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Digit Network Hospitals List For Cashless Treatment in India
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Digit Health Insurance Network Hospitals in India

Tanayesh (23-years-old) has started his career in the field of advertising. Tanayesh is the only son of his parents and his father owns a small shop. After getting his job, Tanayesh wants to purchase a health insurance policy for his parents so that they will get protected against various diseases. Since Tanayesh has just started his career, he is looking for a cashless policy that will give coverage in the best possible way. Tanayesh wants to buy a health insurance plan from an insurer that has tied up with many hospitals for cashless facilities. One of his colleagues advised that he should consider Digital health insurance as it offers cashless facilities and great coverage to policyholders.

Digit health insurance is partnered with more than 7000+ hospitals for cashless treatment facilities. This means Digit health insurance hospital list is big and enthralling. A network hospital is a hospital that is tied up with your health insurance provider. These days, many Indian health insurance companies like Digit health insurance are partnered with these network hospitals and are offering easy healthcare accessibilities to customers. Based on an array of parameters including the quality of services offered at the hospital, experienced faculty, patients’ reviews, and background checks, Digit health insurance chooses network hospitals.

After analyzing all parameters thoroughly, then only reputed insurance companies prepare their lists of network hospitals so that they don’t need to compromise the quality of treatment. Insurance companies like Digit health insurance change their lists frequently for the benefit of customers. If a policyholder chooses a hospital from the Digit health insurance network hospitals list, he can enjoy cashless treatment facilities without paying anything from his pocket even in case of an emergency.

The policyholders are free to select network hospitals for their planned hospitalization and enjoy cashless facilities without investing a single penny. But to enjoy cashless facilities, a policyholder must inform the insurance company (Digit health insurance) in both cases.

Once you select a plan from Digital health insurance, prepare the list of Digital health insurance network hospitals so that you can easily contact these hospitals in case of an emergency without wasting any time. You may visit the official website of Digit health insurance and select the Digit health insurance cashless hospital list by entering your locality. When you provide all the details, you can see the list of the network hospitals for cashless treatment. The insurance company also provides addresses and directions to the hospitals so that you can reach these hospitals without any hassle.

List of Digit Health Insurance Network Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

Now, let’s take a look at various Digit health insurance network hospitals for cashless treatment. Always choose a nearby hospital to enjoy the quality treatment.

City Hospitals
Ahmedabad 3041






















New Delhi










Digit health insurance has introduced many enthralling and intriguing health insurance plans for policyholders. Apart from health insurance, this insurance company also embraces policyholders with various insurance products including, car insurance, bike insurance, commercial insurance, shop insurance, and home insurance.

Some Features & Benefits of Digit Health Insurance

  • Once you select a policy plan from Digit health insurance, you will get a free medical check-up every year
  • Apart from cashless health treatment facilities, digit health insurance also offers a reimbursement claim process to policyholders
  • Offers the coverage for the COVID-19 treatment
  • All premiums that you paid for your Digit health insurance policies qualify for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


Health Insurance Plans Offered by Go Digit

Let’s take a look at various Digit health insurance plans as mentioned below:-

Plan Names Plan basis Sum Assured Policy Tenure
Digit Corona Kavach Policy Individual and floater Minimum: Rs.50,000 and maximum: Rs. 5 lakh 3.5/6.5/9.5 months
Digit Corona Rakshak Policy Individual Minimum: Rs.50,000 and maximum: Rs. 2.5 lakh 3.5/6.5/9.5 months
Digit Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Individual and floater Minimum: Rs.50,000 and maximum: Rs. 3 Crore 1 year
Digit Health Plus Policy Individual and floater Minimum: Rs.10,000 and maximum: Rs. 3 Crore 1, 2, 3 years
Digit Total Protect Policy Individual and floater Minimum: Rs.50,000 and maximum: Rs. 20 Crore 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years
Digit Complete Care Policy Individual and floater variable 1 year

Why Choose a Health Insurance Policy from Digit Health Insurance?

Health insurance needs no introduction in today’s modernized era. Health insurance gives you the utmost protection against the rising cost of healthcare treatment methods and various diseases. Nowadays, people are more prone to various diseases due to hyperactive stressful life. These days, most ailments require proper treatment and medical care. Though the healthcare treatment cost has increased manifolds, the income of the common man doesn’t increase proportionately. Many people can’t afford their treatment costs when they met a medical contingency. That’s why people are opting for health insurance policies that will protect them against all untoward situations.

The Conclusion

Digit health insurance offers cashless health insurance policies to its policyholders. This means with this company’s health insurance plans, policyholders can now focus on their treatments. Digit health insurance plans offer coverage for all medical expenses. Thus, an average middle-class person won’t face financial difficulties for his/her treatment.

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