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What are Different Types of Covid Tests

There are some very effective ways in which corona testing can be carried out these days. You can check for it yourself at home with the help of a self-test kit or you can go to a hospital and get an RT-PCR done. It is important to get tested for covid if you show symptoms or get exposed to the disease. Read on to know more.

Corona testing at home

First and foremost, you can do a corona test at home. This can mainly be done in two ways:

  1. Rapid antigen test

You yourself can do a rapid antigen test at home. Testing kits are easily available over the counter as well as online. Get a kit and put your sample into it to understand whether or not you have the coronavirus.

  1. RT-PCR home collection 

Alternatively, you can book an RT-PCR home test. There are many labs, all across India, that offer home corona testing facilities. The charges are fixed and affordable. You can call and book an appointment for the lab worker to come and collect your sample from home.

If you wish to get tested for covid at home, you can do any one of these tests and get the results quickly.

Corona testing at a clinic

You can also opt for a corona screening test at a lab. Here are a few different ways in which the tests are carried out in the clinics or diagnostic centres:

  1. RT-PCR – The RT-PCR is a common form of corona testing in India. Here, swabs are taken from the throat and nose of the patient and sent for tests. If traces of the virus are detected, the person is given a positive covid result. The test is quick and the results come in less than a day.
  2. Blood tests – Another effective way to test for covid is to get a blood test done. The test detects the presence of the virus in the blood and gives a precise diagnosis.

Corona testing at a hospital

If you get admitted to the hospital for covid, they will carry out various tests to determine not just the presence of the virus, but also the level of the infection in your body. Here are some ways in which the testing is done in the hospitals:

  1. Tracheal aspirate 

A bronchoscope, which is a thin tube with a torch, is slowly inserted into the lungs of the patient through his nose. A sample is collected and tested for the presence of the virus and the CT level as well.

  1. Nasal aspirate 

In this test, a saline solution is pumped into the patient’s nose. Next, suction is used to take out the nasal sample and that is tested for covid.

  1. Sputum testing

If the patient has a sputum build-up in his lungs, the sputum is extracted and tested to see the level of the infection in the patient’s lungs and respiratory tract.

These are effective covid tests that help in the detection and treatment of coronavirus-related complications.

Importance of getting testing

It is very important to get tested for covid if you suspect you have the virus. This can happen if you have travelled recently or come in close contact with another covid patient. Alternatively, if you show symptoms of the illness, such as headache, fever, loss of smell and taste, etc, get a corona test done at the earliest. The covid test and a subsequent early detection can help to control the transmission of the virus to others. It can also help you to recover faster and not get seriously sick. Carry out a test and stay safe and keep others safe too.

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