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Importance of Digit Health Insurance with OPD Cover in India
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Digit Health Insurance With OPD Coverage

Medical exigencies have always been unpredictable. And the ongoing pandemic has shown us the same. We can take a lot of precautions and try our best to stay healthy, yet that might not always be enough. A health insurance plan can be more than a handful in such times. 

Here are some strong reasons why you must consider securing yourself and your loved ones with a health insurance plan if you haven’t already done that.

  • Change in Lifestyle: A lot of us have been following a sedentary lifestyle for far too long. It should not come as a surprise that a lot of lifestyle related issues are common among people under 45 years. Diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, respiratory issues, etc. that were earlier known to impact older people are not common among the younger audience.
  • Adequate Cover: It is possible that you already have a health insurance plan provided by your employer. However, that plan and its cover might not be enough for you or your loved ones. In such cases, you can buy additional health insurance plans to enhance the coverage and make the original policy sturdier.
  • Inflation: Medical inflation is one of the highest in the country at 18-20%. In simple terms, a medical procedure that costs about INR 1 lakh today could cost you around INR 1.2 lakhs by the following year.



Most importantly, a health insurance plan will safeguard you and your loved ones in a medical emergency. This allows you to focus on getting the best treatment for your family rather than wasting your efforts in arranging money.

However, there is one aspect of medical care that a lot of us tend to forget or ignore, the outpatient department. The treatment for quite a few medical conditions does not require the patient to be admitted to the hospital. These treatments or consultations take place in the OPD. 

While expenses related to in-patient might seem quite high, OPD expenses add up over time. In fact, they account for 62% of all medical expenses. Thus, it makes sense to opt for OPD care. 

What is OPD Treatment?

Any treatment or diagnosis that a doctor carries out in their clinic or outpatient ward or general ward of a multi-speciality hospital, is OPD treatment. Some common examples of OPD treatment include consultation with a doctor, minor surgeries, fractures, dental care, etc.

Should you Get Digit Insurance with OPD cover?

For those who are planning to buy a health insurance plan but want to do it digitally, you can consider Digit health insurance. You not only get the benefits of a health insurance plan but also access to a great OPD cover. Here are some salient features of digit insurance with OPD cover.

  • The entire process with Digit is online. Right from buying the policy to filing for your claims, it’s all online and does not require any hard copies. The lack of any papers makes it easier and faster.
  • Digit offers a cumulative bonus for staying healthy.
  • Digit has over 6400 hospitals in its network, where you can avail of cashless benefits or opt for reimbursement of expenses.
  • The health insurance plans by Digit do not have any age based co-payment clauses. In other words, you do not have to pay anything from your pockets. 
  • Health insurance plans by Digit do not have any restrictions on room rent. Thereby allowing you to pick any room in the hospital. 
  • More importantly, the health insurance plan from Digit covers pandemics as well.

Digit insurance with OPD cover offers the following, should you choose to buy one.

  • Diagnostic fees
  • Dental treatment
  • Cost of medicines
  • Minor surgeries
  • Consultation fees
  • Hearing aids

Similarly, the policy does not cover the following.

  • Any cosmetic procedures
  • Spectacles
  • Contact lenses
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Devices such as thermometers, Walkers, BP Monitors, etc.


You should consider Digit insurance with OPD cover if you belong to any of the following categories.

  • Senior Citizens: Senior citizens might need OPD treatment for dental care or minor surgeries. An OPD cover along with a health insurance plan would be ideal for them.
  • Limited Coverage: Working professionals who already have group health insurance can either opt for a top-up plan or health insurance with OPD cover. This will enhance their policy coverage.
  • Fitness Buffs: People who take their work out or gym sessions seriously can consider buying an OPD cover. The cover will pay for any expenses related to work-out based injuries.


People with chronic diseases might have to visit the OPD on a regular basis. Diseases such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid require regular consultation and diagnostics. And the premiums that you pay towards the health insurance plans with OPD cover also offer tax benefits under Section 80D.

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