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Care (Religare) Maternity Health Insurance Policy in India for 2022
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Care (Religare) Health Insurance for Maternity

Maternity insurance is steadily becoming indispensable for families throughout the country, especially younger couples who are looking to start their family soon. This helps immensely in saving costs for the future, especially for the pre-childbirth phase and after delivery. It also ensures financial coverage for the delivery procedure and other associated aspects. Many new parents often suffer from worries or anxieties relating to the skyrocketing costs of deliveries and other childbirth costs in today’s times. Getting this policy will go a long way towards easing their mental anxieties. 

Such was the story for Radhika and Pallav, who were settling into a new city with plum corporate positions and wanted to start their family soon. They were initially not inclined towards getting separate maternity health insurance but once their maternal uncle Ramesh Ji, an insurance advisor, showed them the pitfalls of their strategy and the huge expenditure required in the future, they immediately ventured into adding the same into the policy blueprint. 

In this context, getting a care health insurance policy could be a good move, especially covering all the financial costs linked to childbirth and the entire maternity period. Care health insurance company was formerly known as Religare. The Religare health insurance maternity plan or Religare Joy is a specific health insurance policy that offers maternity coverage. It covers all the costs linked to hospitalization at the time of delivery or during the pregnancy. Along with coverage for maternity expenses and the newborn, the policy also comes with diverse services and features for policyholders.

Religare or Care Joy comes in Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow. There is full coverage for maternity linked costs with lower waiting periods. The coverage under these plans cover all expenditure linked to the newborn baby and other health insurance coverage options. There are several benefits of taking such a policy and expecting parents should always keep these aspects in mind. 

Main Highlights of Care Maternity Coverage

Here are some of the major benefits/highlights of care maternity insurance that you should keep in mind: 

  • 92.83% as the claim settlement ratio of the company. This ensures swifter processing of claims made by customers. 
  • 100% in-house claim settlement is another key feature of the company. 
  • 55% is the incurred claim ratio as well. 
  • There are more than 6, 91, 739 policies sold till date. 
  • There are also more than 8, 250 network hospitals that you can make a note of. 


These are some of the key highlights that you should not miss out upon. The vast network of hospitals and high claim settlement ratio are main aspects that should draw more customers. 

Benefits of Care Maternity Health Insurance

Does Care health insurance cover maternity? The answer is a resounding Yes. Here are some of the main features and benefits that you should keep in mind: 

  • 9 months for maternity coverage in Joy Today
  • Cashless treatment across all Indian network hospitals. 
  • A waiting period of 24 months in Joy Tomorrow for maternity coverage.
  • Optional NCB (No Claim Bonanza) as a key feature. 
  • Direct settlement of claims. 
  • Long-term tenure of three years for the policy. 
  • 100% sum insured increases with the NCB. 
  • Pre-hospitalization coverage of 30 days. 
  • Post-hospitalization coverage of 60 days. 
  • Coverage for ambulance costs.
  • Coverage for daycare treatment costs and also for hospitalization that is less than 25 hours in total. 
  • Inpatient for a minimum of 24 hours prior to hospitalization. 
  • Newborn baby coverage. 
  • Care health insurance for maternity coverage inclusive of post and pre natal expenditure. 


The minimum entry age for entering Religare Joy is 18 years for adults. It is one day for a child and the maximum age is 24 years. It is 90 days for a newborn child and 65 years for adults. Some of the exclusions include costs owing to intentional or self-injuries, congenital ailments, injuries/ailments arising from tobacco, drugs, smoking or alcohol, and medical costs for AIDS treatment. The Joy plan offers a minimum sum insured of Rs. 3 lakh onwards.

Care (Religare) Health Insurance for Parents FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum age-related requirements under the purview of the policy?

The policy has varying minimum and maximum requirements in terms of the entry age. The minimum age is 18 years for adults under the policy. However, for a child, it stands at one day and the maximum age stands at 24 years. The policy also mandates 90 days for a newborn child. The maximum entry age is 65 years for adults.

What are some of the policy exclusions?

The main exclusions under the policy include the following:
Congenital diseases and other ailments.
Diseases or injuries arising from usage of drugs, smoking, tobacco consumption and alcohol consumption.
Self-inflicted or intentional injuries.
Medical costs incurred for treating AIDS.

What is the sum insured amount under this policy?

The minimum sum insured amount begins from Rs. 3 lakh onwards. Customers can choose plans that depend on their specific requirements.

What are the pre and post hospitalization coverage guidelines?

The pre and post-hospitalization coverage tenures are 30 days and 60 days respectively.

What is the claim settlement ratio of the company?

The claim settlement ratio of the company stands at 92.83%. This ensures that the company will process and settle claims swiftly for customers. The incurred claim ratio is 55%.

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