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Corona Test In Kolkata

The covid pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the healthcare system and left many families in disarray too. Thankfully, nowadays with better research-based remedies and also with vaccines, the problem is slightly under control. However, many people are still getting affected by the virus on a daily basis. A good way to recover is to get tested early and start the treatment. Most of the towns and big cities in India have many testing centres. For example, if you want a corona test in Kolkata, you will find many options. Take a look at this article to know more.

Corona test in Kolkata – your options

You have many options when it comes to doing a corona test in Kolkata. Here are some of them:

  1. Paid RT-PCR
    The most common way in which you can get yourself tested for covid is by undergoing an RT-PCR test. This can be done at a medical centre such as a clinic, diagnostic centre or hospital for roughly INR 600.
  2. Free RT-PCR
    The RT-PCR test can also be done free of charge at government health centres. This is helpful for those who have an income constraint.
  3. Rapid antigen test
    The rapid antigen test can be done at home or at a health centre. This is a quick and easy test that provides results instantly.

How to find a centre for a Corona test in Kolkata?

If you are in Kolkata, you can easily find the closest place that offers this facility. All you need to do is search online and you will get several results. There are multiple labs and hospitals all across the city that offer this facility.

Things to keep in mind when going for a Corona test in Kolkata

While you get tested for covid, there are some safety protocols that you must follow. They are:

  1. Wear double masks

The best way to protect yourself in a vulnerable place such as a covid testing centre is to wear double masks. This is way safer than a single cloth mask.

  1. Wear gloves

Apart from your mask, also cover your hands with gloves so that the virus transmission risks are lower. Wear disposable latex gloves that you can discard as soon as you leave the centre.

  1. Maintain social distancing 

Maintain social distancing. You must avoid standing in areas that are crowded as this increases the risk of contracting the virus.

  1. Don’t touch your face

Don’t touch your face, nose or eyes while you are at the centre for your covid test. If you touch your face, you may increase the chances of getting the virus, so be extra careful in this regard.

  1. Wash and clean

Wash your clothes and take a shower as soon as you get back home. Dispose the gloves and masks too. Also, sanitise your personal belongings such as your phone and wallet. Doing so will ensure there is no virus transmission, leading to enhanced safety of you and your family members. 

Keep these protocols in mind and then you will be able to get a Corona test in Kolkata with utmost safety.

In a nutshell 

It is simple to get a Corona test in Kolkata, so if you experience symptoms, get a test done immediately. As you saw, there are many options available to you and the test can be done in a fast and effective way.

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