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HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

By purchasing a health insurance policy from an eminent insurer like HDFC Ergo you have taken the utmost step of securing yourself and your family members from health emergencies. But you should be more responsible by renewing it every year to continue the benefits of the plan. Last year, you did a plethora of studies in finding the best health insurance plan for your entire family. The plan offers a spectrum of benefits with a modest premium. Now, you must renew your policy to enjoy all the benefits without any interruption.

HDFC Ergo health insurance renewal is a facile process. As a policyholder, you just need to pay a health insurance premium before the expiry of your policy. Once you accomplish your HDFC Ergo health insurance renewal online process, you can avail of all the benefits under the plan. Your HDFC Ergo medical insurance renewal can be done either online or offline as per your wish. Both processes for HDFC health insurance renewal are really simple, quick, and hassle-free.

HDFC Ergo Policy Renewal Online Process

Let’s take a look at how to renew your HDFC Ergo policy online. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for the renewal HDFC Ergo health insurance plan.

Step 1: Visit the website

First, you need to go through the official website of HDFC Ergo General Insurance and then, click on the ‘Instant Renewal’ button

Step 2: Enter Policy Details

Now, you need to enter all imperative details of your policy including the policy number, name, gender, address, email id, and so on

Step 3: Check Renewal Quote

Check HDFC Ergo health insurance renewal premium online payment amount and other policy details.

Step 4: Make the payment

Now, you need to make HDFC Ergo health insurance renewal online payment via a secured payment gateway. After the completion of the transaction, your policy will be renewed automatically.

HDFC Ergo Health Renewal Offline Process

You can conveniently renew your HDFC Ergo health insurance policy in offline mode by connecting with the experts of the company via WhatsApp at 7304-524-888 and sharing your requirements.

By visiting the nearest branch of your insurance company, you can renew your health insurance policy. The experts of HDFC Ergo will help you in your HDFC Ergo health policy renewal process. They will ensure that you can avail yourself of all the benefits of your plan without any hassle. The authorized agents of the company will also help you with the HDFC Ergo renewal policy.

Benefits of Renewing your HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

Once you renew your HDFC Ergo health insurance, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enjoy the continuity of the service without any interruption
  • You are free to enhance your sum insured amount
  • You can add or remove family members from the plan
  • You are eligible for portability
  • Tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961


Things you must Consider while Renewing your Health Insurance

A health insurance policy is the best way to safeguard your family’s health against various diseases, including the COVID-19. But to avail of all the benefits of your policy, you should renew it every year.

Certain points you need to remember during the renewal of your HDFC Ergo health insurance policy.

  • Adhere to the Grace Period: It’s your top priority to renew your policy in time. An insurance company like HDFC Ergo used to send the renewal reminder 45 days before the expiry of the policy. Though you will get a grace period of 15 days, don’t wait till the last minute. To avoid last-minute chaos, renew your policy even before the grace period.
  • Changes in the Number of Insured Members: During the time of your health insurance renewal, you can add or remove any members from your policy plan. By adding your parents or kids, you can enjoy the tax benefits.
  • Option to Enhance the Sum Insured: If you want to enhance the sum insured amount during the time of renewal, you can send a request to the HDFC Ergo insurance company. The company embraces the customers with various flexible plans to upgrade their health insurance according to their needs and requirements.
  • Adding Top-up Plans: If you think that your current health plan is not adequate, you are free to add various top-up plans at the time of policy renewal to strengthen your coverage and benefits.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions of your Policy for any changes: Sometimes, the policy regulation may change due to some internal changes of the insurance company or government regulations. You must be aware of all these changes so that you don’t face any difficulty at the time of an emergency.
  • Analyze your Health Insurance Requirements: Always analyze your present healthcare requirements before renewing your policy. You can make alterations in your policy by adding or removing family members according to the requirements.
  • Disclosure of any New Illness to the Insurance Company: If you or your family members develop any new ailments during the last year, you must inform your insurance company regarding the same.
  • Updated Documents have to be ready: Always carry all the required documents at the time of renewal. You need the policy renewal notice, your policy number, and a valid mode of payment.
  • Consider the Option of Portability: If you are not satisfied with your present health insurer, you can migrate to another insurance company at the time of renewal without losing your accumulated benefits.


In a Nutshell:

HDFC Ergo health insurance is a leading insurer that has a robust client base. If you purchase a health insurance policy from this company, always renew it in time to avail of all the benefits of the plan. For a matter of ease, go for HDFC Ergo health insurance renewal online.

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