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4 Factors to consider while buying Health Insurance with OPD Cover
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Factors to Consider while buying OPD Cover

Would you be surprised if we told you, OPD expenses account for 62% of all healthcare expenses in the country? Irrespective of your answer, you must consider getting an OPD cover. You can either opt for a health insurance plan that offers OPD cover or opt for it additionally. But before we delve any further into OPD cover, it is important to understand what OPD is.

What is OPD?

OPD stands for Out Patient Department and it is the department where patients get optimal medical attention for their basic needs. A patient doesn’t need to be admitted to the hospital for all illnesses, diseases, or medical care. This is where the OPD comes into the picture. 

A patient can avail of a doctor’s consultation, diagnosis, and minor treatments in the OPD without the need to be admitted. You can either visit a doctor’s clinic for OPD treatment or visit the OPD department or general ward of a hospital for the same. 

Some common examples of OPD treatment include dental treatment, treatment of fractures, eye care, cuts, minor surgeries, etc. However, just because the patient is not admitted, it does not mean that the OPD visits are light on your pockets. Combined with other medical expenses, they can run through your savings rather quickly.

What is OPD Cover?

A health insurance plan with an OPD cover ensures that you do not pay for the above mentioned expenses out of your pockets. You can get your hands on OPD cover in either of two ways. Firstly, you can get a health insurance plan that offers OPD cover. Alternatively, you can look for an OPD cover as an add-on.

It is no secret that a lot more people are now working out or visiting gyms. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, working out always poses the risk of injuries or niggles. A visit to the OPD department is eminent in such cases. An OPD cover makes a lot of sense in such cases. Similarly, for people who visit the OPD on a regular basis, the cover would add a lot of value.

Factors to consider while buying Health Insurance with OPD Cover

Once you decide that you need a health insurance plan, how to choose OPD cover would be the next logical point. Following are some easy pointers for you to choose a health insurance plan along with OPD cover.

  • Coverage Amount: A fundamental mistake that you must avoid while buying a health insurance plan is to opt for a sub-optimal coverage amount. It is essential that you buy a health plan with an adequate coverage amount. The same will ensure that you receive the best medical care without any hassles. Also, it is advisable to go through the allowed procedures when you choose the OPD cover.
  • Co-Payment: As you browse through different health insurance plans with OPD cover, before zeroing down on one, it is important to look at the co-payment clause. A health plan with no age related co-payment is ideal.
  • Waiting Period: The waiting period of a policy is one of the most important clauses that you need to study before buying a health insurance plan. In usual cases, health insurance plans have a waiting period for ailments that are pre-existing. The same might also hold good while you choose the OPD cover. Thus, it is essential that you look at the waiting period provided in the policy more closely. A plan with a minimal waiting period or in some cases no waiting period for specific ailments is desirable.
  • Credibility of Company: There are numerous insurance providers in the country right now. And in a bid to save money, people tend to buy the policy with the cheapest premiums. However, it might not always be the best decision. Buying your health insurance plan from a renowned insurance provider will ensure that you receive the coverage that was promised. A company with a good claim settlement ratio indicates a much higher chance of your policy claim being settled. Thereby reducing the chances of claim rejection.


If you are looking for ways on how to choose OPD cover along with health insurance plans, the above pointers will aid you in the process. 

A lot of us might already have health insurance plans without any OPD cover. In such cases, it makes sense to opt for the OPD cover as an add-on. Though you would end up paying a small amount as a premium, it has lasting benefits.

The cover is ideal for senior citizens who frequent medical centres and for people who work out or are starting to work out. Since the possibility of issues and niggles is high over there. And if you do not have a health insurance plan at all, now you know how to choose health insurance with opd cover. You can use the same techniques to choose a health plan that works for you and your family.

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