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5 Health Insurance Affiliate Programs

Also called associate programs, an affiliate website gets paid by an online merchant website for the traffic and the sales. The commission is dependent on the number of sales generated as well as the industry-wide CPC metrics, by the affiliate site as a result of the traffic generated through the website.

How does this work?

A Merchant website hires an affiliate website to bring the word out about their work. Recruiting affiliates is an excellent way and has been working out as a cheap way too, thus, building an effective marketing strategy.

There are three parties in such a marketing strategy-

  1. Affiliate website.
  2. Merchant website.
  3. The customer.

An affiliate market works on the logic of sales-based commission. On every sale of the merchant website, the affiliate website earns a commission. The affiliate tracks the number of deals done (total sales). The merchant site pays the affiliate website because they share the responsibility of marketing the goods or services. An individual or organization can also begin an affiliate program.

An affiliate persuades the audience to buy their product. The affiliate promotes its products to a specific audience who will act upon such ads, perhaps buy the product or service. This idea was earlier known as an internet marketing strategy.

How are affiliate programs paid?

On every click on the link posted on the affiliate website, a commission is earned. While agreeing, a unique link is generated that the affiliate will attach with on every social media post, blog, news that is being posted about the company or the merchant website. The link posted redirects the customer to the merchant website. For payment, various programs are put forward like;

  • Pay per click (PPC)– On every click of the link or the redirection to the merchant website, money is payable.
  • Pay per sale (PPS)– On every sale done due to the affiliate website, a part of the profit/revenue earned is given to the affiliate website.
  • Pay per lead (PPL)– On receiving the contact information of a customer for queries and doubts, the commission is payable to the affiliate website.

Once the program is chosen, the amount payable is then dependent on the number of people the affiliate website sends to the merchant site, creating traffic.

A Merchant is a person who is involved in a trade that is bought and sells of a product. It also means dealing with wholesale trade.

What is a merchant website?

The merchant is also known as the creator of the product. A merchant is an eCommerce website on which products or services are bought and sold through the internet. Many times people confuse themselves by believing that an online seller and an online merchant are the same, but they are not. An online seller only deals in buying, selling, and making profits, whereas an online merchant is in charge of its inventory, financial process, and so on.

Why does a merchant website take up an affiliate program?

A merchant website can easily hire a marketing team and website in a vast market, but in today’s’ time, an affiliate program is chosen. The change has taken place because an affiliate program is cheaper and more efficient and is paid only according to their performance. The main reason a merchant website needs this is that they need to increase their sales and spread out the word in a cost-efficient way. Affiliate marketing helps them to do so.

Health Insurance Affiliate Programs:

  1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is an American diversified global insurance company. This company is situated in the United States and is a part of the Life Insurance Carrier Industry. The company began business in 1912. Based on the 2018 revenue, this organization is ranked on the 75th out of the Fortune 100 list. They provide different types of insurance plans like life, auto, home, renters, pet, and even tuition insurance.

Their pay varies according to different plans:    

  • Auto and home insurance- $10
  • Renters insurance- $3
  • Multi-policy insurance- $17
  1. Gerber Life Insurance

Earlier, Gerber began as a baby food company in 1927. The company started with baby bottles and toys in 1960 and started an insurance company is 1967. They provide products for adults and children. They have a unique, tuition savings plan too. The Gerber life insurance company and the Gerber products company have a common goal of – helping parents raise happy, healthy children. Their pay varies according to different plans:

  • Per lead- $27
  • Baby and Financial Family insurance- $44
  • Base commission rate- $25
  1. Geico Insurance

Geico insurance is one of the Berkshire Hathaway families that began in 1936. The company has been leading in insuring automobile drivers since 1995. Becoming an affiliate marketing partner at Geico is very difficult as one of the following qualifications need to be fulfilled:

  • Minimum of 50,000 active members shall be a part of the group.
  • Professional association.
  • An alumni association (college or university)
  • Society or charity
  • Employee and organization with qualified members.

Their price varies according to different plans:

  • Car insurance quotes- $6
  • Motorcycle insurance quotes- $3
  1. Allstate National:

Allstate has the vision of protecting people from life’s uncertainties and has a broad range of policies. They vary from renters to auto and to life insurance policies. The company has been running for 85 years ago. They have a widely known slogan, “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.” The company is one of the largest publicly owned insurance companies in the United States.

Their prices vary according to different plans:

  • Auto Insurance- $10
  • Renters Insurance- $5
  • Home Insurance- $20
  1. Cover Wallet:

This company provides quotes for covering business insurance. The topics covered under this vary from worker’s comp, marines, cyber, and more. The company also helps small businesses to understand, buy, and manage business insurance online. The company is headquartered in New York, United States.

Their prices vary according to different plans:

  • Per lead- $15
  • Base commission- $30
  • Per sale- $50

FAQs: Some Tips on Affiliate Marketing

How do I earn via affiliate marketing?

You need to choose attractive products for marketing them. The products need to be unique, profitable, and need to reach large masses for getting more reach. You shall never commit the mistake of promoting every product. Instead of running ads just on your ads, begin promoting it through other sites to increase traffic. While choosing the target audience, don’t choose the public in general, keep in mind the product and accordingly try to consider which individuals, organizations will be interested in it. For example, a back-pain belt will be more useful for people in their 40-the 50s and not young teenagers. And so, you shall always promote the product to a targeted audience only. The concept of affiliate marketing keeps evolving to earn well; you shall keep yourself updated on the trends.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

1. You don’t have to take the trouble of coming up with an idea, investing capital, and so on.
2. It is a stream of passive income.
3. Payment will be received after you have performed your work, and so no pressure needs to be taken.
4. You do not need to be a guru of all the concepts of the business, and no specific expertise is required.
5. It helps broaden your own audience and leverage your network effectively to make some money in the process.
6. There is no boss-employee relation, as you can work whenever you want.

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