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Future Generali Network Hospitals List For Cashless Treatment In India
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Future Generali Health Insurance Network Hospitals in India

Mr. Anmol (45-years-old) purchased a health insurance policy from Future Generali and selected a sum insured of Rs.5 lakh. He had an emergency appendectomy, and for this, he selected a network hospital of Future Generali health insurance. The total costs of the procedure along with other charges were Rs.70, 000. Mr. Anmol recently paid off his home loan and he didn’t have adequate cash in his hand. Since he opted for a cashless facility at a network hospital of Future Generali health insurance, his bills were settled by the company. The Rs.70,000 was deducted from his sum insured amount, leaving him with Rs.4,30,000 to cover the cost of other healthcare expenses in the future.

Those days are gone when people were not inclined in purchasing health insurance policies. But after this rebellious COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has understood the importance of health insurance policies. These days, many people are purchasing health insurance policy plans to stay protected against various lethal diseases. A health insurance policy will not only offer health coverage but also saves your money in case of healthcare contingencies.

Nowadays, most health insurance companies are tie-up with leading hospitals and are offering cashless treatment facilities to policyholders. These hospitals are present all over India and are known as network hospitals or cashless hospitals. Insurance companies select these hospitals based on multifarious factors, such as quality of services offered at the hospital, background verification, patients’ reviews, etc. So, they keep changing the list of network hospitals. At present, Future Generali health insurance has more than 5,100 network hospitals. Future Generali health insurance hospital list is big and highly appreciated by customers. All Future Generali network hospitals offer cutting-edge services to insured policyholders.

In case of hospitalization for your disease/injury, you just need to select a hospital that is in the network of Future Generali. Then, only you will be eligible for cashless facilities. Once you are admitted to a network hospital, you just need to exhibit your cashless claim card. The rest of the procedure will be taken care of by the Third-Party Administrators/Insurer.

Once your claim is approved by the company, you can enjoy the best treatment without paying anything for your disease/injury. All your expenses will be covered by your policy. You don’t need to submit any bills or documents; you only need to pay for expenses that are not reimbursed by your policy.

If you have a cashless health care policy, you don’t need to worry about the financial obligation arising from medical inflation. If you don’t have sufficient savings to pay hospital bills, a cashless mode could be the utmost option for you. Always prepare a Future Generali hospital list and select your nearby hospitals for hassle-free treatment. This will also save a chunk of time for you if you need sudden hospitalization in future.

List of Future Generali Health Insurance Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

Now, let’s take a look at various Future Generali health insurance hospitals for cashless treatment. Always choose the best hospitals in your city.

City Hospitals
Ahmedabad 3041






















New Delhi










How do Cashless Network Hospitals work?

A cashless network hospital works like a regular hospital for most places in the country. While visiting a network hospital, an insured policyholder receives medical care without investing a single penny from his/her side. These treatment covers include admission charges, room charges, cost of treatment, doctor/specialist fees and ambulance costs.

All hospital bills will be settled by the insurance provider against the sum insured that was selected at the time of purchasing the health insurance policy.

The policyholder needs to inform the hospital that the treatment would be under the cashless treatment facility. The policyholder also needs to show all identifications like the policy document or an identity card issued by the insurer.

Benefits of Cashless Network Hospitals

If a policyholder is admitted to a hospital for any procedure, irrespective of planned or emergency, it is the most difficult time for family members as well as the policyholder. Most hospitals perform all the tests before the treatment and thus, the families need to pay exorbitant bills so that the patient receives the best quality medical treatment. With cashless health care policies, all the bills will be covered by the insurance company directly.

If the policyholder is admitted to a hospital that is far away from home, then the hospital’s part of the insurance company’s network across the country can be used to treat the policyholder without settling bills or making any payments.

If the policyholder needs to be admitted for an emergency and he/she is having a shortage of cash, then cashless network hospitals could be the best option as the policyholder is assured of quality medical care without paying a single penny from his/her side.

How to File a Claim through a Cashless Network Hospital

Whenever you are trying to raise a claim, you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • If the operations are pre-planned, you should notify the insurance provider at least 2-3 days to authorize the cashless treatment.
  • If there is an emergency surgery or procedure, you can notify the insurance company within 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital.
  • A policyholder must have a health card that he/she needs to display to enjoy cashless facilities at partner hospitals.
  • The policyholder is eligible for free treatment at the network hospital.
  • The insurer will provide a list of exclusions that a policyholder needs to pay from his/her side.


Future Generali health insurance is partnered with moreover 5000+ hospitals where a policyholder can get the best treatment without investing anything. So, always select a policy plan that offers coverage for all leading hospitals to lessen your financial worry. 

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