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Digit Health Insurance Renewal Process
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Digit Health Insurance Renewal Process in India

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in India, there is an increasing demand for health insurance policies with a higher amount of coverage. Among the new-age health insurers, Digit health insurance is popular among the masses for its features and benefits. To continue enjoying the benefits of Digit health insurance, one has to ensure the process of the Digit health insurance renewal on time.

Priyanka Kapoor was diagnosed with appendicitis and advised for immediate surgery. She was making all the necessary arrangements for hospitalization, which is when the TPA informed her that her health insurance policy had lapsed due to non-renewal. With multiple works during the COVID-19 pandemic, she had forgotten to renew her health insurance, even during the grace period, leaving her policy void. With no choice left, Priyanka had to shell out the cost of surgery from her savings. If she had renewed her health policy on time, this situation wouldn’t have happened, making her learn a valuable lesson for the future.

Why renew your health insurance?

A delay made in failing to renew your health insurance plan on time is an error that should not be made at any cost because it can lead to various issues. If you are within the grace period in the policy, there’s no reason to worry because it’s a time that gives you the chance to renew your insurance without any penalties or fees if you had missed the policy renewal date. The advantages of continuing the policy after renewal include a shorter waiting time for pre-existing diseases, illnesses, no-claim bonuses, medical check-ups, restoration benefits, wellness benefits, etc.

Why renew your health insurance

Like buying health insurance via the internet, it is possible to be able to make renewals online in the convenience of your home which is one of the reasons why it is easy to complete the Digit health insurance policy renewal process.

How to Renew Health Insurance Policy?

There are two ways to follow when you decide to renew your insurance policy. Choose to follow the below steps as per your preference in the same manner:

  • Online Renewal: A vast majority of insurance companies today permit you to pay your premium online, providing you with the option of many payment options. Similarly, the digit health insurance online renewal process is also very straightforward, wherein you have to visit their website, choose the right tenure and amount to complete the payment.


Follow these steps for online renewal of Digit Health Insurance Plan:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of digit health insurance, godigit.com
  • Step 2: Click on the link ‘Renewals’ on the homepage
  • Step 3: Provide your basic and personal information such as policy number, expiry date, premium amount, etc.,
  • Step 4: Select your desired payment option, i.e., credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, etc.


After successful renewal payment online, you shall receive a payment acknowledgment receipt as well as the renewed policy information in your registered email ID.

Alternatively, you may also click on the payment link embedded in the email sent by the insurance company reminding you about the renewal premiums.

  • Offline Renewal: If you cannot complete the digit health insurance renewal via the website, it’s also possible to complete the payment in offline mode too. One can make the premium amount by demand draft or cheque or visit the nearest branch of digit insurance. Their customer support department can be reached at 1800-103-4448 or hello@godigit.com. Be aware that online renewals can help you save time, energy, and the most important thing is that they can provide you with significant discounts when compared to cash deposits made in offline mode.


Check your Renewal Document

Digit health insurance will mail you a reminder to renew your policy by mail or email before a few days of policy expiry, which will contain important information. It has to be read carefully, as it will give you clear details of what you have to do, such as the number of claims filed during the previous policy year, the nature of the claim (if there was any), the amount of insurance and the no-claim bonus (if there’s any). The insured person who is responsible for the renewal is supposed to verify these before proceeding to renew the policy and any discrepancies should be informed to the insurance company beforehand.

Porting or Changing to a Different Policy

By IRDA guidelines, an insurance policyholder can transfer to a different insurance company without having to forfeit the benefits that were accrued from the prior insurance policy. If you’d like to switch to the digit health insurance plans or from another insurer and would like to reap all the benefits offered by the policy, the insurance portability feature is an option that can be utilized, before renewing the insurance policy.

If the policy portability option is chosen before renewal, it will guarantee that your new policy shall get the benefits from the previous insurer but with the new insurer and its new policy. By this move, the reduction of ‘waiting-period ‘ conditions which apply to pre-existing illnesses as well as the advantages such as no-claims bonus, wellness benefits, etc., are kept intact.

What if a Health Insurance Plan is Not Renewed?

If you do not renew the Digit health insurance plan by the due date and grace period, the policy will be automatically canceled and become void. Therefore, it is advised to make sure you pay your premium for renewal in advance to avoid getting into such a situation. Most insurers, including Digit health insurance, send reminder emails and texts to your contact information in the file so that you don’t forget the renewals.

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The Conclusion

You must renew health insurance policies before the deadline and stay away from cancellation. If you decide to renew health insurance yourself via the internet, be sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions and any changes that have been made to the coverage or plan through their website. You can also set up reminders to make sure you do not miss the date for expiration.


What is the renewal process in Digit health insurance?

• You need to visit the official website of Digit health insurance company.
• Now, select the renewal option
• Enter all imperative information including the policy number, mobile number, date of birth, pin code etc.
• Once you enter all information, click on submit to process the renewal premium payment
• After the completion of the payment, your policy will be renewed and you will get the confirmation in your email

How does Digit health insurance renewal work?

You can renew your health insurance policy after visiting the website of Digit health insurance company. If there is a change in your health condition, you should inform your health insurance company. The insurance company then intimates the policyholder about the premium payable.

How do I renew my expired Digit health insurance?

You can revive your plan by paying the renewal premium during the grace period. But after the grace period, you need again re-apply the Digit health insurance policy. You can conveniently renew your health insurance policy online through the company’s website.

What is the code to renew Digit health insurance?

The code to renew health insurance is *929#

How do I renew my health insurance with SSNIT?

1. Dial *929# on your phone (any type of phone)
2. Now, select the option 2
3. Select NHIS
4. Enter your 8 digits NHIS membership number on your card
5. Click send
6. Select payment terms
7. Select SSNIT and enter your ssnit membership code.
8. Press send and you will be charged Ghc 6.00.

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