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Future Generali Cancer Insurance Policy - Know Benefits and Features
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Why Should You Buy Future Generali Cancer Protect Insurance Policy?

Lalitha is a government employee who earns a good income. However, she suffered from some unusual pains in her breast and underwent a diagnostic process. Doctors told her that she suffers from breast cancer and needs immediate medical attention. Although she is a government employee, she has some commitments and bought an insurance policy from Generali company. It enabled her to manage her cancer treatment expenses with ease. 

Cancer can occur anytime in your life that can lead to several symptoms. The costs of cancer treatment may vary from one hospital to another. Sometimes, it may become expensive when you want to undergo treatment in top hospitals. Hence, you should consider buying Future Generali Cancer Insurance to meet your exact needs. 

Let us understand the importance of cancer heath insurance and have a Future Generali Cancer Insurance Review for your reference.

What is a Cancer Insurance Policy?

Cancer comes under the terminal illness category that can affect your life. The treatment for the disease will depend on the stage, type, and symptoms. For example, the treatment cost for lung cancer may increase when you are in the third stage or fourth stage. Buying a cancer insurance plan allows you to get protection from high medical costs when your family can’t afford them. At the same time, not all insurance plans are the same and you should evaluate them with more attention. This, in turn, gives ways to choose the best policy that fits your requirements and budgets. 

Why should you buy Future Generali’s Cancer Protect Plan?

Future Generali is one of the reputed insurance companies that offer a cancer protection plan for you. The primary advantage of the Future Generali cancer insurance plan is that it provides coverage for various stages of cancer. Not only that, it enables you to get financial support from the early-stage detection to witness peace of mind. 

What are the Advantages of Future General’s Cancer Protect Plan?

  1. The plan offers coverage for you under two options and you can choose the right option which suits you. 
  2. It provides lump sum cover and lump sum cover with income benefit thereby showing ways to overcome financial losses. 
  3. If cancer is diagnosed in the minor stage, then you will get 25% of your coverage amount under option 1. 
  4. Furthermore, the plan allows you to waive off your premiums for the next three years or till the end of term, whichever is possible. 
  5. You will receive your entire coverage amount if your cancer is in a major stage under option 1 enabling you to gain more advantages. 
  6. The second option allows you to receive your entire coverage amount and 2% of the sum assured amount per month for 60 months enabling your family to lead a trouble-free life. 
  7. The plan also offers coverage during the minor stage and later for a major stage when you are diagnosed with cancer symptoms. 
  8. You will get 25% of the coverage amount, waiver-off of premium for three years, and 75% of coverage amount on diagnosis of major stage cancer under option 1.
  9. Option 2 lets you receive the same benefits with a 2% income benefit of the coverage amount for a major stage.


What are the Salient Features of Future Generali’s Cancer Protect Plan?

  1. The plan offers coverage for both minors and majors up to 65 years. 
  2. It provides a sum assured amount of Rs.10 lakhs, Rs.20 lakhs, Rs.30 lakhs, and 40 lakhs for majors. 
  3. The plan offers an assured amount of Rs.10 lakhs for minors. 
  4. For majors, the entry age is from 18 years to 65 years. Minors who are from 1 year to 17 years old are eligible for this plan. 
  5. It offers tax benefits for policyholders under section 80D of the income tax act. 
  6. You can pay monthly and yearly premiums for this plan depending on your choices. The policy acquires a surrender value after paying a single premium. 
  7. A free look period of 15 days is available for you when you want to return the policy if you are not satisfied with the features. 
  8. The plan offers a grace period of 30 days when you fail to renew the policy. 


What are the Exclusions of Future Generali Cancer Protect Insurance Plan?

As a policy buyer, you should know the exclusions of Future Generali insurance cancer protect insurance plan that will help make the right decision. The plan won’t provide any coverage for minor and major stage cancer if they are influenced by some other conditions such as pre-existing diseases, any congenital conditions, the intoxication of alcohol or drugs, and so on. 

How can you Buy a Future Generali Cancer Protect Insurance Plan?

You can buy this insurance plan online at the best prices that will help save more money considerably. This is because the company offers huge discounts for online purchase that gives ways to reduce your expenses. However, you should read the Future Generali cancer insurance review online before buying. It allows you to get more details about the plan that can help make an informed decision.

 You can even compare the prices with other insurance plans enabling you to choose the same accordingly. The duration of the policy is 5 years and you can extend it later. If you are buying the policy the first time, then you should read the terms and conditions that will help overcome disputes during the claim process. 

The Bottom Line 

Cancer is a dreadful disease and you should plan your treatment in a hospital depending on the stage and symptoms. Several insurance companies offer coverage for cancer under the term illness category. Future Generali health insurance for cancer is a smart choice for you and your family because it provides complete protection against all stages of cancer. It lets you overcome financial losses caused by cancer treatment. 

Another thing is that it allows you to get 2% income of the total sum assured amount when you have advanced stage. The plan provides methods to minimize mental worries and other issues considerably. At the same time, you know about the eligibility and other things before buying the plan that will help accomplish goals when you want to claim the amount.

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