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What is Domiciliary Treatment Coverage in Health Insurance Policy?
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Domiciliary Treatment Coverage under a Health Insurance Policy

Health illnesses can eat your savings that will result in mental worries. Therefore, you should consider selecting an insurance plan which provides wide coverage for medical expenses caused by health ailments. Moreover, it allows you to ensure financial security to their families to overcome obstacles to a large extent. In addition, a health insurance policy aims at catering to your needs during medical emergencies. It even gives ways to claim amounts for medical expenses from your insurer with ease.

The health insurance plans involve different types, and you should know about them in detail. Apart from that, they allow you to choose a plan that fits your budget and requirements. Therefore, while buying a new policy, you should evaluate the features with more attention because they contribute more to getting the right coverage for medical bills and other things to witness peace of mind. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you or your family member to undergo treatment in a hospital due to disabilities, non-availability of rooms or medical facilities, and health conditions. In such cases, you should consider selecting home treatment for meeting your exact needs.

Does Health Insurance offer coverage for home treatment?

Most insurance companies provide domiciliary hospitalization coverage for COVID-19 and other illnesses. Domiciliary hospitalization means home hospitalization, and it is one of the essential features available for you in a health insurance plan. The primary advantage of this feature is that it allows you to save money on room rent and other medical expenses. An insurance company will reimburse medical expenses to you as per the policy terms. At the same time, you should get a certificate from a doctor while selecting homecare treatment.

What are the top benefits of Domiciliary Treatment?

  1. Allows you to get support during medical emergencies: Domiciliary hospitalization allows you to get medical support during emergencies. If you are a disabled person, then you can use this facility for health illnesses. You can even select this feature for your family members under the floater option.
  2. Flexibility of treatment: The primary advantage of domiciliary hospitalization is that it enables you to ensure flexible treatments when you suffer from health conditions or other problems. Moreover, it gives ways to reduce stress when compared to hospital treatment.
  3. Prevents further medical issues: The possibility of reaching a nearby hospital may become hard if you are an extremely sick person. Besides that, your health will deteriorate when you don’t receive medical treatment on time. With domiciliary hospitalization, you can undergo treatment in your home that will help reduce unwanted problems.


Things covered under Domiciliary Hospitalization 

The feature offers coverage for illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions under the supervision of a doctor when you are not able to get treatment in a hospital. Sometimes, hospitals won’t provide accommodation for you due to the non-availability of rooms, and you can choose this feature to minimize unwanted problems. 

What is not covered in domiciliary hospitalization?

Home care treatment offered by health insurance doesn’t provide coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses. It doesn’t cover any treatment that lasts less than 72 hours. You won’t get coverage for home treatment when you are in your employer’s health insurance plan. In addition, the facility doesn’t provide coverage for certain diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, chronic nephritis, etc. 

Reasons to buy health insurance with domiciliary hospitalization

Uncertainties such as injuries and disabilities can happen anytime that will jeopardize your life. Furthermore, they will result in high expenses, and buying a health insurance policy enables you to get high protection from them. Also, choosing a plan with domiciliary hospitalization enables you to get coverage for home treatment when your healthcare provider recommends the services. You can reduce expenses on room rent, medical equipment, and other things under this feature. 

Things you should know about domiciliary hospitalization

  • Not every health insurance provider offers this facility, and you should check the same while buying a plan. 
  • There is a waiting period in the coverage. Before purchasing a policy, you should know what domiciliary treatment is in detail to ensure that it has no waiting period. 
  • Some policies offer coverage only for allopathic treatments and not for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. 
  • It is not a default coverage and is available in a rider option where you have to pay an additional amount. 
  • Some insurers will offer coverage up to the sum insured limit and have some restrictions. 
  • A health insurance company will cover expenses only for valid reasons, and you should submit a certificate obtained from a physician.


Things to remember while availing domiciliary hospitalization

  • If you want to avail of domiciliary hospitalization, you need to check the eligibility with more attention 
  • Choose a plan that covers the benefit for the future during medical emergencies 
  • You should go through the policy inclusions and exclusions in advance to avoid disappointment 
  • Ensure that you furnish all the necessary details when you want to file a claim for home hospitalization 


How to buy health insurance with domiciliary hospitalization?

When you want to buy health insurance with domiciliary hospitalization, you should compare the plans online that will help make an informed decision. It is wise for you to consult with insurance agents or an insurer directly to know more details.

Although health insurance companies offer policy plans in the markets, you should evaluate the premium prices with more attention. This, in turn, gives ways to choose a plan that fits your budget and requirements. You can get coverage for domiciliary expenses after buying a health insurance plan from an insurer. You should also read reviews of plans online that will help select the best one according to your needs.

Not only that, you should know the factors that will influence the premium rates. Some of them include age, policy duration, sum insured amount, income, and so on. As a policy buyer, you should consider choosing a policy that comes with the best features. This will help a lot to avoid spending more money from your pocket.

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