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Daycare Procedures in Health Insurance - Learn Everything About It
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Daycare Treatment Procedures in Health Insurance Policy

In this steep competitive era, everyone is contending with each other to lead a successful and wholesome life. But, unfortunately, any illness or injury will not only make your life miserable but also become a huge hindrance in achieving your life’s goals. Therefore, once you can’t prevent these injuries/illnesses, you should try to find some advanced treatment methods that will help you combat these diseases/injuries and help you resume your normal life quickly.

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has evolved manifolds. Many advanced treatments and new procedures have been introduced that offer better treatment and abridge the duration of your hospital stay. Earlier, procedures requiring several days in hospitals are now being treated in a day or less. These days, various health insurance policies are offering coverage for several daycare procedures. The treatment procedures that require extensive medical attention and are accomplished within 24 hours are called daycare procedures.

What is a Daycare Procedure?

A daycare procedure is a surgery or healthcare procedure that previously required a lengthy stay in hospitals but can now be finished in less than 24 hours. Earlier, health insurance plans only covered inpatient hospitalizations and treatment procedures that required more than 24-hrs. But now, health insurance policies are also offering coverage for daycare procedures to focus on their treatments without any financial stress.

What are Daycare Treatments?

According to the healthcare industry, daycare treatments or surgeries are that

  • Should be completed within 24 hours in a hospital or daycare facility center under general or local anesthesia because of advanced technical procedures
  • Otherwise required hospitalization of more than 24 hours

These treatments can be accomplished in ‘AYUSH’ daycare centers also. Every health insurance company has a daycare treatment list that is considered a part of daycare procedures. The insurer informs policy buyers about this daycare procedures list so that insured policyholders are aware of the list from day one of their policy plans.

Daycare Procedure list for medi Assistant

Every customer should choose the right health insurance policy to avail of better coverage for numerous daycare treatment procedures. Daycare coverage is available for a spectrum of surgical procedures that are mentioned below.

  • Eyes: Cataract, erasure, and removal of diseased tissue of the eyelid, Incision of tear glands and cornea, Retinal detachment surgery, surgical procedures related to epicanthus and canthus, foreign particle removal from the cornea, conjunctiva, eye lens, etc.
  • Nose: Surgical procedures on the turbinates, elimination, and removal of infected tissue of the nose, Nasal sinus aspiration
  • Heart: Coronary Angiography
  • Tongue: Incision, removal, and annihilation of infected tissue of the tongue, glossectomy, rebuilding of the tongue, and other surgical procedures
  • Cancer Treatment: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Other surgeries: Hemodialysis, colonoscopy, lesion removal, piles, hydrocele treatment, lithotripsy, sclerotherapy, thoracoscopy, skin surgeries
  • Orthopedics: Arthroscopic knee aspiration, Osteosynthesis, the bone incision (aseptic and septic), Suture, and other surgical procedures on tendons

These are some common daycare treatment procedures that are covered by most health insurance policies. However, before making any final commitment, you should check your policy documents thoroughly and understand what daycare treatment procedures are covered under your plan. This will help you to evaluate how many procedures are included under his plan, as listed above. In addition, this will help you to get rid of the pain of rejection at the time of a claim.

Daycare Procedures Advantages

  • It helps you to enjoy a cashless treatment

Since most daycare treatment procedures are pre-planned, you can avail of seamless cashless treatment if you choose any network hospitals of your insurer.

  • Hassle-free claims procedure

The claim settlement process for daycare procedures is similar to regular cashless or reimbursement claims. Thus, you can conveniently and quickly initiate a claim for your daycare treatment expenses.

  • Efficient medical care

Daycare treatment is a more convenient and hassle-free process. In addition, you can expect an immediate recovery once your treatment is finished.

What is the difference between OPD and Daycare Procedures?

The prime difference between these two healthcare procedures is the nature of the treatment that is covered.

OPD treatments are less expensive as compared to daycare treatment procedures. Daycare treatments require 24-hour hospitalization and often use advanced treatment procedures so that patients can recover quickly from their injuries/ailments.

Examples of daycare procedures include chemosurgery to the skin, skin transplantation & restoration, ligament tear, and so on. On the other hand, OPD treatment includes regular doctor consultations for any illness or disease

Health insurance policies usually offer coverage for daycare treatment up to the total sum insured. Most health insurance policies embrace customers with a specific amount for OPD coverage. For example, many health insurance companies offer OPD coverage up to Rs 5,000 per year.

What factors do you need to consider when choosing a daycare plan?

Things to Keep in Mind

Not all insurance companies offer the same daycare treatment coverage. For example, some companies offer 540 daycare treatment procedures, while others offer only 140 procedures. While looking for health insurance policies that cover daycare procedures, it is recommended to look for policies that cover a plethora of treatment categories. A broad category policy generally covers various surgeries and procedures.

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