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How To Check Corona At Home

Anyone who feels unwell with covid symptoms such as fever, headache, breathlessness should immediately get themselves tested for the virus. There are some easy ways to check for covid. If you are wondering how to check corona at home, you would be happy to know that the test can be done at home in various ways. Let’s take a detailed look.

How to check corona at home?

Here are some simple ways in which you can check for covid at home:

  1. Get a rapid antigen kit 

Rapid antigen kits are easily available these days. You can buy them from the local chemist shops or order them online. It is a good idea to have a few kits at home at all times. If you feel unwell, or get exposed to the virus, take a quick home test using the kit and you will know where you stand.

  1. Book an RT-PCP

The other, and the more practical option, is to get an RT-PCR test done. You can book a home test by calling any diagnostic lab and booking it. The technician will come home and collect your samples and you will get the results within 24 hours.

These are some very good ways in which you can get a proper diagnosis and rule out whether or not you have the coronavirus.

Steps to follow if you show symptoms:

You know how to check corona at home, but as soon as you start showing symptoms, or you come in contact with someone who has covid, do the following till the test results come back:

  1. Isolate yourself

The covid test results take a while to come. While you are waiting for the results, it is wise for you to isolate yourself completely. If you have a spare room in the house, lock yourself in it. Do not interact with anyone and prevent the virus from spreading.

  1. Check your oxygen levels

Buy an oximeter and keep monitoring your oxygen levels. If you have covid, your oxygen levels may drop and then you will have to rush to the hospital, so keep checking it from time to time.

  1. Wear a mask at all times

Even if you are isolated, make it a habit to wear a mask. This is highly beneficial in stopping the transmission of the virus.

Following these steps can help you to stay safe and keep the other members of your family safe too.

How to check corona at home – remedies?

A vast majority of the people who get affected by corona do not need to get admitted to a hospital. The disease can be managed at home with some simple measures. If you get a positive diagnosis on your covid test, here’s what you should do:

  1. Speak to your doctor

You know how to check corona at home so do it. If the results come back as positive, speak to a doctor immediately. You can speak to them online or over the phone. The doctor will advise medication, depending on what the CT value is.

  1. Inhale steam

Apart from the medication prescribed, you should inhale steam on a regular basis. Steam helps clear the respiratory tract and that brings relief when you have covid.

  1. Stay hydrated

Covid is a type of flu and so staying hydrated is very crucial. Drink a lot of clear liquids like water, lemonade, coconut water, fresh fruit juice, etc.

  1. Eat and rest well

You need the correct nutrition to recover, so have a well-balanced diet. Along with it, get as much rest as you can as that will help your body to fight the virus in a better way.

Follow these simple methods and your covid will improve by itself in just a few days. But it is very important for you to stay completely isolated and not come in contact with anyone, no matter what.

The bottom line

After you understand how to check corona at home and how to stop the spread of the disease, take all the necessary care and precaution to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe. Keep monitoring your oxygen levels and if there is a drop, speak to your doctor or rush to the hospital without delay. Follow these simple steps and you will surely get the best results.

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