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Care (Religare) Parents Health Insurance Plans in India for 2022
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Care (Religare) Health Insurance Plans for Parents

Shreshtha was lately beginning to get irritated. Her phone email was buzzing non-stop over the last few days. There were tons of advertisements and teaser emails containing something that looked like an insurance for parents. “Poof” thought Shreshtha, since her parents already had health insurance as she reckoned. What would I do with so many adverts? However, later in the day, as she was talking to her senior colleague Maithili, she amusingly talked about the tons of messages and convincing e-mails that arrived in her inbox during the day and how it was a sudden deluge at the beginning of the week. Maithili, however, asked a simple question- “Do your parents have adequate health coverage and are they retiring soon?” This confounded Shreshtha. She had not thought about asking them these questions at all. 

She returned home and called her mother in the evening. Both her parents confirmed that they did indeed have health insurance but it was due to expire soon and also that her father (her mother was a housewife) was retiring in just another couple of months. They also talked about how the office health insurance plan would expire by this duration. This hit Shreshtha hard. Was it too late for her to get some additional health coverage exclusively for her parents? Getting rid of her irritation, she began surfing through all the emails/messages that had arrived in her inbox. 

If you are also seeking dedicated health insurance for your parents, then you can check out Care health insurance (formerly Religare) which offers the same. You will find several advantages of availing Care health insurance for parents that are listed below. Your parents deserve the best possible healthcare treatment in the future, should any illness/mishap take place. These plans are what ensure this financially at least.

Care Health Insurance Policy Details

Here are some key highlights of the Care health insurance plan

  • The Care health insurance claim settlement ratio stands at an impressive 92.83%. 
  • There is sufficient coverage for COVID-19 linked medical treatments and illnesses. 
  • Claims are completely settled in-house courtesy of the dedicated team established by the company. 
  • There are more than 8,250 network hospitals offering cashless treatment facilities to customers. 
  • 55% is the incurred claim ratio at the company. 
  • It has also sold 6, 91, 739 policies till date. 
  • There is the lifelong renewability feature available for customers as well. 


Benefits of Care Health Insurance for Parents

There are several benefits and features of Care parents health insurance policies. They include the following: 

  • Financial safety for your parents in case of sudden medical expenses. 
  • Ensures high-quality healthcare solutions for seniors and higher peace of mind. 
  • Care Freedom offers financial safety in times of medical emergencies. 
  • Three plans, namely Plans 1, 2 and 3. 
  • The insurance offers coverage for treatment expenditure owing to an accident, illness or an injury. 
  • Guaranteed renewability for a lifetime. 
  • Annual health check-up facilities for all insured policyholders. 
  • The sum insured amounts are Rs. 3 lakh, Rs. 5 lakh, Rs. 7 lakh, and Rs. 10 lakh, depending upon customer needs. 
  • Cashless treatment facilities at all hospitals within the network. 
  • Automatic renewal facilities in case the policyholder exhausts the sum insured amount. 
  • Direct settlement of claims for maximum convenience. 
  • Pre-hospitalization coverage for a maximum of 30 days. 
  • Post-hospitalization coverage for a maximum of 60 days. 
  • Minimum 24 hours for in-patient hospitalization. 
  • Coverage for 170+ daycare treatments. 
  • Coverage for ambulance costs. 
  • Up to 10% of the sum insured post three days in case of domiciliary hospitalization. 
  • Dialysis coverage up to Rs. 1,000 (per sitting) and is restricted to cover 24 months in succession. 


The entry age as mentioned is 18 years in case of adults and children may enter from 90 days onwards as per the Plan 1 guidelines. For Plan 2, the maximum entry age is 46 years with the minimum entry age being 18 years for adults and 90 days for children. The maximum entry age for some policies is lifelong for adults while it is 25 years for children. There is no age limit while exiting the policy. 

The policy does not cover medical costs for treating AIDS, treatment of congenital ailments, expenditure incurred due to intentional self-injuries, treating mental or psychiatric ailments and treating self-inflicted injuries. The Care Freedom insurance plan is a good way to safeguard your parents from the financial impact of future healthcare treatments. 

Care Health Insurance for Parents FAQs

What is the name of the Care health insurance plan for parents?

The name of the Care health insurance plan for parents is Care Freedom.

What is the sum insured under this policy?

The sum insured amounts vary as per customer requirements. The options include Rs. 3 lakh, Rs. 5 lakh, Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh. The customer can choose the amount depending upon the number of family members and estimated future medical costs and treatment needs.

What is the claim settlement ratio at the company?

The company has a claim settlement ratio of 92.83% which is a boon for its policyholders.

For how many days is pre-hospitalization coverage provided?

The maximum tenure for pre-hospitalization coverage is 30 days.

What is the renewability guideline for this policy?

You can enjoy lifelong renewability features under this policy.

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