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CMCHIS - Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, Tamil Nadu
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Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS)

The Chief Minister’s health insurance scheme or CMCHIS as it is popularly known has truly revolutionized the healthcare landscape in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The CM Health Insurance plan or the Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme offers health insurance to people from the EWS (economically weaker sections) segment in the State. Enrolled members of the scheme get coverage of Rs. 1 lakh per year for a total duration of four years.

The Chief Minister health insurance scheme was launched in the year 2012 with a view towards bringing more people from the EWS category under healthcare coverage. 1.34 crore households will ultimately benefit from the CM scheme. The CM health insurance scheme is provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu via United India Insurance Company Ltd.

Treatments Covered Under Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

Radiation oncology Cardiology Hematology
Bariatric surgery Obstetric surgery Neurosurgery
Dermatology Infectious diseases Orthopedic trauma
OFMS Rheumatology Cardiothoracic surgeries
Hepatology Ophthalmology surgeries Spine
Pediatric intensive care Surgical gastroenterology Endocrine surgery
Stemi ENT Interventional cardiology
Neurology Pulmonology


Thoracic medicine Gastroenterology Neonatology
Endocrinology (follow up procedure) Medical oncology Pediatrics plastic surgery
Interventional radiology Pediatric surgeries Surgical oncology
Nephrology Psychiatry Gynecology
PMR Vascular surgeries Genitourinary surgery

Features of the CM Health Insurance Scheme

Here are the salient features of the insurance scheme: 

  • Coverage offered to EWS citizens within the State. 
  • Beneficiaries can easily opt for the Chief Minister health insurance card download option and use their cards for getting cashless treatment at private and public hospitals. 
  • The scheme covers a variety of treatments and illnesses, along with follow-up care, diagnostic procedures and more. 
  • Every household has a sum assured of Rs. 1 lakh per year for a total duration of four years. 
  • The maximum limit of coverage for some procedures is increased to Rs.1.5 lakh per year. 
  • 250+ empanelled healthcare centers and hospitals provide services to all beneficiaries. Cities like Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore have a higher count of empanelled hospital partners.
  • 23 diagnostic processes are covered under the scheme along with 113 follow-up processes and 1016 medical treatments. 
  • The medical test costs are also a part of the policy. 
  • Beneficiaries get identity cards with biometric features for availing their policies and cashless treatment. 


CM Health Insurance Scheme Eligibility

Here are some eligibility guidelines of the scheme that you should note carefully: 

  • Households with annual income within Rs. 72,000 will have eligibility for getting benefits under the scheme. 
  • Those working in unorganized segments and with registration under the labor welfare boards will have eligibility for getting this scheme. 
  • The spouse, parents and children of beneficiaries may also get this scheme. 
  • Government employees, beneficiaries under ESI, pensioners and their households earning more than Rs. 72,000 will not be eligible under the scheme. 


CM Health Insurance Scheme Inclusions 

These are the things which are included within the purview of the scheme: 

  • Hospitalization costs. 
  • Follow-up treatment costs. 
  • Diagnostic treatments. 
  • Medical treatment. 

CM Health Insurance Scheme Procedure

The process for enrolling into the scheme is not very difficult. The CMCHIS scheme has made it a hassle-free affair for all citizens to enroll under the scheme once they have all their required documents in order. The following steps are required under this plan: 

  • Income certificates from the Revenue authorities or the Village Administrative Office should be obtained by the citizens. 
  • Get all crucial documents and they have to be taken to the enrollment center. 
  • The documents should be verified by the operator at the requisite kiosk. 
  • The biometric data including the photograph, eye scans, fingerprint scans, etc. will also be taken thereafter. 
  • An e-card will be given once the verification procedure has been completed. 


Following these simple steps is all you need to get enrolled into this healthcare plan. 

CM Health Insurance Scheme Necessary Documents

There are a few documents that are needed for citizens who wish to get enrolled in the scheme. You will require the following for enrollment into the CMCHIS: 

  • Official Income Certificate. 
  • Self-Declaration from the family or household head. 
  • Original copy of the ration card and one copy of the same as well. 

Citizens should also carry some documents with them since they may be required during enrollment. They include the address and identity proof documents along with the Aadhar card and PAN card. You should arrange all your documents and get them in order before venturing for the enrollment procedure. 


The Chief Minister’s health insurance plan has been a game-changer for the State of Tamil Nadu and has benefited countless households who come under the economically weaker sections. They can now get access to healthcare coverage for a decent amount and that too for a period of four years. This helps more people attain peace of mind while bypassing financial difficulties at the time of healthcare treatments and emergencies alike.

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