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List of 10 Common Diseases Caused by Air Pollution
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List of 10 Most Common Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

Air pollution in big cities is taking a toll on the health of innocent people living in those cities. Be it the elderly or the children, everyone tends to suffer from air pollution and many end up contaminating some diseases caused by air pollution. The best way to deal with such diseases financially is to get a health insurance plan that offers an OPD cover and critical illness coverRead on to learn about breathing in polluted air causes which disease?

What Causes Air Pollution?

Before discussing the diseases caused by air pollution, we feel it is even more important to know what causes air pollution. So, here are the main causes of air pollution:

  • Smoke emitted by vehicles
  • Burning of dry leaves and garbage waste
  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Microbial decaying procedures
  • Wildfires
  • Construction and demolition
  • Indoor air pollution


List of 10 Common Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

  1. Asthma: Right there on the top of our list of 10 diseases caused by air pollution, we have asthma. This is the most common disease observed in people living amidst heavy air pollution. A person suffering from asthma has narrow, or swollen airways and even the production of mucus is more than the normal range. One finds it hard to breathe due to the narrowing of the airways and inflammation. These days many health insurance companies offer coverage for asthma treatment to their policyholders.  
  2. Chronic Bronchitis: Similar to asthma, there is chronic bronchitis, is caused due to prolonged exposure to harmful gases like nitrogen oxide and higher PM levels. Chronic bronchitis is long-term inflammation of the bronchi. A person suffering from chronic bronchitis gets easily infected by lung infections.  
  3. Pneumonia: Third common air pollution disease is pneumonia, where air sacs in one or both the lungs get infected and inflamed. They are filled with pus or fluid making it fatal for the patient. It results in difficulty in breathing, and may also lead to chills, and fevers.  
  4. Leukemia: With symptoms like bleeding and bruising of joints, bones, and weight loss, leukemia is a cancer of bone marrow and blood. Various studies have revealed that leukemia affects those who are exposed to harmful chemicals like benzene, smokers, and those exposed to harmful radiation. So, one living amidst terrible air pollution may get affected with leukemia too.  
  5. Lung Cancer: Likewise, another air pollution disease is lung cancer. Those who live in cities with a higher rate of air pollution are at a higher risk of suffering from lung cancer. This disease is even common among passive smokers and those with a family history of lung cancer. If you have a critical illness health insurance plan, then all your treatment, diagnosis, and medical expenses incurred for lung cancer will be taken care of by the insurer.  
  6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of COPD: Pollution diseases like COPD are also on a rise in areas like New Delhi that are full of air pollution. It is a respiratory disorder where a person feels suffocated and difficult to breathe due to blocked airflow. The worst thing is that the damage done by COPD is irreversible. Most of the reputed health insurance plans do provide cover such an air pollution diseases like COPD.  
  7. Ischemic Heart Disease: It is a serious cardiovascular disease in which a person suffers due to narrowing heart arteries. Due to narrow arteries, there is a restriction of blood, and oxygen supply to the heart and one may get a heart stroke and other heart diseases.  
  8. Lower Respiratory Tract Infections: In the list of diseases due to air pollution,we also have lower respiratory tract infections. These are lung infections caused by a virus present in air pollution. The main people who suffer from these infections are children and infants with low immunity.  
  9. Birth and Immune System Defects in Newborns: When talking about air pollution disease,we need to mention that even newborns are not spared from such ailments. They tend to suffer birth and immune system defects due to polluted air. They are born with low immunity against common infections and allergies. Therefore, pregnant women should ensure breathing fresh and pure air without any pollution. Health plans like Care Joy Today and Tomorrow do offer cover such birth defects as newborn coverage as per the terms and conditions of the policy.  
  10. Emphysema: Last in our list of diseases caused by air, we have emphysema. It is a lung disease in which a person suffers shortness of breath. If not treated on time, it may turn out fatal in most cases.


Does Health Insurance Cover Diseases Cause by Air Pollution?

Pollution diseases are on a rise in many Indian cities like Uttar Pradesh, and New Delhi. Keeping this in mind, many health insurance companies offer coverage for diseases caused due to air pollution. You can easily get a doctor’s consultation under the OPD cover of your existing health insurance plan. Newborn babies born with birth defects due to air pollution can also get proper treatment without worrying about the finances, as almost all health insurance companies cover ICU charges for people with respiratory diseases. 

The Conclusion

Air pollution can be controlled if required measures are taken on time. But what if you have already got infected by an air pollution disease? In that case, you must seek appropriate treatment and try to avoid going outdoors in polluted air. Those who have a health insurance plan with coverage for critical illness need not worry at all about the financial burden due to drastic pollution diseases like lung cancer and leukemia.


What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a mixture of dangerous elements that come from both natural and man-made sources. The main sources of human-made air pollution include vehicle emissions, fuel oils and natural gas used to heat houses, by-products of manufacturing and electricity generation, particularly coal-fueled power plants, and odours from chemical production.

What are the top health insurance plans providing coverage for air pollution diseases?

The following are the best health insurance plans for air pollution diseases:

Cigna TTK ProHealth Accumulate Plan
Apollo Munich Maxima Health Plan
ICICI Lombard Health Advantage Plus Plan
Star Health Insurance Plan
Aditya Birla Health Plan

What are the different types of air pollution?

Here are the 6 different types of air pollution as mentioned below:

(i) Carbon Monoxide
(ii) Nitrogen Oxides
(iii) Lead
(iv) Ground-Level Ozone
(v) Particle Pollution
(vi) Sulfur Oxides

What factors contribute to poor air quality?

Harmful emissions are produced by manufacturing processes, as well as the heating, cooling, and powering of businesses and industrial operations. Natural calamities such as wildfires, flooding, storms, and other natural disasters can contaminate the air, putting patients with lung disease at danger.

Is asthma covered under health insurance?

Yes, asthma is covered under all health insurance plans and Mediclaims, as a general ailment. However, it is not considered a critical illness. The amount of coverage for asthma may vary from plan to plan depending on the premium paid.

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