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Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Edelweiss Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance policies with excellent coverage features. It provides coverage for all the basic and major expenses in the case of health conditions and emergencies. Today, health insurance is necessary with the exorbitant expenses of healthcare. Edelweiss Health Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and flexible policy details to help you get coverage from these towering healthcare costs. It covers anyone above the age of 3 months and policyholders can include up to 8 family members under the plan. It also provides coverage for domiciliary hospitalization.

Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator offers a seamless and hassle-free mode to calculate premiums online. It has simplified the process of premium calculation by offering accurate health insurance premium calculators. 

With the help of the Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator, you can estimate your health insurance premium accurately. Knowing about the premium of the plan you’re considering to buy goes a long way in ensuring prudent decision-making. It helps you get just the right health insurance plan which aligns perfectly with your medical and financial needs.

Benefits of Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Here are the benefits of the Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator:

  • Choose the right policy covers at the most economical premium rates with the best value for money.
  • Customize the policy features to ensure that your policy aligns with your insurance needs.
  • Calculating the exact premium amount that you need to pay for the policy.
  • Weigh the premium against the coverage and features offered to see whether the policy provides value for money.
  • The Edelweiss health insurance provides coverage for applicants over 3 months. Basically, you do not have to think about the age limit for taking out health insurance with Edelweiss.
  • Compare seamlessly with other health insurance plans of the same or different insurer and pick the most suitable policy for yourself. 
  • It allows you to get a better understanding of premium rates in the insurance premium chart.
  • Apart from the plan coverage, you can avail optional benefits from these add-ons: medical follow-up, medical repatriation, medical referral, humanitarian visit, emergency medical evacuation, return of fatal remains, and second medical opinion.

How to Calculate Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium?

Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator is designed to calculate the amount of premium accurately that you need to pay when purchasing a particular policy. You need to provide the following details to get premium rates for Edelweiss Health Insurance:

  • Your age
  • Policy term
  • Medical history
  • Coverage details
  • Sum insured you need
  • The type of insurance policy you want to purchase

Based on the aforementioned details, this premium calculator calculates the premium rates for Edelweiss Health Insurance accurately. You can also change and modify the calculated premiums by tweaking the details according to your suitability.

Why Calculate Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Online?

Before finalizing health insurance, it is important to calculate premiums to make the right insurance decisions. Here is why you should calculate the Edelweiss Health Insurance premium online:

  • You can increase or reduce the health insurance coverage benefits.
  • Get to know the exact premium to be paid which allows you to make better decisions.
  • Make sure that the premium is reasonable for the coverage and policy features.
  • Compare the health insurance policies offered by other insurers based on premium rates and coverage offered and select the most suitable plan for yourself.
  • You can rest assured of the affordability and modify it as per your medical and financial needs.
  • Take the financial stress off your future self during policy renewals by planning premium payments.
  • Pick the right sum insured and coverage benefits at the most affordable premium rates.

Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Optional Covers

For a customized health insurance plan, you can enhance your coverage by adding the following optional covers:

  • Critical Illness Coverage: It covers the expenses for treatments and hospitalization for critical illnesses. The sum insured will increase by 50% if you have chosen the SILVER plan. On the other hand, the GOLD and PLATINUM plans provide coverage for critical illnesses in the base plan.
  • Recharge – You can avail of the Sum Insured by 100%. This benefit will be available for GOLD and PLATINUM plans. It will recharge the whole amount on an indemnity basis during a policy period.
  • Voluntary Co-payment: You can include the benefit of Voluntary Co-payment in your policy if your age is 60 years and below. However, you may need to pay 10-20% of the claim amount that decreases your premium payments significantly.

Eligibility Criteria In Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium

  • Entry Age: 3 months to 65 years (No maximum entry age limit for the PLATINUM plan)
  • Policy Term Options: 1, 2, and 3 years
  • Premium Payment: Single
  • The number of people allowed for insurance coverage in an individual plan: Eight including the primary policyholder
  • The combination of Family Members:  A family with one adult, plus one child, one adult plus two-child, one adult plus three-child, two adults, two adults plus one child,  two adults plus two-child, two adults, and three-child.

Documents Required for Edelweiss Health Insurance

If you are prepared to get the edelweiss health insurance policy for yourself, here is the list of documents that you would need to submit:

  • Duly signed Edelweiss Health Insurance Form
  • Medical Examination Reports
  • Original pre-authorization requests
  • Investigative reports such as MR, CT, USG, HPE, etc.
  • A copy of the letter of approval before approval
  • reference card for doctors
  • A copy of the patient’s photo ID to be verified by the hospital
  • Summary of hospital discharge
  • Operating Room Notes / Notes
  • pharmacy invoices
  • FIR Police
  • MLC report
  • Hospital Payroll
  • Death certificate of the hospital (possibly original)
  • Hospital default calculation
  • Other documents/invoices depending on the situation

Inclusions for Edelweiss Health Insurance

Some of the inclusions under this plan are listed below:

  • Ambulance costs will be covered
  • The rent for inpatient rooms in a standard single room is covered.
  • Hospitalization and in-patient care up to the sum insured
  • The pre and post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to the guaranteed amount.
  • Organ donor expenses
  • Intensive-care expenses
  • Hospital expenses up to the guaranteed amount
  • Benefits of Claim Discount
  • Ayush’s expenses cover the guaranteed amount
  • Critical illness coverage for life-threatening diseases will be provided
  • Maternity insurance is also available
  • bill service
  • Recovery money (from the hospitalization day)
  • Restoration Service
  • Voluntary supplement up to 60 years

Exclusions of Edelweiss Health Insurance

Some exclusions under the plan are stated below:

  • Waiting time of 30 days
  • Hemorrhoids / Hemorrhoid stacks, fissures/fistulas in the anus, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and sinus pilates
  • All types of hydroceles and hernias
  • Myomectomy in fibroids
  • Oral Chemotherapy
  • All diseases related to STDs, including gonorrhea, genital warts, genital herpes, syphilis, and AIDS, chlamydia, pubic lice, and trichomoniasis
  • Medical expenses for children and infants less than 91 days of age
  • All treatment or equipment expenses related to contact lenses, goggles, hearing aids, eye exams, eye, and ear exams, dentures, laser surgery, artificial teeth, and other external devices
  • Plastic Surgery or Plastic Surgery
  • Treatment for stress, mental disorders, mental illness, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s


Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator helps customers to calculate the exact premium amount online. It requires a much monetary backup at times of medical emergencies. Edelweiss Health Insurance Premium Calculator is a hassle-free mode to calculate premiums.

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