby.

Here we are going to mention how newborn insurance coverage will work and why it is required for your infant.

Factors you should evaluate before buying a policy for newborn baby

Before purchasing newborn baby insurance coverage, every parent should evaluate certain parameters so that their infants will get the best coverage and benefits.

Coverage Offered

  • Generally, most insurance plans offer coverage for newborn babies up to 90 days.
  • Check the coverage details of your selected plan and evaluate whether the plan will be helpful for you or not.
  • To cover your infant for early immunizations and post-natal care, you may include them in your family floater insurance policy.

Everything you need to know about Health Insurance for a Newborn Child


  • After verifying and analyzing all your documents, your health insurance provider will calculate the premium amount for your policy. Newborn life insurance costs will vary from company to company.
  • If you add your newborn to your family floater health insurance plan, you may need to pay the revised quote.
  • Some health insurance companies may add your newborn as a beneficiary/nominee of your health insurance policy plans without paying the revised quote.


Waiting Period

  • The waiting period for infants or newborn babies for most health policies is 90 days.
  • To cover your infant before this period, you can add them to your existing health insurance policy


Terms and Condition of Policy

Before making any commitment, always go through the policy documents carefully. Because the terms and conditions may differ from company to company.  

  • Some health insurance policies for newborn babies come with a co-payment clause. This means the parents need to pay a certain part of the claim amount.  
  • The health insurance plans that come with co-payment clauses are quite affordable as compared to other plans. Their premiums are also on the lower side.
  • Before investing a single penny, don’t forget to check all inclusions and exclusions of the policy.



If you want to purchase a health insurance policy for your newborn baby, you may need to submit certain documents to your insurer. These documents are,

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • If your child is suffering from certain medical conditions by birth, submit the reports
  • Maternity discharge card
  • A photo for the cashless card issued by the insurer



  • Very often, health insurers used to embrace their policyholders with customized health insurance plans.
  • Ask your insurer whether you are eligible for any customized health insurance plan for your little one or not.


Benefits of a Health insurance Plan with a Newborn Baby Cover

Here are some benefits of purchasing a health insurance cover for your newborn baby.

  • By purchasing a health insurance cover for your baby you are ensuring a financial safety net for all healthcare needs related to hospitalization.  A newborn health insurance policy will also offer coverage for pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, modern daycare procedures, ambulance costs, etc.
  • A health insurance policy for your infant will certainly minimize your financial responsibilities and give you mental peace. Because your little one is protected and safe during any healthcare emergency.
  • Once you secure your baby with a robust health insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about finances and security.
  • The premium for a health insurance policy for your newborn is much lesser in cost.
  • You are eligible for tax deduction under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act against all your paid premiums for the policy.
  • Many health insurance companies also welcome policyholders with a yearly health check-up benefit so that you can closely monitor the health condition of your baby.
  • The health insurance policy with a newborn baby cover embraces you with No Claim Bonuses for staying healthy and wholesome during the policy tenure.


What are the risks associated with not having Newborn Coverage Post the First 90 Days of Birth?

By purchasing a newborn baby cover, you can lead a healthy and stress-free life. If you don’t buy this kind of policy, you may need to face a lot of financial stress for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • You may face some financial issues because of the postnatal expenses.  If these costs are not covered under your health policy, you may need to pay a hefty amount from your side.
  • Sometimes, complications may arise with deliveries that need immediate hospitalization. If you are not properly covered for your newborn, then you may need to arrange money for these emergencies.
  • Without a proper health insurance policy, your infant may not get attention and care from the doctor. This is very crucial to avoid post-delivery complications.


It would be a wise step to welcome your newborn baby with a health insurance policy. Infants also require health insurance policies like adults. A health insurance policy for a newborn is the best and cost-effective as it bears all expenses related to early vaccination and post-natal care.

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