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Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Digit Health Insurance provides a wide range of health insurance plans online at reasonable rates without agent commissions. Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculators have an important role to play when purchasing a health insurance policy on their website. It helps their customers to calculate the premium amount and choose the right policy that aligns with their insurance needs. 

The Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculators works smoothly and is easy to use. The process of calculating premium rates accurately is significantly simplified by this tool. The main aim of Digit Health Insurance is to offer a unique health insurance plans for distinct needs of the Indian consumers. The product portfolio of Digit Health Insurance is designed in a way that ensures that it caters to the needs of every customer segment.

Calculating Premium with Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator allows you to calculate health insurance premiums for their plans accurately and instantly. You just need to enter details about the to-be policyholder and policy details that suits them. The calculator requires you to enter the following details:

  • Age
  • Sum insured
  • Plan term
  • Medical history
  • Geographical location
  • Applicable discounts, etc.

Just enter the mentioned details and this calculator will get you the accurate premium rates accordingly. Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator saves a significant amount of time and effort for calculating health premiums. You can also adjust the premium amount according to your affordability by making adjustments in variables like the sum insured, coverage benefits, etc.

Benefits of Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator is increasingly getting popular with people relying more on online methods to buy health insurance plans. Here are some of the most compelling benefits of using the premium calculator offered by Digit Health Insurance:

  • It takes less time and efforts to calculate premiums.’
  • Saves you the trouble of doing tedious and difficult premium calculations.
  • It eliminates the possibility of making mistakes at the time of health insurance premium calculation and hence avoids any accuracies that might distort your planning.
  • This calculator simplifies the process of buying health insurance by getting the accurate premium amount and allowing you to select the best plan for yourself.
  • Enables better financial planning.
  • Eliminates the chances of lapsation by ensuring consistent premium payments by getting accurate premium rates beforehand.
  • With the help of Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator, you can change the policy parameters and find a plan that is affordable or suits your healthcare requirements.
  • This calculator makes it easy to select add-on covers and optional coverage benefits according to affordability and suitability.
  • Always choose the best health insurance with the help of a digit health insurance premium calculator. It makes it easy to compare different policies from different insurers.
  • Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator makes the process easy to choose the right suitable plan.

Why Calculate Digit Health Insurance Premium Online?

You must be wondering why you should calculate health insurance premiums online with Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Change the plan by including or deducting policy benefits, modifying coverage, etc.
  • Get the cost of buying health insurance beforehand.
  • Check the affordability of the health insurance product
  • Check the differences between many policies and pick the best one that best aligns with your finances and medical needs.
  • Select the best coverage level and features that are suitable for your medical and financial needs.
  • Avoid any financial burden while continuing or renewing the health insurance policy.
  • Get the best value for money by choosing the most relevant cover benefits at the most affordable premium.

Exclusions Of Digit Health Insurance Premium

There are few conditions for which the expenses will be excluded from the Digit Health Insurance Premium. Here is the list of exclusions under the policy:

  • Pre Existing Diseases
  • Hospitalise without doctor recommendation
  • Injuries occurred due to Hazardous activities/ Professional Sports etc.
  • Surgeries such as Plastic surgery, IVF treatment
  • Transmitted diseases or infections

How can you buy a Digit Health Insurance Policy Online?

It is an easy, seamless, and hassle-free task to buy a Digit Health Insurance Premium online. Follow the below steps to secure your healthcare needs with Digit Health Insurance:

  • Visit the official website of Digit Health 
  • Go to the Home page, then under the health tab, fill in your pin code, members you want to cover, and contact number.
  • Then you want to choose the sum insured amount for your required plan.
  • Choose the coverage amount by calculating the premium online and add any additional cover if you want.
  • Make the payment online.
  • Once received, your policy details are shared with you on your registered email-mail id.

Calculating your premiums with Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator makes the whole process of buying health insurance simpler and seamless.

How can you renew Digit Health Insurance?

Here are the steps to renew your Digit Health Insurance policy:

  • Visit the homepage of the official website of Digit Health Insurance.
  • Go to the top and click the ‘Renewals’.
  • You can log in with your registered mobile number or with the registration credentials provided at the time of purchase.
  • The last step is to pay the premium online and you will receive your renewal policy details at your registered email address.

Calculating your premiums online using Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator also results in seamless policy renewals.

Documents Required For Digit Health Insurance Claim

  • Properly filled and signed the claim form
  • Valid ID Proof
  • KYC Bank Details with cancel cheque
  • Original reports of diagnostic tests and payment receipts
  • Original hospital bills and signed discharge certificate
  • Medical prescription for consultation, medicine, and medical tests
  • Other documentation required by Digit Health Insurance


Digit Health Insurance offers customized health insurance plans with comprehensive coverage to customers at affordable prices. It provides TPA service, cashless treatment, a hassle-free claim settlement process, and extensive coverage. Digit Health Insurance is one of the best options for buying health insurance online. Digit Health Insurance Premium Calculator helps to calculate the premium and buy affordable health insurance premiums. It makes the calculation process simple and easy. Select the best plan for yourself using this premium calculator that perfectly aligns with your affordability and medical needs.

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