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Future Generali Maternity Health Insurance Policy In India
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Future Generali Health Insurance for Maternity

There are several options available for customers in terms of health insurance plans that cover maternity costs. This comes in handy in various scenarios. Take the case of Reshma, a young woman of 36. She was over the moon and so was her family, when she got pregnant. However, her husband was mentally worried about the costs of pregnancy, childbirth and other associated expenses even though he did not show it. Reshma understood that while he was jubilant with the news, there was something else that was bothering him. Upon knowing what was troubling him, she produced something that instantly relieved him of his anxieties! Reshma handled their investments and insurance plans. 

She had thoughtfully gone for dedicated maternity and newborn coverage plant that would now cover all the expenses including pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization and childbirth costs. This came as a huge surprise and relief to her husband. He thanked her profusely for her foresight and understanding. Sounds familiar? If you are planning to start a family anytime soon, then you should always choose a good health insurance plan that covers maternity and newborn costs. 

You can consider the Future Generali health insurance plan that covers maternity in this regard. You can expect several added benefits in tandem with Future Generali maternity coverage in this context.

Main Highlights of Future Generali Maternity Insurance

Some of the key highlights of Future Generali health insurance for maternity include the following: 

  • 82.96% as the claim settlement ratio which is a good figure, indicating swift processing and settlement of customer claims. 
  • A dedicated claim settlement team. 
  • Inclusion of COVID-19 coverage into the plan. 
  • More than 5,100 network hospitals that customers may avail of. 
  • 64,670 policies sold by the company till date. 
  • Lifelong renewability facilities are available for customers. 


Does Future Generali Health Insurance cover Maternity?

Future Generali Maternity Health Insurance offers coverage both for individual policyholders and also within the family floater plan framework. There are three sub-types, namely Superior, Vital and Premiere which have maternity health insurance benefits with a two-year waiting period as well. In this period, the husband and wife do get coverage. This option ensures superior financial safety from the medical costs of hospitalization along with expenditure on daycare treatments, organ donation and other heads. 

Benefits of Future Generali Maternity Health Insurance

Here are some of the main features and benefits of the insurance plan: 

  • Sum insured amounts between Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 1 crore. 
  • More than 5,000 network hospitals for availing of the cashless treatment facility. 
  • Sum insured restoration provisions. 
  • Wellness care options along with e-opinions regarding illnesses/injuries and alternative treatments. 
  • Medical treatment in foreign countries for conditions that are listed and these apply for Premiere Plans. 
  • Outpatient medical expenditure which applies for Premiere and Superior Plans. 
  • Emergency medical evacuation costs which are applicable for both Premiere and Superior Plans. 
  • Coverage for maternity costs along with newborn baby coverage (applicable for Premier and Superior plans). 
  • Child vaccination coverage and benefits (applies for the Premiere Plan) for a child lower than twelve years. 
  • Pre and post-hospitalization coverage for 60 and 90 days respectively. The latter is for the Vital Plan while it goes up to 120 and 180 days for the Superior and Premiere Plans respectively. 
  • Coverage for domiciliary treatments, ambulance charges and alternative treatments. 


The minimum age for entry is one day while the maximum age limit is not there. It applies for a lifetime. The Health Total plan usually has coverage starting from Rs. 3 lakh. There are some exclusions under the policy including congenital diseases, defects and illnesses along with treatments for weight control, obesity and related costs. It does not cover annual health check-up costs along with costs of treating injuries/illnesses due to alcohol usage. 

There is no coverage for injuries/illnesses arising from war as well. All in all, the policy is an excellent option for mothers-to-be, saving them from financial hassles at the time of childbirth and in the crucial period leading up to the same. It also covers them financially with regard to getting high-quality post-hospitalization care and treatment.

Future Generali Health Insurance for Parents FAQs

What is the claim settlement ratio offered by the company?

The company has a claim settlement ratio of 82.96% which ensures faster processing and settlement of claims.

What is the minimum and maximum age for entry into the plan?

The minimum entry age is just 1 day while there is no maximum entry age limit available under the policy. It is life-long, which is a major boon for policyholders. They can purchase the plan at any stage and age throughout their lifetime.

What is the usual sum insured amount?

The sum insured amount usually varies between Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 1 crore for the family health insurance plan or individual insurance plan, whichever is required by the customer.

Is there coverage for vaccination of the child?

Yes, there is child vaccination coverage offered by the policy along with some benefits. This comes under the Premiere Plan for children who are less than twelve years old.

How many network hospitals are available?

There are more than 5,000 network hospitals available for customers who can avail of cashless treatments at the same. The company offers a vast hospital network to its policyholders throughout the country.

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